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Sania Batool

Romance Drama


Sania Batool

Romance Drama

Twin Flames

Twin Flames

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It was a pleasant morning. The alarm bell rang at 5 AM. Samarah kept her hand over the clock and tried to open her left eye to look at the time. There were hair locks on her face which was as glowing as moon and her brown eyes were shining bright like sun when she opened them. Her beauty can’t be described in words. She woke up, performed ablution and offered Namaz (Prayer in muslims). It was her final exam in engineering and she was all prepared. Like always she had to be at the top.

Samarah’s heart was as beautiful as her face. She was a girl who was super intelligent, loving, kind and decent. The last exam got over. It was her last day in college and hostel. She was so upset while leaving college as she was very attached to that place. She packed her bags and her parents came to pick her up from the hostel.

Samarah reaches her home after 4 long years. She was a bright student and she got good campus placement. She had a job in her hand. The next morning she was all prepared for her first day at work.

She wakes up and reaches her office an hour before the mentioned time as she didn’t want to be late on her first day. The whole office was empty and the office boy was making coffee for someone. Samarah went to the office boy and asked that for whom he is making the coffee as there’s nobody in the office at this early hour. “Madam, Sanjay Sir always arrives early and leaves late. He is a workaholic. He follows a strict routine and things should always fall in place in front of him.” Office boy replied. Samarah lifted one of her brows. She wanted to meet Sanjay as she was new to work.

“May I come in Mr. Sanjay?” Samarah asked with broken voice. “Do you have some important work? As I am really busy with some project right now.” Sanjay replied without even looking at Samarah. She went out without saying anything and she found him really rude. Eventually, other people also came to the office and Samarah met everyone along with her manager. Her colleagues asked her to not pay attention to Sanjay’s behaviour as he doesn’t talk with anyone and his behaviour is same for all.

A year has passed by and the work environment is same as ever. Office politics was increasing day by day. People in her office were so good at each other’s face but at the same time they used to do back bitching for everyone.

Samarah and her colleagues never liked Sanjay as he used to stay alone and made them work always.

Sanjay used to sit away from everyone but he used to notice each and everything. He was super secretive and had a very good observation power. With time he started observing Samarah and fell in love with her secretively.

He used to help her in every way. Initially, Samarah couldn’t understand the change in his behaviour. He used to be around always. Whenever Samarah had a lot of work pressure, he used to divide that pressure without letting her know. He used to work on Samarah’s project by sacrificing his work. He taught Samarah so many work skills and used to highlight her in front of the CEO. He started presenting his reports and work in Samarah’s name..

CEO of the company decided to promote Sanjay and wanted to give him one of the biggest opportunity ever, Since everyone knew how hard working Sanjay was. But Samarah always dreamt of getting that position. Sanjay understood it without her mentioning it. He thought he was becoming an obstacle in her work life. He resigned the next day because of Samarah as he knew that she would get this position once he leaves.

Samarah had no idea about all this. Sanjay still had to serve a month’s notice period. They started sharing each and everything with one another. They became really close. Samarah was a girl who never shared anything with anyone but she started sharing things with Sanjay. She had no idea that Sanjay had completely fallen in love with her. For her, Sanjay had become one of her closest friends. With time she started realising that Sanjay has feelings for her. She thought that she would maintain distance as they have different religions and this would never be possible for them.

The reason Sanjay fell in love with Samarah was Samarah’s soul and heart. Sanjay was a person who had a pure soul and he knew that he found his soulmate in Samarah.

Sanjay decided to propose to her. He decorated a room with flowers, candles and Samarah’s pictures. He wrote all his feelings and locked those papers in a cute small trunk. Samarah entered the room and a key fell down. She saw the decorated room and saw a small locked box which says open me. She unlocked it with a key and found a letter inside it. She opened it and started reading it. Tears were falling down her cheek. Sanjay has opened his heart in front of her. He has spent his life with no love. After knowing Samarah he thought he had found the other part of his soul. He knew how difficult it was going to be as they had different religions but he had the courage to fight for it.

Samarah cried and said no to Sanjay as she knew that it would be next to possible in her family.

Sanjay found a new job in Singapore and Samarah was promoted at her work. Sanjay’s life was very difficult without Samarah. He used to miss her every now and then. He never felt the same for anyone before and he knew it was true love.

He used to send gifts to Samarah without letting her know. A new gift everyday. After few days Samarah got to know about her job that it was because of Sanjay and he left his job because of her dream. She also got to know that he is the one who sends gifts for her. She cried and called him. “Why the hell are you doing this?” Samarah shouted on call.

“Samarah, Please don't stop me from doing this. Doing anything for you gives me happiness. I am not asking you to be with me. I know you can’t. But I feel good when I make you feel good. Please don’t stop me from doing things for you.” Sanjay replied.

Samarah cried and cut the call. Sanjay didn’t stop sending things for her.

One day Sanjay was on call with one of his ex colleagues and he asked him how Samarah is. The guy told him that she is on leave as she has fever. The next second Sanajay booked his flight for India and he was here. He called Samarah but she didn’t pick. He waited outside her house all day. There was no reply. Samarah looked at her phone at night and read Sanjay’s message “I am waiting outside your house, just show me your face once. I will leave from here after seeing you.”

She went to the balcony and he was still there. Samarah was shocked. Sanjay came all the way from Singapore just to see her. She cried and asked him to go as she didn’t want any of her family members to see him.

Sanjay left from there. Gradually they started speaking to each other on call. They used to share each and everything with one another.

One day, they had a long discussion and Samarah asked Sanjay not to call her again.

”I know nobody can love me the way you do. You have made me so habitual of you. But we don't have any future. I would not want to hurt both of us in future. So let’s part our ways” Samarah told Sanjay.

After this Sanjay had been trying to contact Samarah but there was no response. 2 days passed by but there was no response. He booked his flight and came back to India. There he got to know that Samarah has some heart disease and needs a heart transplant. She was unconscious lying on the bed at the hospital. Sanjay donated his heart to Samarah.

The next morning Samarah wakes up. She was lying on the hospital bed and the doctor told her that her operation was successful.

She asked for her phone from her mother as she wanted to contact Sanjay. She was missing him badly and she wanted to tell him about whatever happened. Sanjay’s number was off. She tried multiple times. She was super worried. Later on the doctor told her that Sanjay had donated his heart to her. Samarah shouted and fainted. Her life totally changed after this. She knew that she was living with Sanjay’s heart. She loved him truly and he loved her too. They were twin flames and ultimately their souls got captured in a single body. True love doesn’t exist these days. But Samarah’s and Sanjay’s love was true. True of all!!

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