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Where Are You Dad ?????
Where Are You Dad ?????

© Saloni Maliwal


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Growing up without a Dad, wasn’t so bad.

I mean, You can’t miss, What you never had.

It wasn’t until I got a Little older,

That I felt that soft tap, On my shoulder.

That had me looking, Back on the past.

Wondering where my Dad was at.

I see my husband, with Our kids and I,

Sometimes, blink so That I won’t cry.

As I begin to realise,

And start to ask why?

I never had a dad to hold My hand.

To show me what it’s Like, to trust a man.

To wlk me to school or Yell at my games.

I’m left incomplete Without even his name,

I see my daughters with Their dad,

And start to recognize, What I never had!

Wondering, what he Might be like!

If his name is Tom, Bobby, Dennis or Mike

Do I look like him?

Would he recognize me?

I wonder, if I have his Eyes.

Or maybe I have his Teeth.

What would it have, Been like to have him Around,

I wonder, what he’d Think Of me now.

I wonder, if I’d make him Proud.

Would he tell me I'm Beautiful and smart?

For his empty Mantelpiece I’m his Work of art?

Daddy, I’ve missed you All these years,

I’ve thought about you, And, shed some tears.

I wish! I could have Known you,

Had you been there, to Tell me what to do.

Daddy, I wish you were There to hold me,

Keep me close, maybe Console me.

I wish! you had been There to protect me,

Hug me, kiss me and Never reject me.

I know, you didn’t know, That, I longed for you,

And, maybe you would Have found me, if you Know.

I wonder, how it feels, to Be held in daddy’s arms,

Where I could feel safe And far from harm.

To have you give me Away on my wedding Day.

With all the words of Wisdom, I’d hear you Soon.

I missed you on Graduation day too!

I looked into the stands, But didn’t see you.

I missed you, when my Children were born,

I keep looking, waiting for you to walk through that door,

But, you didn’t come, Because you never Knew.

And Daddy, wherever You are – just know I Love you.

Girl Missing Dad Wishes his presence

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