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Our Song

Our Song

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Straight from the sky

Or from the depth of mother earth

Or from the mighty mountain tops

I flow in my purest form

Crystal clear, transparent, innocent

Jumping happily over the rocky path

Bearing the pain of the sharp edges of the rocks

And the pricking thorny weeds

Eager to join my friends from all over

We merge with joy and proudly grow

We continue our journey merrily

Enjoying the greenery

All along our path

Thanking us with their friendly breeze

For quenching their thirst and cooling their feet

Amazing colors, countless forms

Ready to host, feed and comfort many

All fine until we encountered mankind

What are you doing hey mankind?

Drink me pure, play with me with joy

But why this violent game of treachery?

Why this vengeful rape?

We are choking, we are hurt

We are dishonored, we are dirtied

We have become impure and tired

And hey, some of my friends are also dead

As we reach our mother ocean

We are just a few impure, sick children

Whom our mother embraces with love

We merge with her and together we cry aloud 

For she too is sick and painful

Unable to bear the onslaught of mankind

The millions of lives that she hosts also join our mourning

As they too are not spared

It’s time we revolt, it’s time we arise, it’s time we awake

We prepare to teach mankind the lesson

The lesson that you are but lifeless without us!

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