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Wonder's Of Life!

Wonder's Of Life!

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My day begins with a sweet smile, mostly by 6.00 am where the world was already awakened and has started their work routine. I usually took more hours of sleep mostly 10hrs of sleep where elders use to say "Jitna jyada Soyega, utna Zindagi ki Udaan mein Taklif hogy".

Born in 1987, Age 32 and still Single, Yes..that's my reward. It took lots of Effort to stay Single in this 124-bit encrypted life. Youngest Son of Family and society thinks " Sabse Chote wale ko toh Jalse hai" but here is where the life starts for me.

I did complete my 10th from a Famous School, where discipline was fit into ours DNA with a motive of our School to give better Human Being to society. I was an average student, but one of the teachers was damn positive that I was much better but was not concentrating on studies. I was a good sportsperson of the School, do take part in activities, also played No. of sports at District and State Level too. My family was worried that it was not possible in those days of 2003 to make a career in Sports and had a family to look after where eldest brother was a Medical Student, Second to him was 12th Science student and a father who was ill since 5 years with complete bed rest. A family who has seen Golden days was being broken when main 'Karta' of the family is at completely bed rest. To recover losses Two Factories plot were sale and all debts where cleared. Now only left with Owned House A mother and her three kids and a Father who was in complete bed rest. A mother who belongs to a reputed family who is damn kind-hearted never wanted her kids to suffer, Started to provide Breakfast at the Gates of School, where I use to accompany her by selling those stuff. 1rs per packet of puffed riced(Mamra). Only one product and use to sell 100packets daily, those days were like only gods knows the pain inside mom who was looking after 3 kids and a husband. Every family should see the days on pain, where only the one who really can support does stay. But the scenario was different, none stayed, all Left Alone. Advice received from society and family was to make kids left their schools and get them to labor works and sell the Owned house. But my mom....was a visionary, she knew if she is going to do that, her kids future will be spoiled. We all three brothers and especially my Mom, we help each other to survive from all ups and downs.

The best memory of my life, a good healthy society, and only ours a Single 6bhk row house was not having electricity for more than 1 year, just because bills were due and with amount 10,000rs and officials has to performs there duties by disconnecting electricity. What a life those days, A Candle dinner and homework under Kerosene lamps. All dark inside home and a glow of lights from candles, a beautiful look of society where all were busy in their daily routines. A mother with big dreams, 3 kids with big responsibility, how could she brightens there future and then suddenly an Old man with white beard that brought Wonders to our life, who was a stranger and what we did was just gave him a Good Smile after a Friday pray, that day God has to listen to ours pray and he did pray for us too.

Managing all financial situations we three brothers did skip 1-2 years to help each other so that one can complete his studies and others will join after him. My mother with his first son to be Docter, who would be serving and helping people later in society. She nourished her kids with all positivity, discipline, respect and one of the most important never tell your pains to society, they do have ears to listen and a tongue to make fun. The eldest enrolled to Medical Degree, and the other two were still in schools and a Stall was already running at Gates of schools, to manage financially, she use to visit 4-5 schools at there recess break and stand at Gates on her TVS Scooty with 3 bags at front and me the youngest to help her out. She has a load of responsibilities on her shoulder waking up by 4 am and sleeping at 11 pm where a husband still at bed rest recovering from his ill health.

Actually, My father was a University topper with great talent and intellectual with a Civil Engineering degree who started his first pay and job in Arab Countries. A highly disciplined, family values at priorities and open his father's proposal he decided to come down and settle here in India leaving those highly paid jobs. A son to his father, a son who couldn't even look into his father's eyes and answer him. His father said him to look after a company of his brother and live his life by seeing the future with him. My father the eldest son, just because of his father's sake left home and shifted to a town where the industrial unit was established by his Uncle was being waited. His uncle the mastermind, the man who can kill his/her soul just by words. He was going to join him. A lot struggles and he did successfully setup the Unit where only Uncle was beneficial with Monetary profits and His niece was only paid with salary of 3000pm. Living in tents, uncooked food, and A gifted open toilet, a 4 stick covered with a grain bags cloth. He did spend 7 years of service under him where turnover of Industrial Unit was now 1lakh per month and Luxury life was gifted to Uncle from these profits and his niece-My father the Gentleman was in the same condition, but something was new he was given a Fan in case of extreme heats. Industrial Unit was surrounded by damn high heated Industries where even clothes and breaths will fill up with gases.

