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tamil mani

Drama Romance


tamil mani

Drama Romance



9 mins 238 9 mins 238


            Very glad to go to school as the senior after a long lockdown.  

When I entered my school, it seemed new which was regular to me for several years.   

     I said "Good morning" to miss standing at entrance for guide us to our new class  

     "Good morning child, which standard you were?" Miss said  

       "12th standard mam" I said  

       "Ohh welcome senior, your class is located in 3rd floor"   

     "Thank you" I said and move on to my class  

    When I was going toward my class I noticed one beautiful girl through my class window, she was actually new to our school. I hadn't seen her before. She was actually introducing herself in front of a classmate. I wasn't able to hear her voice because I was a few meters away from my class . I only able to notice her lips movement through window, after seeing this I ran very fast towards my class to hear her voice but unluckily when I reach my class she finish her introducing speech, I even didn't heard single word from her mouth  

        "Thanks maa.. wonderful!, you have chosen beautiful school, be kind with everyone, please take your seat" miss said  

   Miss turned to me and said" why are you late on the first day of school?"   

    I didn't find any suitable words to manage that, after a second, miss said" please go inside I didn't want to hurt anybody on first day of school don't repeat it again"   

What miss said, not hurt me much, what hurt me was how I missed her voice  

     I sit next to my friends Ragul, he said" you missed her beautiful voice, very sweet" instead of asking how are you, he was adding petrol to my fire  

       "What was her name" I said   

     "She said that her name was Aderin" Ragul said  

         "Strange name" I said   

         "Yes, miss also said same and she further explain her name originated from welsh language and in that welsh culture this  name was used as pet name for girl" Ragul said  

         "Ohh! What a historical name" I said After hearing that he start to laugh loud   

       "Stop laughing miss was watching us" I said   

      "Ok ok I try to" he said   

     "Ok please tell how sweet her voice was?" I said  

     "Around equal to 1kg" he said   

      "Stop making joke" I said in anger tone  

       "Sorry..wait.. wait..her voice was so sweet and very humble" he said  

          "I missed it" I said   

       "Leave her voice, see her beautiful face" he said  

      "Not much matter to me, I want to hear her voice" I said   

       "So wait until she speak again" he said

As Ragul said I wait for a week but I didn't find any way to hear her voice. I watch her whole day in our class, she even notice many time when I watching her.

       One day English miss suddenly said" Everyone want to read each passage of lesson which I taught yesterday so you understand more better, start from girls"   

        I said silently to Ragul" I am going to hear her voice, only three girls to move on, dream going to come true"   

        "Leave her voice, see her face" Ragul  Said his regular dialogue.   

       "What beauty have you seen in already known things?" I said  

  "I didn't understand your statement" Ragul said  

        "You never" I said  

After finish our conversation, she stand from her place to read the following passage, she open her mouth to spread out the first words. Our class teacher suddenly came into class and said" sorry for disturbance, Roy parent didn't sign declaration form so HM want to meet  him, so please allow him to meet HM". Aderin suddenly freezes her mouth from moving when she instantaneously see our class teacher entering class.    

       "Roy please go and meet HM" Our English miss in loud tone  

So I winded up to HM room however managed HM by saying My parents will sign declaration form as soon as possible. After conversation with HM I ran very fast as much as I can even never in life to hear her voice, but unluckily HM room in ground floor, my class is located at 3rd floor . I heard my inner feeling saying that" Whatever gear you move on, you never hear her voice today"   

      I said myself" I don't give up"   

 After entering my class I notice that the girl side finishes all their following passages, the boy side starts to read, sadness spreads over my face and I take my seat besides Ragul. 

      "How you manage HM" Ragul said  

       "Leave that, I going to kill that HM" I said   

Ragul notice sadness in my face He already know for what I seeking for  

       "Leave it, please don't keep your face like that, we have one year to.." he said   

        "But when, time moving on, I doesn't able to sleep in night" I said   

        "Roy listen to me, for what reason you want to hear her voice ?" he said  

       "Really I do not know, her voice only having answer for this question" I said  

     "You fall in love with her?" he said  

      "Really not, but with her unknown voice" I said  

      "Hard to understand" He said   

       "Yess, hard to hear also" I said

One week after

    Ragul ran toward me while I was eating my lunch, and said" Boy, you know something?"   

