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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

saravanan Periannan

Drama Fantasy Inspirational


saravanan Periannan

Drama Fantasy Inspirational

Tom and Jerry: The Missing Tyke

Tom and Jerry: The Missing Tyke

4 mins 475 4 mins 475

Jerry was having his morning newspaper and reading but was feeling bored.

His eyes searched Tom and there he was sleeping with his tail touching the ground.

Jerry went close to Tom and pulled his tail and came the sound thud.

They both started the game of chase and went straight into the part of house where spike laid down.

They both stopped when they heard the sound of sobbing and saw spike's teary eyes. Spike hugged tom and cried oh Thomas my son had gone missing.

Tom consoled him and Tom overheard the conversation of his boss with her friend that many cute little pups and kittens were missing all over Manhattan.

Tom and Jerry made the plan that they will go in search of tyke and said spike to be strong in this situation.

But how could they both search without any clues and atleast a rough idea over the problem.

Jerry got a letter from nibbles in London stating that he saw many new dogs and cats in the house he stayed and was pondering how did that man in the house was able to get so much money.

Tom and Jerry planned to get their good hearted friend's son back to him.

Tom and Jerry boarded the ship from Manhattan to London. In the ship, Jerry was sitting in the bag of Tom and just Tom opened the zip for Jerry to breathe and Jerry tried to look at the fellow passengers and suddenly a cat saw Jerry and shouted Jerry mouse ,Tom rushed towards that cat and closed its mouth and understood it was butch and smiled weirdly and took him to another compartment and explained him all.

They all joined hands in the mission that separated many parents and children of animals brought up in home.

Meanwhile in London, a man was counting the money he got by selling the kitten he kidnapped in Manhattan and a voice called him mr. Kevin are you having some cute little pup for the prince in the royal family of London.

Kevin gave a cunning smile and thought about tyke and gave a sleeping dose to tyke back in home and sells him for a lumpsum amount and sleeps heartfully.

Tom and Jerry along with butch reach London port and Tom and butch leaves for butch's friend residence outside the city where some cats live together as street cats.

Jerry leaves to the place where nibbles stayed as a part of plan and reached there at the evening.

Jerry learns from nibbles that tyke is sold and Jerry informs this to Tom.

Butch and Tom with the help of street cats move into the houses where pets are grown and return sadly with no happy news.

After some time,they find that tyke is raised by prince in royal palace of London.

Jerry plans that nibbles will host a signature party to Mr. Kevin with the help of butch and Jerry will move into the palace with Tom and save tyke.

Tom impresses the grandmother of Prince and enters the palace with Jerry.

Jerry warns Thomas to not be in the sight of tyke as it would end all three of them in trouble.

Jerry sees tyke being beaten for not entertaining the prince.Jerry moves to tyke and tyke in happiness licks him.

Jerry explains tyke the plan and tyke smiles.

There in Kevin's house butch makes all kitten and pup to attack Kevin and Tom kidnaps tyke and runs to the home of Kevin.

Jerry troubles the prince and takes him to the home of Kevin and some soldiers also hurry to protect the prince.

Kevin gets attacked by all small pups and kittens and in fear fell down on the ground where the prince stood.

Prince sees such small kittens and pups in thousands kidnapped away from their  parents and sold in big bucks to the citizens.

Prince orders Kevin to return all the animals to their respective parents using his goons.

Tom and Jerry along with butch, tyke and nibbles set out to Manhattan.

On Christmas Eve, spike was sad and tyke runs and hugs him from back and the reunion has happened.

Tom and Jerry along with spike, tyke, butch, and nibbles enjoyed the Christmas evening with cake and the happiness of helping cute Little pups and kittens.

Let's help all others in all circumstances with what we have, that is the real way to show humanity.

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