He was left with a mental stroke, where his Mastermind Uncle shut down the Unit, Just because he expected a Hike in Salary to raise by 5000pm. Arab return Engineer, an individual with 1lac Salary was just living because of family values was broken down, his blood headed uncle did that to him. It seems that day he was bedridden, no words, no talks, where he even could recognize his own family, kids. A full bucket of grief was received by his parents and family and none to visit and left alone. I believe these the other Wonders of Life, where you know who is standing beside you and that day it did open eye to us.

Now, slowly a mother moving with a little speed inspiring herself and her kids to look everyone with positivity full of love and no hates. She used to say " Zahen mein nafrat apko aage badhne nahi degy, Bada Dil rakho...sabko Maaf kardo.." I was a kid those days to understand all these things, moving in my shorts and body vest, playing cricket and football in the playground. But, that was the moment when I was grown mature, the age of 10. A social wellbeing kid, standing at everyone needs a person of society and strangers. I use to get my pocket expenses by helping some old lady by delivery of gas bottles at home, booking their bottles. Grab some vegetables from the market, turn a famous kid in society. A typical statement if any lady crosses by my home " Ali..kidhr hai...aaj pyaj kya rate hai market mein...Aunty aaj toh Super market se lena..wahan aaj sasta hai..". A cycle and that too HERO Devil DX, a fast high seated one, my one of favorite to move around the town.

With all struggles, her Eldest son completed his Medical degree and now he is a Docter with upcoming responsibilities of family. Second, to he cleared his 12th Science and opted for Pharmacy. One more member to enrolled in Medical and the third one...mischievous too enroll for Science. But, I did select it with a keen interest in Computer Engineering. An average student who secured 100/100 in his 10th, the first batch of our school with Computer subject and the inspiration of one teacher that made my life with thoughts filled inside me as " Intelligent". That day turned me with a new Thought in my am a scorer and Intellectual too. I can be a ranker and that which pushed me with a keen interest to study engineering.

We did skip 1-2 years between eldest doing an internship at some hospital with very less pay and brother doing Pharmacy. So, it was my turn to skip 2 years of study. I did skip, and those two years, the stall was established well. New products, a daily home-cooked breakfast, where a mother trained her kids with all rounding Homely routines, cooking food to cleaning floors..everything, in our home only. Living in low financial budget but kids were all Royals. Even a single white shirt and grey pants use to shine when we move around society. A mother raises her kids with real Royalness, to see every individual with Humanity. three Wonders of her life, her kids, Eldest is settled with a medical degree, with a General Practice in town, he is married with two beautiful sons, damn royal fair-skinned same like him. Second to him with owned Pharmacy store, married with a beautiful blessed kid, a daughter, and a son.

Father is all fine now, with good health. And her Mischievous third son has done Diploma, then degree-holding in computer Science and adding some more LL.B and now a final year LL.M student whose academic records where again being University toppers in LL.B & LL.M, College topper in Engineering, a registered Advocate serving needy peoples.

Until today, the stall is still running down, no matter how hard your days are improved, never forget what lifted you up.

These all came down to be the best Wonders of life, where now every individual of society and family sees with a point of inspiration, motivate their kids to see and be like them.

A last a concluding statement, "Be Kind, Let go off Hate within your heart, Only Love can heal a heart with time, Be a Face 'Jo Khuda ke samne dikhane layak ho.'"

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