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Pearl Crown

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Pearl Crown

Drama Tragedy Inspirational



4 mins 221 4 mins 221

Riya always thought that the people in this world were very good.

Today is 12 Feb 2050

There is a hospital shown with ward number 121 and inside is a beautiful scene 

A girl is shown holding a baby and kissing it on its forehead, tears of happiness were flowing from her eyes 

Suddenly she heard a voice and got shocked 

It was man's voice 

He spoke with a very heavy voice, words were barely escaping from his mouth and it seemed like the next moment he burst out crying 

He said: I am sorry Riya i am really...

But he was Interrupted by Riya 

She said on the verge of crying: 

No Vansh it is over, you finished everything, you broke me till core, you destroyed everything, you didn't trust me 

Why ....why Vansh why.......

*9 months back flashback*

Riya was shown pleading to Vansh

Please Vansh trust me 

I didn't kill your father he was my father also 

Vansh shouted : just shut the crap up Riya I don't want any lies and if you didn't kill dad what was your ring doing near his dead body ? Answer me *shouted*

Riya said while crying: Vansh someone stole my ring that morning I didn't tell you cause I thought you will feel bad 

Vansh shouted : stop lying Riya you are a damn murderer you killed my dad and this is the only thing on which I believe 

Riya was shaken till core by his words

The person she loved and believed the most do not trust her

Before Vansh could say anything she said 

Inspector please arrest me I don't want to stay here one more second, a lone tear escaped her eye ahe quickly wiped it off.

The police reached police station with Riya as soon as they started walking in Riya fainted 

Police rushed her to hospital after some time doctor came out of the ward and told them that she is pregnant 

When Riya got back to her senses and lady constable told her everything and said let me inform your husband she started to go but Riya held her hand and said please don't inform him he is No one to me cause he doesn't trust me tell my father

She called her father and he came bailed her and took her with him to his house the safest place to her 

Months passed and Riya's father used to take care of all her needs and Riya was happy for

While on the other side Vansh tried to be normal 

His one college friend shanaya had come to stay with him she used to take care of him and used to poison his heart against Riya he not even once asked or visited Riya he didn't even care if she was dead or alive 

One fine day  Shanaya got a call and she immediately rushed outside the house but she forgot to take her phone. A call came on her phone and Vansh picked it up thinking it as an important call 

As soon as he heard what the other person said ground slipped from his feet 

The words of the person were ringing in his mind : ma'am when are you going to pay us for killing Vansh's father and you told us that you will also give us the ring which you stole that day from Riya 

See ma'am if you don't give us what you said we will open up everything 8n front of police.

Vanshs blood boiled he stood up and told police everything and asked for Riya 

Police told him that she was pregnant and told them not to tell him and she is with her father right now 

On the other side Riya was rushed to hospital 

He reached to Riya's father's house and maid told them that they have gone to city hospital

He reached there 

* Flashback ends *

Today is 12 Feb 2061

exactly 11 years have passed after that incident 

A girl is shown giving speech in a big hall it was a business seminar 

As soon as the speech got over everyone clapped for her she went out in the garden there a reporter came and asked her how is she so strong and independent 

She replied : some situation in our life make us strong and tell us that not every person you think is the same 11 years back I understood this very well and I decided to be independent I left behind someone and I got my real self, then a young girl came around 11 years and hugged her tightly and said mumma let's go home 

Riya replied with a Humm and a smiled and went 

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