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Rhea Sen

Drama Romance


Rhea Sen

Drama Romance

Wispering Delight

Wispering Delight

2 mins 223 2 mins 223

--‘Can you ever be on time, at least for once in life!’ 

--‘You know how traffic gets bad here in Park street, you should be thankful to God that I arrived at least.

-- We have missed the first 1 hour of the film already, do you still want to watch it?

--umm, but the other half is still left and that popcorn tub too, in your hand (Ankur smiled chuckled)

-- hmm…(Aisha rolled her eyes)

They moved towards screen two where Tanhaji was showcased. Meanwhile, Aisha noticed that Ankur was getting calls constantly which he was not taking. After a while, She got pissed and said,

-- 'Who is calling you constantly and why are you not taking the call?

-- 'Insurance calls, that's why not taking them (Ankur Fumbled).

While getting out of the theatre, Ankur looked at his cell phone and said,

-- ‘Aisha why don’t you take an Uber and go home. I have an urgent meeting to attend', and before he could finish, Amrita startled him by saying --‘ At midnight who keeps a meeting?

Ankur looked up and said that the meeting was called on an urgent note as there was some technical glitch in one of the software programmes that his company made for a client.  

Aisha without arguing further chose to keep her mouth shut, booked an Uber and hopped in it. While she was in the cab she curiously wondered about the continuous calls that Ankur was getting and the way he replied when she asked about it. The sudden appearance of the midnight meeting was also quite suspicious. Aisha’s eyes welled up as a fear sneaked into her mind after 9 years of her happily married life, ‘ Is Ankur having an affair?’ 

‘Madam, doso assi hua hai, please change dijiega’ (Madam, your fare is Rs 280, kindly provide change)

With this, Aisha’s chain of thoughts broke, she handed him a two hundred and a hundred note and got down from the cab, asking the driver to keep the change.

As she got into the lift, she thought of calling him and then seized her thought as she was hurt by Ankur’s behaviour. She reached her flat and saw the template - Mr. & Mrs. Sengupta, then she took out her key and unlocked the door.

Before she could step in she felt somebody grasping her by her waist. Before Aisha could react, 

--’Happy Anniversary Ashu’, said a voice that Aisha has been familiar with for the past ten years. 

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