Drama Tragedy



Drama Tragedy



2 mins

Tanu loves her father very much. Tanu knows her father always supports her. Tanushree is also very obedient to her father. They are from middle class family but they are happy. Tanushree always thought that her father always support services her work. This is not false but Tanushree needs to understand her boundaries.

Tanushree loves a Muslim man. Tanushree 's family is not a conservative family but also has some restrictions.

Tanushree is doing her study very well. Her father is preparing for her higher study. For that he needs lots of money.

One day Tanushree came home very late. She told to her father that she was busy with some work. Next day when her father was discussing with her higher study and how they can managed all the things that time Tanushree came with her newly married husband. Her father was shocked very much. They couldn't think about this.

Tanushree tried to convinced her parents but it was really impossible to digest for them. Her father said nitu to go with her but she couldn't listen and went with that person.

Tanushree started a new life with new person and new family.. It was not easy for her to adjust. Every moment she needed to sacrifice. She lost her freedom. This life was not easy for her.

She wanted to come back to her previous life. Her parents never contacted with her because they were too shocked.

After 3 years Tanushree called her father. But no one picked the phone. After lots of tries, her mother picked the phone but couldn't talk. The nurse talked and came to know that her father died just after her marriage because of shock. It was a massive heart attack. Her mother was paralyzed.

She was too shocked.....

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