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Vision And Dream

Vision And Dream

7 mins 471 7 mins 471

“I had a dream tonight. Actually, dream is not the perfect word; it was more of a vision.” Ben exclaimed while he sat down on the sofa opening a bag of chips. As she took a bite too Anna said: “Tell me about it.” Ben paused for a second and said: “There was a voice it wanted me to convey a message to someone.” “What the hell are you talking about? That’s not a vision that’s just some ordinary dream, or nightmare maybe.” Anna walked past the front door into the garden and started watering her favorite lilies. “What was the message, by the way?” she shouted. “I won’t tell you coz you won’t believe that either,” Ben shouted back. Ben and Anna had been married for five years. Theirs was a love marriage. Just like any other college love story where the boy meets the girl and falls in love with her. Later he tries to impress the girl and all the other boring stuff which leads to their marriage and the end of love thereafter eventually. This one was also on the verge of an ultimate breakdown. While Ben was looking for the lost love to return, Anna had given up all hopes of being together anymore. Despite all the possibilities the choices were still to be made.


Ben and Anna didn’t have any kids because they needed more time to figure out ways to their careers and ambitions. Ben worked as a columnist for the local newspaper. He wrote stories and gags on the ongoing effects of social media on society. Ben had always been a person who wanted to bring about a change in society. Lately, he wrote about the “selfie” trend and the accidents caused due to it. While Anna, on the other hand, continued to work in a coffee shop as a receptionist for three years in a row. Not because she liked to, but because she promised the owner of the coffee shop, old Mrs. Dawkins who died with the last wish that her coffee shop be left to Anna.

Mrs. Dawkins was a reputed lady but her gift to Anna proved to be more of an unwanted responsibility holding back Anna from moving forward and work in a clothing company. Anna always wanted to be a botanist. But life had something else in the store for her. Anna wanted Ben to do some savings for their future investments. But all the money he earned was spent on their everyday life. She also told him to switch jobs but in vain. I guess the story is not been very interesting so far. Just the introductions and all the messed up everyday chores. So let’s go back to the day Ben had the dream or what he likes to call it “the vision”. Ben left for office while Anna was still busy working out her unpaid bills. It is in human nature and especially the women to look into other people’s stuff. Sitting on the sofa Anna noticed that Ben had left his bag when leaving for office. She tried to call him and tell him about it but couldn’t reach his phone. She resisted but finally looked inside the bag. After going through the files and other journals she came across a picture of Ben with an old woman. Anna couldn’t recognize her face but assumed that she must be some old aunt of Ben’s. The old woman looked like some lady from the coffee shop Anna met once a few months ago, but she wasn’t sure of it. The day ended and Ben returned home. Anna sat on the porch outside the house waiting for him. She asked him “Tell me about the dream?” as he waited and finally replied “First of all it was a “vision” and secondly, fine. I’ll tell you but first, you’ll have to promise me something.”

Anna agreed and said, “What do I have to do then?” Ben looked at her and said, “You’ll have to go someplace I wanna take you to, and then I’ll tell you about the dream.” Anna resisted and asked him to tell her about the dream right then but he told her it wasn’t the right time. The next morning they took off and Anna still had no idea where they were going. She was worried about the coffee shop as it had been closed for a week now. She was planning to sell it to a woman she had been in talks with. As they drove through the not so dense forest with a little bit of drizzling, Anna waved her hand out the window feeling the serenity that had been missing for years. She was happy after a very long time. Ben looked at her and smiled. They finally reached their destination. It was a big old house surrounded by trees on all sides. Anna was mesmerized by the look of it. The lamps inside the house were the only source of light for the people living in there. Ben held her hand and they started walking towards the house. Anna knocked on the door in desperation to know who was living inside. They were greeted by a young lady dressed like a nurse. She then said looking at Ben “It’s been a long time.” And they started walking up the stairs. Anna noticed people relaxing on chairs and trying to help each other. Like there was this one guy who was reading a book upside down, and two people sitting and staring at the blank TV screen. It was confusing and a kind of disturbing place. Meanwhile Ben climbed up the stairs talking to the lady. They reached the first floor and entered the room right next to The Last Supper hanging on the wall.


Anna walked inside and saw a lady lying on the bed. Old, pale and weak. You could literally see her bones through the skin that has been withering off and getting thinner. There was no movement in her body. Her eyes were closed. Anna couldn’t figure out who she was until she took a closer and found that she was the lady in the picture with Ben. The nurse left the room. Ben introduced Anna to the lady. “She’s my step mother,” he said. “My dad married her when my mother died of cancer. And now I’m gonna lose her too for the same reason.” Anna was shocked. Different thoughts hitting her back to back, with emotions flooding through her heart. She was confused as to how he never told her about his step-mom. The thought of him loving his step-mom to such an extent brought tears to her eyes. Anna had questions, she needed answers. She sat beside her and said “Hi, I’m Anna.” Ben said “She’s my wife.” The old lady smiled and said, “That’s not possible, she’s so beautiful.” Anna laughed.

They talked for a little while as the nurse came back and asked for Ben. Anna followed him outside the room where a man was standing. He said “We need to let go, Ben, there’s not much of life left in her. All the attempts and money you’ve been spending are just a waste.” Ben turned back and took a glance at her, then said “No, that’s not possible. You cannot cut her off. I won’t let that happen. She’ll live as long as possible. And the money doesn’t matter at all.” Anna said “Why not?” to which Ben replied, “Because sometimes you just can’t let go of some things, even if they make you worse.” Anna was still confused about why he loved her so much and realized why he wasn’t able to save any money for their future investments.

Ben and Anna looked at each other and they went back inside the room to bid farewell. The old lady whispered in Anna’s ears “He’s not my real son.” thinking that Anna might not know that she was his step-mom. Anna smiled and said, “I know.” They headed back to the car. They were halfway home when Anna asked him “Why you didn’t tell me about her earlier and that you’ve been spending the money for her caregiving. I had been criticizing you for such a long time for all the things and you never complained.” Ben smiled and said, “That’s all because I love it when you fight with me for all that.” They reached home. Anna couldn’t sleep the whole night. The next day while they were having breakfast Ben asked her “What are you gonna do about the coffee shop?” “I think I’m gonna renovate it and introduce some new flavors.” she replied. Ben mocked at her and asked, “Do you really wanna do it?” Anna replied with a smile “Sometimes you just can’t let go of some things, even if they make you worse.” Ben laughed “Copycat!” he shouted.


As he was about to leave for office Anna asked eagerly “Now will you please tell me about the dream?” Ben laughed and said, “It was a vision.”

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