        "Which I want to know being unknown so how could I know other things?" I said  

       "That only I am also coming to say, you going to know that unknown, that mean you going to hear her voice" Ragul said  

       "How?" I said in cheerful tone like he going to tell me how to become millionaire in one day but her voice was very far beyond all this money  

     "I ask chance to deliver speech on occasion of children day to our class teacher but she refused by saying Aderin was already selected from our class to deliver speech so I give you a chance next time"   Ragul said

        "Super! You did wonderful job in your lifetime, but one second when was a children day" I said  

         "Very poor knowledge boy, you really do not know when children's day was?" Ragul said  

       "I don't, please tell ..when." I said as curiosity spread over my eyes  

          "Roy, tomorrow is celebrated as children day, I am shameful of you boy" Ragul said  

         "What.. But I am very Prideful of being your friends at this moment" I said

 That night was unforgettable night in my life, I check several times what  was the timing in my phone, I am thinking many things during that night but all about same thing" her voice" , suddenly sunlight  flashed through my window which break my thinking and I eventually realise that I won't sleep whole night.   

 I start to get ready at 6:30 for 9:30 school, at 7:00 finish my breakfast, at 7:30 don't reach school because watchman only open school gate at 8:30  So I step out from my home at 8:00 which was take 30 minutes to reach our school, when my feet touch out surface rain pour like waterfall, so I again went inside my home, take my umbrella, I  also listen my mother saying" If you don't want to go to school, you can stay home today, there was sudden heavy rain outside"

     "Not a big deal" I said and step out of home  and open my main gate  

       "Why? You having any important test today" My mother said   

     "No, bye" I said as I closed main gate  

  I waited for hours in bus stop but don't able to see any bus, so take up auto to reach my school which taken over my whole pocket money for that months, but I don't see it as big trouble, however I reach school, take my seat beside Ragul as regular routine . I able to notice Aderin in third benches

      "However rain don't stop Aderin's way to school, thanks God" I said to Ragul   

    "Say thanks to God who bring you here, not for Aderin because she was coming in car, you coming in bus" Ragul replied  

     I ignored Ragul and I continue to see Aderin   

     I notice some unusual things in Aderin face some uncomfortable stuff, also very  tired


   When I open my eyes I notice the class teacher standing in front of me and I even don't notice when she enters our class and begins to talk" Aderin has some throat problem due to the cold climate, so she isn't able to deliver a speech. Is anyone else interested?" , after a second she began to say" Ragul you asked that day for a chance, are you doing it today?   

          "But I don't prepare" Ragul manage to answer   

       "Do not worry you have more time, function is postponed to afternoon due to rain and I also help you to get ready to deliver speech" Class teacher said class teacher and Ragul get out of class to prepare for speech and rain stop pouring into ground as I pray to god but not respected output, it is seem like famous dialogue" operation success but patients dead"    

I really don't know why all the events are against my vision, unable to describe my sadness, I seemed very disturbed whole day and even forgot to appreciate Ragul after his wonderful speech. 

One week after

      I sat sadly backside of ground during games period, didn't like to play any games with my friends, I suddenly notice Aderin coming toward me and look around side by side ensure nobody watching us and begin to talk" I love you, I notice you seeing me whole day, if you have any attraction toward me, I am ok with that, I mean I ready to make a love with you, please notice if have any attraction toward me, if you not or I misunderstood you I am sorry, please tell your answer as soon as possible, I waiting for your answer" and ran away in shy, join group of girls playing throwball

      First things  I heard from her mouth is" I LOVE YOU" , my whole body freezed in her voice, after few seconds only I realized that she proposed her love to me, two beautiful events in my life happen instantly in one second, one is my angel girl proposed her love as same in my heart, at same time  I able to heard her beautiful voice finally and her voice was so delicious when it sink into my ear .NOW I REALIZE WHY ALL EVENT STOP ME TO HEARD HER VOICE BEFORE BECAUSE GOD DECIDED THAT FIRST VOICE OF HER INTO MY EARS WANT TO BE" VOICE OF LOVE" ,AND IT DOES NOT MATTER WHEN I HEARD HER VOICE, WHAT REALLY MATTER IS WHAT I HEARD.

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