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And please don't even try to cover up for this - I know what you meant and understands completely - she said 

I never thought it would have started and like this, and end in this way. But that's fine - he said

Okay not understanding, let's start from the first chapter, this is somewhere in 2nd chapter. 

So, there was one guy who was misogynist right from school time and till the time he went for the job. Well not actually misogynist but like he alters ego and he was just not looking for cheeped or stalker or despo tag.

So, he somehow managed his life without much opposite gender interaction until his 3 years job Interval. Yes, he has many crushes and liked many girls but never initiated. 

Ah just to tell you, it is a common story for many boys in India, so don't be shocked to hear it. Yes, it happens with girls also, why should boys have all the fun.

See, I'm not biased, ahhh, feels so relaxed.

Okay, okay continuing the tale, then he into Activities like running and cycling and took refuge again into poetry. Oh, just to tell you, he used to write earlier, but just to revive that skill he started going to a group for getting reviews on his work. There was a girl in that group who used to write good and has a blog also.

After some meetups, they somehow got connected and exchanged no. and then she was the first one to start conversations on WhatsApp, she has sent her blog link to him.

And from there, they started talking mostly on writing. But that session didn't last long, and they got busy in their schedule. After a long time, he just sends Hi to her and got a reply after a very long time.

As a man with alter ego, he got hurt and stopped Again, and one day out of the blue suddenly he forwards something inappropriate joke to her intended for his friend, but you know touch screen of the phone.

And after that, she was very angry and started shouting at him and started saying

 'And please don't even try to cover up for this - I know what you meant and understands completely'.

Boy tried to explain but to no use. He said sorry and just deleted her no. and he was feeling sorry as it was unintentional.

And some more time was gone, and he forgot about her and this chapter and it was lost as one of many memories.

Suddenly, he received a Happy friendship day message from her on friendship day.

He was not expecting this and was confused about it, then thought of replying same to you and then replied finally. 

Soon after he asked her about the chapter as it was running on repeat mode in his mind after her message, she replied little later that it was fine, and she was upset over some personal issue that day.

From that day, they started talking slowly and that girl found him trustworthy and a good friend. While boy's initial Intention was obviously to get into a relationship with her, but to keep her comfortable and as he found himself more comfortable with her as a friend, ever thought of that Intention again.

And in coming days, they became good friends, and their friendship tale continues.

Ah and just to update now they have stopped going to writer meetup as they are busy with their own life, and whenever possible they talk to each other and have laughs, beers, life lessons and what not.

And the moral of the story is you can find a friend anywhere regardless of the gender and it can last for a lifetime.

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