Harsha Shetty

Drama Fantasy


Harsha Shetty

Drama Fantasy

Vikram Versus Corporate Baatal

Vikram Versus Corporate Baatal

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Vikram Versus Corporate Betal


Once Vikram Aditya from 102 BC with a help of time machine came to 2020 to catch Corporate Betal. The corporate Betal Did not get Mukti (salvation) because he had few questions in his mind which need to be answered. He saw corporate Betal wearing a neat suit & tie hanging upside down in corporate Building. Vikram thought previously Betal used to hang on trees now why does This Betal hang in this huge building. woo I forgot there are hardly any huge trees left in Bangalore and this is a corporate Betal obviously he will hang upside down in huge corporate buildings. Vikram was able to capture a Betal and carried it to its destination and Betal started telling story.


Chapter 1: 64th square of chess board

Mr. James was a successful entrepreneur and one of richest man in city. He had only concern is that his daughter Cindy fell in love with a middle-class man Mike which James didn’t like. he once asked Cindy to invite Mike for dinner so he could meet him, But James intention was to manipulate mike and bribe him and ask him stay away from his daughter, once they had a dinner he asked his daughter leave him and Mike alone, so that he could discuss with Mike regarding their future. He took Mike to his personal room where he made most of his Business deals and he considered that room to be sacred and lucky since whatever deal he made in that room always succeeded.

James said: well I think you know why are you here.


Mike replied: when Cindy told me that you want to speak regarding our marriage, I guessed there is something fishy about it. Being my future father in law and myself being a psychology student I know your mentality; you always make a profitable deal as far as me marrying your daughter is concerned its not at all profitable deal for you. You want your daughter to get married with your friend’s son who is another business magnet and it is also profitable deal for you and for your company.


Listening to this James said that’s great You know why you are here.


Mike replied, But I am sorry My love towards Cindy is not for sale. If you want, you can ask your daughter to stop relationship with me.


James said: Cindy is mad in love with you. She will never listen to me if I ask her to leave you. Instead I want you to get away from her life and make her believe that you loved her only for her property so that she starts hating you.


Mike replied that’s impossible


There was a big designed chess board lying in the Room, James was always passionate about the game. James walked to the chess board picked up a queen and said you see Cindy is a queen in this chess board and you are just the pawn, and always king should a have the queen, and not the pawn, if he dares to have then He will be killed or destroyed, saying that he pushed one of the black pawns from the board.Make a good deal with me else I have money power, political power I will simply destroy you and your family, and even Cindy will not get a clue of it.


Hearing this mike got nervous James could see that nervousness in Mikes face.


Mike thought its clear that I cannot survive against this man he could easily destroy me. But it’s impossible for me to forget Cindy Whatever, Whether I get married to Cindy or not, But I will surely teach this Guy a lesson.

Mike replied ok! Mr. James I am ready to make a deal with you and I am going to even say Cindy that I loved her for her money, but do you promise to give me what I ask for.


James jumped with excitement and said sure I will. Tell me what you want hard-cash, property, luxury cars name it.


Mike replied: Relax Mr. James Please call you daughter let me tell her regarding our deal. James called his assistant and asked him to call his daughter. she arrived


Mike directly looked into Cindy’s eyes and said Cindy I and your dad had made a deal, If your dad was able to give what I ask for, then I am afraid you need to forget me and marry a person whomever your dad says.


Hearing this Cindy was shocked and there were tears in her eyes.


Cindy angrily replied! I would never love a person who would deal love for money, Dad give him whatever he needs and send him I don’t want to see his face again, when she was about to walk outside the room, mike stopped her and said one minute Cindy

Let me first make a deal with your father Mike turned to James and said


Well Mr. James you were speaking about the chess board lets get back into chess board again ,Mike took a $1 from his pocket and placed it in the first square of chess board and said to James at every another square the amount doubles example if it’s $1 at 1st square in second square it becomes $2 in 3rd square in becomes $4 in 4th square its $8 and so on and since there are 64 squares in chess Board whatever amount forms in 64th square if you were able to pay me that amount then I am out of Cindy’s life.


