Shishira Pathak

Drama Fantasy


Shishira Pathak

Drama Fantasy



4 mins

Chapter 3. 0 (continued)

Shiva loka

यस्यग्य जगत सृष्टा विरंचिः पल्को हरिः

संहर्त कालरुद्रख्यो नमस्तस्मै पिनकिने||

Kraunch vimana while moving around the frozen space slows down suddenly as if it entered into a denser medium. Outside of the vimana is getting frozen and vimana is shaking while moving ahead.

VARUNA-" What happened? How did we slow down"?

AGNI-" Do not forget Varuna we are in the realm of Shiva Loka, no one has ever known what goes around this place. Yes we have slowed down, it seems like some kind of viscous invisible medium which popped out of nowhere, but still we have not stopped, it's not water or anything like liquid. I assume it's coming from the centre of this void space, WHY DOES HE LIVES IN SUCH A PLACE?"

INDRA-"Watch out what you say Agni! you may not want offend him in any case. Its the shear extreme out of imagination cold outside which has cooled the space-time matrix itself around us and slowed us down. The space itself got frozen, the creation and uncreated around us is frozen, it's the chill which has formed up into a medium of its own. I wonder how we are surviving and if we are then I believe he is expecting us. "

Kraunch vimaan having jerks while moving forward. . .

AGNI-" WHAT IS THIS PLACE?It's very different from brahmalok and vaikunth. . . its scary and mysterious. "

INDRA- "I once heard about shivaloka from brahma, what you all are going to hear are the words of brahma in which he described shiva loka to me long long ago. . . "

"It's all darkness and nothing exists as far as it can be imagined by mortals and demigods. As one crosses the cosmos it goes into the deep cold dominion of the Adi- IMMORTAL being who was , is and will always be as such. He lives in a place surrounded by concentric layers of mysterious energy. Its the Shiva loka, inverted in shape but has always been in everted shape. Billions of moons and suns shine around it, but still its extremely cold and outshine all the neighbouring stars. Having innunerable manifestations the shiva loka is some times nit even dicernable by the other two God heads of TRIMURTI. It is said that the shiva loka is in itself the projection of the mind of shiva who created this loka to sit over and meditate.

Divided into innumerable layers having the shape of lingam which look always upright even when seen upsidedown or sideways , it can't be understood by mortals. Peculiar organisms having pulsating geometrical shapes float here and there in shiva loka making their own energy. Gravity here goes haywire there and even the biggest of the stars revolve around shiva loka as if they are it's moons or natural satellites. Each second numerous Massive black holes appear in this loka but get consumed up and their matter starts slowly flowing around with a slight bluish glittering tinge. Numerous souls can be seen hovering around a colourful shining Banyan tree like humongous structure whose top covers whole of the sky of this realm and roots go deep into the cosmos and derive energy like plants, glowing and moving upwards reaching the top and spreading in concentric manner in the entire universe full of different colours.

Below this glowing energy tree sits adi deva mahadeva from whose face fierce gravitational waves and energy can be felt but not seen coming out, he sits at the centre of huge golden disk of galaxy and is always appearing and disappearing from the sight as if it's a glitch but sitting on the same place. 108 energy energy discs are rotating around this loka cutting each other while they move in different planes creating sparks lightening when they cut across each other. From adi deva mahadeva Universal water flows out into the universe which spread into the universe in atomic or molecular form like clouds. The third eye of mahadeva is semi closed and brilliant electric sparks and lightning and unknown energies beam out at speeds faster than light and stronger than quasars deep into space in different directions. . . .


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