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Why I Came Back To India?

Why I Came Back To India?

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It was Jan’2016 when I was in London, ON, Canada, seeking for the job. I applied at many stores, gas stations and many more to get a job. But, at that time I didn’t have a good experience at all as well as my English was not good.

So, I decided to get some good experience in any condition. And, it says that once you want something from your heart, it will happen for sure.

One of my friends founded a vacancy in the door to door marketing. We were 6-7 friends who went there for hope. It was so far that even there was no bus service. We walked almost 2-3 km in a windy atmosphere. Finally, we founded that company and went through an interview. The interview was just formality to check all the legal documents and other stuff.

On the same day, they gave us forms and training regarding what and how to sell their services. The company provides lawn care services.

On the second day, We were now in the field. I was nervous but ready to go. I mugged up the speech and to learn how to approach and get customer's information I got trained with the trainer for on-field live training. They provided tablets to do that. We need to go door to door and approach to given targeted list.

It was mid Feb’16 and snowfall started. It was hard to survive outside. I was still doing this by wearing 2 pants, 3 t-shirts, 2 hand glows and of course a huge jacket and the Monkey mask on my face. The snow was above the knee. Most of my friends left this job because they were not able to survive.

Per day, we need to visit more than 50 houses and everyday new area. As I was new in Canada, I wanted to know about their culture, lifestyle, hobbies, and more. I had good, bad, and very bad experiences during that journey. I was getting more and more confident as I was facing lots of challenges. After some time, I changed the job for growth.

I am thankful to those who helped me in that time.

Three lessons I learned from this job experience;

1) When we are ready to work in any condition, most of the time we should compromise with our self-respect. I did too at that time. Some of us even don’t care about this.

2) Once we get trained well, we are trying to become the boss instead of being a leader. We don't teach others because of fear of competition and self-ego.

3) Wherever we live or work, it will change our thinking and lifestyle depending on that culture. However, we are trying to stick with our own culture, but we will start compromising with it and for the money and fame will change our culture.

So, my message to you is, if you are working in an atmosphere where

you are not getting self-respect😥,

you are compromising with your ethics😣,

You don’t like to work but still, you are working😌, just ask yourself are you dead or alive 🤔?

I also asked my self which gave me a new way to live my life.

After observing more than 1000 Canadian lifestyle, I was starting to compare Indian culture and their culture. And I conclude that…

To be continued in the Part-2

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