James unaware what Mike was asking for, he thought what a fool mike was at 64th square the amount may be of few thousand or maximum will be $100K and I was ready to pay this guy in millions he has dug his own grave he is not smart as I thought, finally I am happy that It’s a good deal and this bastard is getting out of my daughter’s life.


But Cindy came to know what Mikes intentions were she looked at Mike and gave a slight smile and turned towards her father and said give him whatever he is asking for once you give him I am ready to marry a person whomever you say.


Mike replied: Cindy but what if your father fails to give that amount in 64th square.


James felt insulted and said If I am unable to give you what you asked for then you are free to marry Cindy.


Cindy replied: father throw the money on his face and with a slight smile on her face walked briskly out of the room showing to her father that she was angry with Mike.


It made James more excited and said I will make your settlement right now, so that me or my daughter need not see your dirty face again and called his account Arya who was a shrewd accountant and good at numbers and was backbone of James business.


Betalstopped the story here and asked Vikram Aditya now answer first question


A) Was this a good deal for James and will the James be able to fulfill the deal?


B) what happens once Arya arrives?


C) Will Mike marry Cindy?


D) What is the lesson you learn from this story?


Vikram said let me continue your story

When Arya arrives, he listens to the deal and asks Mike to leave them for a minute so that they could discuss on the deal. Mike smiled a quietly left the room.


Arya said: Sir when you make any deals you always consulted me and only once I approve it you would go ahead and make a deal. But prior to making this deal with Mike why didn’t you consult me.


James got irritated and said Arya remember that I am your boss and I think I have an authority to take decisions I don’t think I need to consult you for the payment of such a small sum of amount.


Arya smiled and replied: small amount so you think he is asking for a small amount


Mike said Yes may be few thousand He is an idiot just settling it for a few thousands I was ready to pay him in millions.

Arya gave a nasty smile and said okay sir lets calculate how much we need to pay him


Arya Opened his laptop opened a excel file and highlighted first eight rows and first eight columns. The chess board  has vertically 8 squares and horizontally eight squares and started calculating from $1 in first square and doubling it in every square when the first-row square ended it was $128 Looking at his James smiled and thought it may be even less then what he has thought


When the second row ended the amount went to $32768 it didn’t bother James either but when it reached an end of third row the amount was $8 million, It started bother James now he started sweating when it reached end of 4th row it was $2 billion and end of 5th row $549 billion and end of 8th row that is 64th square the number was 72,057,594,037,927,900.


Looking at the number Arya said Sir being an Accountant and spending entire life in numbers I am unable to read this number let me see whether the computer will be able to read this number and he selected the speak cells option in excel which reads the number and selected the number in 64th cell in excel sheet the computer read a number as seven two zero four………..instead on reading it in millions or trillions .


When Arya looked at James face was sweating like a looser, his hand started shaking thinking that he has been fooled by Mike, he took a small plastic box from his pocket which contained blood pressure tablets, took two tablets from it and swolled them.


Arya said: Sir Mike asked for amount in 64th square of chess board the amount in 64th square is number of infinity neither the human or machine could read it and you promised Mike that if you were unable to pay the amount you would have your daughter married to him, and I am sure that Cindy was aware what the mike was asking for, he trapped you.


James put his head down and said you were right I should have consulted you before making a deal, now please tell me the solution for this problem. I am playing chess from my childhood and never thought the its squares could fool me like this. First time in my life I made a terrible deal and I did it emotionally. But I can never let my daughter marry with that beggar. Arya whenever there was a problem in business or personal life you always came with solution, can you please give a solution to this problem too.


Arya smiled and said: You see Sir! there have been two relationship between me and you one in professional level and another personal level. We both were from low middle-class family and we were good friends. studies didn’t Excite you and you started your business in very young age and whenever I had financial constraint you always helped me, and when I completed my professional degree you offered me a job in your company and we both grew professionally, and now you are the one of the top richest man in the city but you were just in the position of Mike thirty years back. By comparing his love to the 64th square of chess board he showed that his love towards Cindy is infinite he outwitted you in your own game. I think he is a perfect man for your daughter and your business too. I would ask you think in both ways first as a father, you need to question yourself is there anyone else who could love your daughter more than Mike, and can anyone in the world could keep Cindy happier then Mike and since he rejected your offers he will always be an honest husband. This are only things you need to consider as a father now think like a businessman, Can the mike handle your business.


