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   Ones upon a time  there was a boy who loved to learn new things always. One day he went and asked his father ''Daddy what is the value of life?'. Father was surprised, ''My dear you want to know what is the value of life''? 

   The boy said ''yes father''. Then father told him to wait till Sunday I will tell you.

    The boy thought ''for a simple question I want to wait till Sunday''? Soon  Sunday came and the boy was ready. 

    Father came near by him and gave a little stone . The boy asked, "dad what is this? ''

  Father didn't said anything about that, but he told you asked very  beautiful question. But you didn'tget the answer just like that my son", take this stone and stand in the market where the rotten fruits are thrown'' and don't tell a single word. If anybody ask about its cost , you show your two fingers.

    The boy think  ''how will I know the value of life by standing in the market?'' Dad also told strictly ,don't eat anything and evening only you will come back.

   He went to the market and stand till the evening and came home. After coming home father asked him ''someone asked something to you''? 

The boy told his father ''yes dad one woman came and asked what is this in your hand? But I didn't said a single word dad. Then she discuss with her friend,then said this is a little stone. She asked, what is the cost?   I did not tell anything. Again she asked me and I just raised  my two fingers.

  She told hooo, what is this ? You took some stone lying down and telling it is 20 rupees???''

Father told ''haaa, she told this ok''. So dad, now tell me what is the value of life. The boy asks the father. 

Father said, now you are very tiredand dirty. So first take a shower and eat food.''  Next Sunday I will tell you the answer''.

Next Sunday also came and father gave again the stone and tell ''son this time go and stand in the front of museum''. 

   The boy  stand in front of the museum and evening return to home. 

Father asked again ''what happened today''? 

The boy said ''father today a man came and asked me, What is this it is like a precise stone, what is its cost? 

 Again I  show my two fingers  and he told hoo! My god, it is 2000 rupees? No, I will not give that much, tell the man and he went back. So father now tell ''what is the value of life'' father told I will tell you in next Sunday.

  Again Sunday came and again father gave the stone. 

The boy asked where will I want to stand today dad?

Father smiled and said,  ''Go to the jewelry shop streets and stand in front of one big jewelry shop ''.

 The boy again went and stand infrount of the big jewelry shop. The owner came and saw the boy's closed hand and ask him, what is it inside of your hand? Show me....."

The boy open his hand, suddenly the owner shocked and surprised,  he took the boy inside of the shop. He spread some clean cloth and request the boy to place it the stone here.

The boy put down the stone . Owner offered fruit juice to that little boy. 

 The shop owner check the small stone using magnifying glass. He surprised and ask how much this?  

The boy again show his two fingers the shop keeper told him ''what its cost is just 20000 rupees??? No, No, No I will give 2,00,000 for this stone.

The boy was shocked and take the stone and suddenly ran to his home.

The father asked him, what happened? 

 The boy said , dad this time the owner told me the prize of this stone is 2,00,000 rupees.  I  was scared and ran hear''.

Ok, Dad now you tell ''what is the value of life''?

 Father told ''yes I will tell you'', life is a gift from God, it is full of enjoyment, hard work.

Although this stone is a Diamond,  its value depends on where it is located. Like that , The value of our lives increase depending on where we join.

From this story not only that boy we also know about , Value Of Our Life  😇.

So friends , Our Positive thinking and Hardwork will decide where we will go... and also  ''what is the value of life''....

Thank you 👍🏻


R.Prawin Raja



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