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Pearl Crown

Drama Fantasy


Pearl Crown

Drama Fantasy

The Mystery Of The Night

The Mystery Of The Night

2 mins 179 2 mins 179

It was a no moon night 

 The road lights were switched on

 There was a dry tree near my window and shadow was falling on my wall

 Barking of the dogs was clearly audible 

 I was continuously turning the sides on my bed in order to sleep but I could not

 I slowly stood up from the bed and went near the window to look out 

 Due to the darkness nothing was clearly visible

 I came back to my bed

 I felt that something is pulling me to words it

 1st I ignore that feeling

 But after sometime Very bright light appeared in my Room

 A magical looking circle appeared on my cupboard and it was pulling me to words it I tried very hard to resist but the force was much more than mine

 After struggling for 5 to 10 minutes The circle finally pulled me inside it 

 I close my eyes in fear

After sometime I found myself on a ground

 When I look around it seemed that I have reached totally different world

 The grass was blue in colour and the sky was green

 After sometime when I got back to my senses I started walking further 

After some time of walking I saw a tree 

 But the strange thing was that its leaves were not green they were white in colour

The tree was surrounded with a circle of fire

 When I looked up I was amazed to see that the stairs of star were going to moon

 I went near the fire but surprisingly it waz not hot it was cold I passed the circle of fire and went near the tree I slowly climbed up the stairs of stars as soon as I reached near the moon I saw a beautiful castle on it

I could not believe my eyes

 The castle was attracting me to words it

 I slowly went near the gate of the castle And it opened automatically

 Then I went inside I saw that there were some princesses dancing

 One princess looked at me and started walking toward me

 She had a Box in her hand

 I also started to walking toward her with babies steps

 Finally we reached towards each other


She handed me the Box

 I was very curious to know what is inside it

 After giving me the Box she disappeared

 I slowly open the Box and was going to see what is inside it 

But are soon as eyes open the Box of bright light appeared everywhere and I waz barely able to see anything so I closed my eyes

 Then I open my eyes I found myself on my bed

 Till today I think what happened that night was it true or just a dream of mine

 And it was the mystery of the night

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