James thought for a while and asked his assistant to call both Mike and Cindy and when they both arrived James asked Mike, Youngman would you be my son in law.


Vikram stopped the story here

Betalreplied: Ok! you have understood the secret of 64th square of Chess Board


But what are the lesson you learn from the Story. tell me soon else I will make you work in a tough project under a bad manager for 14 hours every day, that too in night shifts and the manager keeps on calling you in daytime to take updation on the project when you are fast asleep during a day.


Vikram replied First lesson never promise anyone when your excited or angry.


Before promising be aware what the other person is asking for!

Always to succeed you need a very good mentor, in this case Arya was James mentor. If you don’t have solution, respect your mentor’s words because he thinks more logically then you.


And finally, when you know that you have totally lost the battle. In order to survive use surrender technique in this case James surrender as soon as he knew he has been tricked by Mike. If he had sticked to his zeal, then there was a chance that he could have lost his daughters love and would have to face clever and determined enemy like Mike.


And the most important thing never combine your family with business and treat professional and personal life separately which James did once he was mentored by Arya due to which he was able take appropriate decision.

O that’s right shouted the Betalcongratulation you need not work in night shifts I am going tata bye byeeeeeeeeeee! have a nice weekend Betalflew and Vikram followed it.


Chapter 2: Team versus Star


The Betal was hanging upside down in another cooperate building with great difficulty Vikram was able to capture cooperate Betal and Betal started telling Vikram another story.

Suman was an entrepreneur, running a successful software company from two years. He paid his employees well and since the work was increasing, he thought of increasing his employee’s strength he had eight employees in his team and need to appoint other two.


Since he had six male employees and only two female employees, he thought of lending both the vacancies to female employees and thought of going for campus selection where he was able to select two lady employees by name Akshatha and Amruta and he appointed both as Junior Software Engineers.


He told both of them that there are two positions one for junior software engineer and second for senior software engineer, looking your performance for next one year I would have one of you promoted to senior position.


Hearing this Amruta got excited, Akshatha and Amruta were from same collage Amruta was highly competitive and she always outwitted Akshata in studies or sports, she thought that Akshata was no competition for her and she within next one year could have the position of a senior software engineer.

But Akshata was never excited with the position and she thought that she should be open minded, try to learn the work and mingle with a team well. One year later Amruta had outperformed most of her colleagues in work she always by hook or crook learned the work and took the work from others never shared her knowledge with other employees. Only mingled with the team for her benefit argued with her boss never accepted her mistake and whenever any project was successful, she took credit and whenever she commits any mistake, she blamed others in team for not guiding her properly which other teammates hated.


But Akshata on the other hand was a good team player whenever her teammates need her help, she helped them. She always respected others views she always put her viewpoints and never argued with them. She always moved with the team and never took advantage of teammates for her personal endeavors but in term of knowledge and performance she was no match to Amrutha. Amrutha was fast and furious and Akshatha moved in medium phase and now all the colleagues were sure that Amrutha would get senior position, but they all wished Akshatha to get the senior position because she was kind hearted ,shared knowledge, she never complained or involved in dirty politics.


Corporate Betal stopped the story here now tell me If you were Suman the manager who would you appoint has senior engineer. Tell me the answer else you know your punishment


Vikram thought for a while and said If I would be manager of course I would have made Akshatha as senior engineer.


You are a fool replied Betal, she was no match in performance to Amrutha. Amrutha could complete the work in an hour which Akshatha would spend more the 2 to 3hours,In knowledge wise Amrutha was more superior then Akshatha I think you deserve a punishment My question are not as easy as previous Betal’s you faced in 102BC I am newly updated version of Betals you should have come prepared before trying to give me a salvation.

Vikram Aditya replied calmly let me explain it to you.

In the War between Sparta and Persia Spartans were in hundreds and Persians were in millions but Still Persians couldn’t conquer Sparta

Because Spartans fought unitedly. They knew each other strengths and weakness well and weakness of one warrior was composited by another’s strength. They moved unitedly, they all had only one goal in their mind that is their countries freedom. They worked as a whole team then fulfilling their individual desires and whenever they won, they shared the credit.

