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Sanjay Kakotiya

Drama Romance

Unknown Girl - A Love Story Part 2

Unknown Girl - A Love Story Part 2

3 mins

The journey was a bit long and I was getting very bored I thought to talk to this girl, But she was busy with her phone. But still, I told him hello and he ignores so dirty insult who did this girl as many as without saying anything Believe it is beautiful but so much attitude think about what work you can leave And slept while sitting on the seat. After some time the girl also fell asleep and Falling asleep When did my head go into his shoulder I know it happened and it's head my head And we both got so close to each other was that we don't have this.

But some distance further there was a big pit on the road and like he just passed. We both bounced and our heads clashed with each other And then our sleep also opened. Then we both looked at each other And why is the head rotating that we were realized that sometime back we were sleeping like this that moment was a bit awkward for us.

So I changed the topic then and said where are you going she said Indore and you, So I said Bhopal by the way what is your name she said Shweta, and some people call me Sanjay and those who love me very much call me Sanju. She smiled and started saying that you are talking about such a stupid. So I have also smiled and said that I should do it sometime and And our friendship started from here.

Now we are Sagar city reach were Bus here stop for a while now we left for Bhopal, Now I was very close to my destination that's when I said to Shweta, OK, goodbye, meet you so much If you are lucky, you will definitely meet again. He said alright in a sad way and by the way I met you too Then I said I know that people often say.

This after meeting me she said that and you are really stupid now went to Bhopal and got out his bag and called Shweta bye and started going And got off the bus and went but I was feeling nervous leaving her alone because she was 

the only girl on the bus and it was 4 o'clock in the night.

And then I thought that I could not let her go alone like this because when I was going she was looking at me because on that bus she did not even know anyone other than me and she was alone. was staying And I turned around and saw that the bus was going, so I raced and got on the bus to Indore where I did not have to go.

As he went inside the bus and she sees me, then she was very happy and started saying why are you mad back? then I said so let you go alone, she said, "So you are going to leave me in Indore, I said yes she said that you are really a big ass." Then we slept because it was too late in the night we reached Indore in the morning.

Shweta and I alighted from the bus and I said okay walk in and then I started going, Shweta said listen from behind I am a little surprised that the reflex and say you remember me or not this name speaks to me, so she said I know So I said, speak, why did you call me, but she was nervous but she was terrified and my beating was fast.

And who made me Kiss for the first time in my life, I mean Shweta made something she did Kiss and I was just surprised.

So from here on, our love has started.......

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