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Women In Vedic Culture

Women In Vedic Culture

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In Vedic culture, women are revered. Her place in every religious work is on the right side of her husband. She is the first teacher of the child. Women are not consumables. She is the emperor of the home empire. The idea of ​​"Janani Janmabhoomi Shch Svargadapi Gariyasi", "Mata Nirmata Bhavati", is based on the idea that women have been elevated in Vedic culture.

In our culture, women have different names for greatness.  

The mothers should know the true meaning of those words. A better society can be built if he understands herself and moves the family forward. The nation can prosper with good citizens.

 Women are leaders of the home state. She helps to organize the home state with the right leadership at the right time. She can be everyone's favorite hobby by befriending everyone. So her name is 'Nari'

 She carries all the burden of the house. She devotes herself to the well-being of her family and guests. So her name is 'bharya'.

She is the best of all, the controller of the house. "It simply came to our notice then. So her name is 'Stri'.

Knowing her husband is in abeyance and on the verge of collapse, she tries to rescue her from the collapse. So her name is 'Patni'.

Men are born from the womb of a woman. So her name is 'Jaya'.

She is the heart of the family. The sweetness of her words wins over the family. Therefore, she is called "Ramani."

  Women are revered by all. She is the term 'Mahila' because of her Bhadra, Mahiyasi, worship, and merit.

 She is said to be the 'Lakshmi' of the house because of all the virtues. 

 She is called the "Gruhini" because of the shape of the house.  

Due to her predominance in all her religious activities, she is considered "Sahadharmini".

  Her name is "Kanta" because of the beauty of the house.

  She is called 'duhita'. Because he cares about the interests of both the father and the father-in-law families.

 Her name is "Kanya" because she praises her family and keeps her dignity intact.

   She is nicknamed Mother because of her endurance. "Mata nirmata bhabati" , that is "Mother is a Maker " is the term "Mata" because it produces good children.

The mothers should be aware of all these qualities and should move forward in the path of duty. As a result, The house will become a kingdom of heaven. She can help society and the nation to become better citizens by enriching the nation with knowledge, money, and intelligence.

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