But imagine in the same team of warriors there come another warrior, who is more superior in warrior skillsets then other warriors but selfish always takes the credit for himself, try to dominate the team , never appreciates if others help him in battle field, and In order to achieve greatness and fame he puts others life in danger, and king or leader of that team always appreciates him without considering the sacrifice made by other warriors now tell me what happens to that undefeated team of Spartan warriors.


Betalreplied: there is a possibility that they get demotivated and even they become selfish and think about themselves rather than thinking about a team and there are more chances that they get killed or conquered by their opponent.


Here lies your answer: Suman should give promotion to Akshatha because she is a good team player and it would be great if Amrutha could learn from it. If Amrutha quits then it could be compensated by someone else but if the team splits it very difficult to build it again

It’s good to be a star performer but it’s more important to be a good team player.


Betal replied you are right man Congratulations again and said tata byee and flew in air Vikram followed it.


Chapter 3: Strike the iron when it is hot.


Vikram went in search of Betal again. But this time Betal was hanging in Bangalore one office building. When Vikram asked Betal why he is hanging upside down In Bangalore one office instead of hanging in corporate buildings, Betalsaid Aadhar card is compulsory just trying to find whether we Betals have any chance to make our identity.


Vikram suddenly captured Betal again and it started telling him another story


Chi Chungi and Pu Pungi were working in different companies in southern part of China. Both were equally talented in their work. Chungi was working in his company from 13 years without any promotion and with very less increment he had reached the comfortable zone and always denied to change his company. He had been with company in hard times and always took any assignment as a challenge. Now Chungi got married and his mother would constantly fall ill due to which he faced lot of financial problems and his family members started making fun of him for being in same position from past 13 years.

Today is an appraisal day and his Boss Ting Ting called him and issued him a appraisal letter. Ting Ting was shrewd businessmen and only profit in balance sheet made him happy and he was very sweet spoken man and he was rarely concerned about his employees.

When Chungi walked into Ting Ting cabin

Ting Ting said: Congratulation Chungi you have done a great job this year here is your increment letter

Chungi opened the increment latter he saw, as always, he was only given 5% increment, nor he was promoted.

This made chungi frustrated.

Chungi replied: Sir! I have been working in your company from past 13 years and every year when you gave my appraisal letter you said my performance was great and I always met your expectation , I walked out happily from your cabin without caring about the percentage of increment given or promotion. But now without any promotion and with just 5% Increment I just can’t fulfil my needs even the inflation is increasing by 15 to 20% every year.


Hearing this Ting Ting felt insulted, but he was more of shock because from the day he knew Chungi, Chungi never argued with Ting though other colleagues cursed Ting Ting for his shrewd behavior Chung never did it he was always obedient to his boss


Ting replied: Well Chungi the market is very bad nowadays and even our profits are not as expected So even the increments are low and sorry, I cannot promote you this year.

This made chungi angry and more frustrated


Chungi said: the company’s profit has grown by 25% and this is the maximum growth the company had from past 10 years and its not just this year but every year you give me a same increment.

I was with this company from scratch There was a time when I use to handle the entire accounts department single handedly and never had any complaints from auditors or tax department, and as company grew you appointed professional qualified people and MBA’s and made me to work under them I never complained and worked honestly under them and me being the most experience guy in the team with the help of professional qualified people as per your instructions we built an appropriate audit and accounting work process so that company need not be dependent on single person for its work, though those MBA’S and professional qualified people left your company within year or two I stayed with you and made the working process system so efficient that even in my absence or even In any once absence the accounting department could smoothly function and now you’re a giving Just a 5% increment for my hard and dedicated work.


This made Ting angry and Insulted he didn’t want to argue further but deep inside he knew that whatever Chungi said was right.


Ting replied angrily: this is what I could give you if you are not satisfied you are free to move to some other company. 


Without speaking a word Chungi walked out of the boss cabin he left the office early that day, or else he used to always stretch his shifts, and that night he called his ex-Collogue and friend PI Pung who was a MBA and his first job after completing MBA was working with Chungi.

