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"Why?" is the most powerful question usually asked by seekers. And once you know the answer to "Why" many things change in life.

In the below story, the entire universe changed for Ahmad and Seher when "Why" was answered.

Ahmad is a Bakery owner in Karachi, Pakistan. His cakes and biscuits are famous all over Karachi. Even the Pakistani military generals order special cakes made in his bakery during parties. 

Ahmad's "The New Karachi Bakery" is now a brand itself. Ahmad enjoys a very good lifestyle and he has high-level contact among the countries elite. 

Eight years ago, Ahmad married a beautiful girl, Seher. She is of Afghani origin. He has two children now, Mehak and Shezad. Ahmad has a big house in the Clifton hill area. He along with his family are living a comfortable life.

Seher loves Ahmad very much. She takes good care of kids too. She maintained the house very well. Ahmad never misses the opportunity to praise Seher.

The only secret with Ahmad is his library. This is the only room he won't allow even his wife and kids to enter. Ahmad always says, "I have a very costly collection of books in my library. I will maintain it myself, no one should enter my library". Years passed and only Ahmad would enter the library, he would spend hours there.

Even Indian embassy guys liked Ahmad's cake very much. Ahmad would deliver the cake himself to the Indian embassy. 

Once, Ahmad was attending a function in the Indian embassy and it was his birthday too, so he took a very specially made cake with him.

Seher thought of giving Ahmad a surprise. She thought of cleaning and decorating the library before Ahmad comes. 

While cleaning the library, she came across a secret compartment. When she opened it she was shocked. It had a Revolver with IOF mark, some documents, some passports, a variety of pictures, maps, etc. Seeing this, Seher almost fainted.

When Ahmad reached home, he saw Seher with all these documents. Before he could say anything. Seher cried, "Why did you do this to me? Why did you never tell you are not from Pakistan? Why did you never tell me your original name is Ajay Singh and not Ahmad Khan? Why are you collecting information about terrorist organizations? Why do you carry a large number of documents along with the cake on your visit to the Indian embassy? Why do you have multiple passports? Why did you not care about me or children? Why did you make me fall in love with you?"

With a calm voice, Ahmad replied, "I love you and kids very much, even more than my own life. But the love for my country is more than that for my kids and my wife. Now you have already got the answers to all your 'why'. I am not a normal person, I am a spy".

Ahmad saw his wife's reaction, she was shocked. For her, the entire world had changed in moments. Ahmad gave her water to drink and asked curiously, "My cover was blown up, even before I had come back home. Still, you did not raise any alarm, why?".

Seher suddenly changed the expression and smiled at Ahmad, "India is not the only neighbor affected by terrorism, and in my home, you are not the only spy".

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