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Life Of Soil

Life Of Soil

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My life was nothing,

But mere grains of soil,

Did I flow?

Nah that was for the oil,

I flew,

Unstoppably with the wind,

Leaving behind my kids.

Then I met you someday,

You gave me a form,

You made me firm.

You gave me water,

Your fingers tortured me here,

Your fingers bent me there.

You gave me a shape very fair.

You gave me sunshine,

You made me into a clay money bank.

You made someone call me 'mine'...

I was his favorite thing,

I was what he didn't have to share with his friends.

Rather I was his favorite friend,

He painted me with flowers,

Filled me lively colors...

I was the one to know all his secrets.

I was his favorite confidant.

Whenever he saved any money,

Or whenever he found a single penny,

Dropped from his fathers pocket,

He flew like a rocket,

To slide down it through my throat,

And I secured his money like a fisherman secures his boat.

But came a day, few years had past

My capacity came to an end,

No more money slipped in

It made me sad,

For I knew my fate

But I was happy,

For he was content,

His patience had finally paid,

For him, it was worth remembering a date.

He called his mom,

Bringing me in front of her

Only for the first time after they had bought it from you,

They cracked me with something sharp,

Breaking me into pieces,

As I gave a cry in agony,

He made laughter at the noise that was clinky.

He collected the money,

I was sidelined!

He started counting it,

And his mother starter collecting my tatters,

And I was once again,

Mere grains of soil!

I was missing being with him,

And started to fly and run,

Who knows I'll be made a pot next by someone...

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