He always respected Chungi though chungi was not well qualified as Pung but Pung always thought Chungi as his mentor he heartily appreciated Chungi’s knowledge and mastery over his work and to have a further growth 7 years back he moved out of company and whenever he had any queries related to accounts or tax jurisdictions he always consulted Chungi. He also offered a Chungi a better post in his company but Chungi rejected since he was not ready to move from his comfort zone


But this time Chungi called Pungi and told him whatever happened in office


Pungi Replied Its all your mistake. You are the main cause for your consequences.


Hearing this Chungi was shocked he expected his friend to show him some concern, but his friend was blaming him instead of blaming or cursing his Boss


Corporate Betal stopped the story here and said to Vikram

Now here is your question

why did Pung say that it’s all Chungi fault is being honest and hardworking towards the company was Chungi’s fault?


Vikram replied: NO! Chungi fault was that he always gave and gave to company and whenever he had right time to take from the company, he never did it. Though his colleagues took a credit for the work in which he had more of his contribution he never reacted. It’s important to give your part of contribution to company but it’s more important to make your manager realize about your contribution and ask for the fruit shamelessly, Chungis big mistake was when he was a important part of project he should have made Ting realize his contribution and asked for the part of his benefit, it was right time for him to ask for promotion or increment, at that time Ting really needed a Chungi and if Chungi had asked for good increment or promotion then Ting would have granted him. You need to strike an iron when it is hot. The relation between employee and employer is give and take policy.

If employee becomes only giver without taking what he deserves then he is at wrong path on the other hand if company only gives its benefit to his employees without taking an appropriate return from them then the company is Doomed. Chungi was Good guy he respected his boss he was hardworking and loyal to company he had all the good qualities, but good guys always finish at last. You need be a good giver but at the same time you must be a good taker too! then only there will be a balance in your personal and professional life.


You are right shouted the Betal and flew in air Vikram followed it.


Chapter 4: Be Flexible


The Betal was hanging upside down in Dalal Street Mumbai and eagerly peeping inside the window looking into traders computer screens this time Vikram has to search a lot for Betaland Since he had moved from Bangalore to Mumbai finally he was able to find Betalin Dalal Street.

Vikram asked: What the hell are you doing in Dalal Street.

Betalreplied just wanted to see the share price of the shares that I have invested during my lifetime.

Vikram smiled and thought for himself what an idiot this Betalis even after he is dead, he is worried about his share prices while money is of no use to him now. Why to blame him there are lot of alive Bataals in this earth who are as worst as him even after earning enough wealth for their entire life and for their next generation they still curve for money and do nothing but accumulate wealth till the end of their life. It’s a sad thing but it’s true. Thinking this Vikram suddenly jumped and captured the Bataal



Betal started telling another story, Adarsh was a Business tycoon he had only 2 dreams in his life one is to be the richest man in world, and another is to live for 100 years. At the age of 30 after working under several reputed companies as automobile engineer he started his own garage with his savings, soon after 5 years he started his own company which built cars, bikes and trucks as per


customer tastes and when the internet emerged Adarsh’s company had a website where there were thousands of model of cars and bike which the customer could select by themselves and there was option that they could even build a creative bikes as per their choice and Adarsh company would deliver them those vehicles he could do it in very low cost compared to the market, Soon he also move into other sectors like FMCG,Garments,investment banking etc. through shrewd business intelligence and determination he made sure that he conquered 40 to 60% of market share from each sector. Now at the age of 65 he was the fourth richest man in world, but he was always concerned that he is not still the first richest man, Once Adarsh’s assistant Satya came with young man who was nearly 20 years old. Adarsh always appreciated the people who did anything which he couldn’t do, Adarsh was fascinated by Rubix cube from his Childhood, but till this age not even once was able to solve the cube. He kept different types of cubes in office table starting from 2*2,3*3,6*6, and even 18*18.


Satya said: Good morning Sir! Adarsh never noticed Satya coming into his Cabin, since he was busy checking his sales performance in different sectors in his laptop. Since Satya was his very old employee and he had liberty to walk into Adarsh cabin without scheduling any meeting or informing Adarsh’s Personal secretary or knocking the door before entering the cabin.

Good Morning Satya Adarsh replied


Sir this is Abhishek my nephew


Adarsh looked at young man and said: hi Abhishek!


Abhishek replied: hello Sir!


 Sir Abhishek is a son of my brother he is highly intelligent, but due to monitory constraint he is unable to continue his studies.

