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Dr. Prafulla K. Panda

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faceless you have been

still in me your voices can echo 

and flash like a silver lining

and can churn the colours

of the rainbow 

to bedeck my life to dazzle

like the morning star

and like an enchanter they

drive the ghost of ego

that like a vortex encircles me

even at the brightest hour


intangible though, but luminous you have been

I found you in the aureola of the brightest stars

that shine always- (be it day or night)

like the eyes of ember burning bright

and stay away from my diminished sight

and for me,

leaving the trails only to trace, perceive and think

Your presence in your absence

is mirrored here 

when the Kashtandi push ups its milky face in an autumn morn

when dews like bits of diamonds glitter in the flippant sun

and smilingly tell

overwhelmingly this life's value to keep

that dangle like a drop on arum leaf

although mine has slowed like a turtle

after being caught amidst a herd of cattle


when the south wind dares

lift the roadside Oleander

with a gush of musk from its bare breast

still does it feel unrest

untill it carries that into the far off corner 

crossing miles across hills and dales

to revive the morbid heart

that dangle like a shrunken bud

on the arid stem 

in the hot afternoon sun.

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