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Word ‘Fatty’ Is My First Name, Last Name, And Sometimes My Only Name

Word ‘Fatty’ Is My First Name, Last Name, And Sometimes My Only Name

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As told by my mother, when I was born, the weighing scale showed two and a half kilograms. I had a double-chin face and cheeks like I was born with Rasgullas stuffed in my mouth.

And that was the day the word ‘fatty’ became my name even before my naming ceremony. For the first six to seven years, I wasn’t aware that it would become a phrase that will be used in future to bully me. But it happened! School time was like hell to live with a fatty body and people around make sure that you get nightmares.

I am writing this down as I want to address all the fatty boys and girls out there to never let the bad and fun-making comments get over your head.

Even though it was hard, I enjoyed it. And now when I look back, I understand that I was responsible for my fat. (And I don’t regret it) I am still a fatty guy, and I am happy because I eat a lot. I am used to being called fatty, and now I take it as my name and nothing else. That feeling when your friends call you ‘Mote’ is something divine and it has no replacement. And even when someone unknown makes a comment on my fat, it sounds like they are complimenting me for my hard work; hard work of eating a lot of junk food.

Sometimes, getting rid of that fluffy mass does cross my mind, but I fear that I will lose the word ‘fatty’. It’s been 25 years now since fatty became a part of my identity. Sometimes it is used as a suffix to my name, and sometimes it is used as a prefix.

After weighing two and a half kilograms at my birth, I made sure that I only improve what God has given me. From the oily paranthas in breakfast to buttery chapatis in lunch and more than the recommended diet at dinner, I did a lot to gain a lot. And apart from the routine meals, I am so addicted to candies, chocolates, snacks, shakes, pastries, cakes, and many other fat-containing products.

I had spent all of my pocket-money on candies and chocolates so many times. And now that I am making money from the words, that too by working for a food-related brand, my expenses on fatty foods have only increased.

With the commencement of online cake delivery by Bakingo, I had ordered a cake so many times as my dinner. No celebrations, no special occasions; just my taste buds moving my fingers to place the order.

I know that getting fit is important for a healthy life, but I am like ‘One Life Baby’, eat as much as you can and eat whatever you want.

Maybe I will try to have six biscuits (six-pack abs) in the next life.

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