Adarsh replied ok I will allot him a funds from our donation camp. Please take care of the paperwork Satya.


Satya said Sir! Even I am ready to fund his studies from my personal pocket But Abhishek is not ready to take any help, he says that he is capable enough to earn his leaving and he wouldn’t like to be dependent on anyone.


He says he is your diehard fan and wants to work with you.


Adarsh asked: what’s his work experience and qualification


Satya replied he has cleared 10+2 he bagged 2nd rank in 10th standard and 1st Rank in +2 after which in one of the road accident his father expired due to which Abhishek decided not to continue his studies further and take care of his family. While I pleaded him to continue his studies and I would take care of his family’s financial need but he kept on denying and from four years he is working in Call Center and whenever I meet him I asked him to continue his studies, but he kept on requesting me to give him a opportunity to work with you.

 Hearing this Adarsh took his eyes from the laptop and looked at Abhishek from Top to bottom and thought for himself this guy has a fire in him.


Adarsh said Well Abhishek with 10+2 qualification I could offer you only a salesman job in our company as you know that ours is a reputed company and as freshers we prefer MBA’s from reputed business school or if they are not MBA’s they need to have a very good sales record in their previous company. Since Satya is referring you I would offer you a job, But my suggestion to you is to continue your studies further and once your are done with your studies comeback again, I would offer you a very respected position in my company.


Abhishek replied thanks for your offer sir! But I have not come here for a Job since I am your Big fan of you and treat you as my ideal, I want you to fund my business idea and if my business idea flourishes then I want 5% of your company’s shares and a position of general manager


Hearing this Satya became furious and shouted! Abhishek are you mad do you know what the hell are you asking for. It’s a $100 billion company and our sir and his family holds 80% of equity and rest is held by public, you are asking 5% of shares which is $5 billion worth share are you gone out of your mind I shouldn’t have bought you here.


Hearing to Abhishek Adarsh started laughing loudly and said relax Satya he is just a Kid and I appreciate him for having such a great vision at this young age.


Adarsh looked at Abhishek and said well Abhishek I think you are leaving in a land of fantasies come out of it and continue your studies be more practical and accept the reality.


Abhishek felt insulted and Said Sir! I just want to present my project to you just give me an opportunity if you didn’t like the presentation I would do as you say and continue my studies but I refuse to take any monetary help from you or Satya uncle. I have been working on this project from past 4 years


Hearing this Adarsh got irritated and he cursed Satya for bringing this boy to him his laughing face turned angry


Adarsh with the angry look said see my time is precious and before any entrepreneur pitches his ideas to me for investment, he should have very good Business track record I cannot afford to waste my time on you. Can you at least prove that you are worth of my time?

Abhishek took 2*2 Rubix cube from Adarsh’s table and solved it in 10 second then he took 3*3 Rubik cube solved it in 15 second next he directly took 18*18 Rubik’s cube and solved it within 2 min, Abhishek knew that Solving Rubix cube would not convince Adarsh but it would definitely calm him down, he could see anger and frustration in Adarsh’s face


Looking at that Adarsh was astonished, he smiled again and said that was fantastic I never saw a person solving Rubix cube so fast, but solving Rubix cube doesn’t help in business my son, Adarsh said smilingly


Abhishek requested Sir I would ask 30 min of presentation if you are not satisfied, I would do as you say.


Ok! replied Adarsh, tomorrow I have been scheduled with 4 meetings with different departments, the meeting starts at 9 am and ends at 8 pm But I will extend my stay in office till 8:30pm only to hear your presentation.


Hearing this Satya was shocked Adarsh hated attending meetings and presentations, since he had a migraine problem sitting long hours in meetings and looking at a huge monitors would cause him severe headache, he would ask his sons or managers to attend it and update him on the same. Since tomorrow was an annual shareholders meeting held, he was bond to attend it.


Next day the meeting started at 9am and extended till 12 at night, once the meeting was over Adarsh was suffering from severe headache and in hurry he also forgot to bring the prescriptions, his headache was so severe that he wanted to rush home and take his prescriptions, once the meeting was over he Briskly walked out of the meeting room pressing right side of his forehead and Satya followed him. Abhishek was waiting for Adarsh from past 5hours Satya knew it, but he didn’t dare to remind it to Adarsh. He thought that he would ask Abhishek to meet Adarsh some other day.


As Adarsh was walking out of corridor suddenly Abhishek appeared in front of him hello Sir said Abhishek


Looking Abhishek in front of him he remembered about the meeting, but he was not in the condition to attend any other meeting, he told Abhishek to schedule the meeting another day.


Abhishek replied !Sir I have been waiting for you from past 5hours and I heard that tomorrow afternoon you will be going for a business tour after that you will be returning only after 3 months, and my uncle also said it may even get extended, I have no problem In scheduling the meeting for another day But waiting for 3 months is too much for me, Please sir if we could do it now just 30 min

Hearing it Adarsh got very irritated he wanted to give a hard slap on Abhishek’s face.


Adarsh pressed hard in his forehead and replied before I could lose my control will you shut your mouth and get out. More than Abhishek’s words his headache was making him more frustrated.

Abhishek replied: Please sir!

Adarsh shouted: OUT! looking at Abhishek’s eyes.


Adarsh Could see a slight tear in Abhishek’s eyes. Suddenly he reminded his past where he went to meet investors and they refuse to look into his presentation and the frustration he felt during that time


As Abhishek turned his back Adarsh said: Mr. Rank holder as Abhishek turned Adarsh smiled ok go-ahead with your presentation and if I find it not worth, I am going just walk out of room and you will not question me is that clear. Abhishek agreed


Adarsh, Abhishek and Satya went to meeting room were Abhishek began his presentation the presentation was mainly about developing a new ERP Software with the help of artificial intelligence and robotics which would be 10 times more efficient than recent ERP’s

15 min afterwards Adarsh started getting involved in it and within next 30 min he totally got involved and he even forgot his headache.

He shooted question after question to Abhishek and Abhishek had a perfect answer for every question.


The meeting started at 12:15 pm extended to 2:00 am when Adarsh wife started call him he gave the phone to Satya and asked him to answer a call, then the meeting extended to 5am this time his wife his son everyone started calling him he again didn’t answer their call he was deeply involved in meeting and finally meeting ended at 9am morning, Adarsh has even missed his flight to Europe though Satya kept reminding him and even Abhishek was ready to stop the presentation, but Adarsh didn’t allow him he shooted question after question. Once The meeting was over Adarsh said to Abhishek from today onwards start working on this project and you are free to recruit your own team, if you need any more assistance ask Satya to make arrangement and Adarsh turned to Satya and said book a flight ticket for me for today night. Abhishek when I am back from Europe you should finish 50% of project I give you a deadline of six months to complete this project and regarding you being the shareholder in our company and your position we will discuss it once I am back from my Business tour. He asked Abhishek to leave room. Once he left the room


Adarsh said: Satya this guy is genius I was always trying to entering into IT industry and he is a key its really astonishing how this guy in such a young age has so much mastery in every programming language in IT industry, just in 4 years after his +2 he was able to grab such extensive knowledge which may take a normal person entire life and come up with an such an innovative idea, I don’t want to loose this guy, looking at his idea once our ERP hits the market there is no doubt in my mind that this is going to conquer at least 50%of market share.


Listening to this Satya said do not worry Sir! I will take care of him


Once Adarsh was back from his Europe tour he was very keen about Abhishek’s project he was keener to bring the software to market then Abhishek. Soon the software was launched, since Adarsh had very good leads in market he was able to simply conquer the market and most of the companies which had good relationship with Adarsh simply switched to Adarsh’s ERP. He was able to grab the 80% of ERP market share soon his profit increased, and he became number 1 richest man in the world.


Most of the media and other sources declared that Abhishek was a key for Adarsh’s success though Abhishek was given 1% of companies shares and the post of general manager, Abhishek started feeling Instead of just being an employee in Adarsh’s company why can’t I be my own boss, start my own company and he discussed his idea with his colleagues .

Satya got a hint of it and he informed Adarsh about the same. It didn’t bother Adarsh much. Adarsh said I cannot force anyone to stay If he wants to go then he is free.

3 Months later Abhishek left the company and he asked Satya to join him, but Satya turned down the offer. He sold his one percent of his shares and started his own IT company which also developed ERP, he developed the same ERP with few updation and changes and he declared that he would sell the ERP and its subscription half the price of Adarsh’s ERP. But to his surprise none of the companies were interested in buying it. Some companies even told him that his ERP was outdated compared to Adarsh’s ERP.


Hearing this Abhishek was shocked, the Adarsh’s ERP was developed by him same as his ERP which he developed for his own company, how could anyone say that his ERP was outdated. He personally asked one of his friends who was ERP consultant to show him the demo. When he saw the demo of ERP, he was shocked. There were more high version features included in ERP which he had no idea. He started wondering when and how these features were include and who has developed these features. He called his uncle and asked him to meet him immediately when Satya arrived


Abhishek said! I thought you were always with me, but today u have actually cheated me didn’t you know about the updation that were made in my ERP and when it was presented to that market it was more of updated version then what I developed.


Satya said: Yes, I knew about it and I was the guy who led the team which included more features in your ERP.

Once Adarsh saw through your presentation he asked me recruit other team which included 6 members who were highly experienced in IT industry, and they were assigned two task first to learn your ERP and its coding features completely and another is to make upgradations in your ERP which they did perfectly.

Every week you presented development in ERP to me and your team of 20 members whom you recruited, I used to record your presentation and present it to other team. The day you started working on ERP exact one week later the other team was ready, and it also started working in ERP and Adarsh also asked me not to disclose about the upgradation team to you.


Abhishek was angry hearing this: I trusted you and always respected you as my father. I even gave you an opportunity to join my company as a partner which you turned down. Your boss is more important to you then your family isn’t it.


Satya smiled and said: Abhishek even now I consider you has a son. Even if my son is on your place, I would have done the same. When I joined the company 25 years back Adarsh's company was just a start up. There were many guys who were outperformers I was just a mediocre, but I don’t know what Adarsh saw in me and he gave me the same beneficial and increment which he used to give to outperformers. Most of my colleagues were jealous of it ,even sometimes I also wondered why is he favoring me so much ,once I asked Adarsh the reason for it and he replied that he saw honesty in me and he is sure that whatever may be the situation I would never let him down. I was his long-term investment and he also told me I would stay with him as an employee throughout my life. I didn’t believe it at that time now after 25 years It proved to be true. He trusts me more than himself. I know about his business more than him now. Throughout my life I had one goal that is to protect his trust towards me. I knew If I would have revealed regarding the upgradation to you since you are very ambitious you would surely try to start your business and try to outwit our company. I also made sure that you don’t get a hint of the upgradation from your friend who is a consultant or by any of our colleagues.

Betal stopped the story here


 Now tell me what lesson you get from the story and is it right on Adarsh part to give Satya a beneficial of outperformers while he was a mediocre


Vikram replied first and foremost lesson is to be flexible as per condition. Flexibility is a key in any business. Adarsh was always ready to change according to the condition without being dependent on anyone for his business, so he recruited another team as backup for Abhishek if even Abhishek quits then he would have other employees in his team who would be as knowledgeable as Abhishek. As Darwin said It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change, and Adarsh understood this law very well

And your second question: was it right on Adarsh’s part to give Satya a same beneficial as outperformers. You can turn honest middle performer into an outperformer, but it is very difficult to turn an outperformer into honest person. Honest comes by nature and if your outperformer is honest then it’s still great for business, as a boss you should never ever try to lose him. But if he is honest middle performer you can always make him an outperformer by conducting training to upgrade his skills. In any country if the person starting from municipal sweeper to prime minister are honest towards the country and their duties then that country would be paradise on earth. So, I think It was right on Adarsh part to do so because nowadays most of the persons are intelligent and cunning but very few are honest.


Hearing this corporate Betal started slowly moving in air and beautiful beam of light fell on it. From cruel looking Betal it turned into handsome guy who looked like angel it said Thanks Vikram you answered all my questions because of you I got salvation may god bless you.


Vikram replied: Please say to God that I was a reason for your salvation and I should get credit for it and after going to heaven if you find that there are still any other Betal’s who are searching for salvation kindly refer them to me.


Angel (who was Betal prior) laughed loudly and said: now you are turning into corporate men.


Vikram shouted: Shit! I better return to my century where is the time machine?



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