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Time is a great Author - Episode - 2

Time is a great Author - Episode - 2

3 mins


Jss public school

After 1st internal exams.

'Hello! sir'. The principal greeted my dad.

'Hello!' dad wished back. An awkward side by side handshake followed. The principal looked at me, then immediately I wished him with a smile.

'Have a look! sir' principal gave my academic scores report to dad. After looking that he stood up from the chair, he moved towards me and stopped right next to me.

'Based on your present performance it will be difficult for you to get 990 points in final exams, can you understand? what I am saying? ', dad shouted at me.

'Sir, please! actually she is a hard worker, her performance is good when compared to all students, she is capable trust me! She will perform well in the next internal exams. She just needs some encouragement from you'. The principal said to dad. 'My principal is a salt-and-pepper heart person, in front of parents he is soo kind towards students but his reality was seen by our students, light brown complexion fellow' I said to myself.

'Momo! you have to have confidence in yourself ' dad said to me and he left the office. even though he left the office he will not leave, he will meet all staff and have a discussion about my performance. with that thought, I stepped out of the office and walked towards the ground.

'Momo! stop! 'Abhinav said. 'hey, what happened? again parent-teacher meeting!' he laughed at me.

'shut up!' I said.

'Relax, this not the first time for you, after every internals it happens. just ignore it. I know you can crack anything, you are smart, one of the smartest people I've met. he tried to boost me.  

'Oh! really! I said.

'Yeah!' he laughed at me, 'ok! let's go!' he said.

'But where?' I questioned him.

'Look! The rest of the class had gathered around the PET sir, come on! let's go! ' he dragged me to the place everyone standing by my arm.

______ A few hours later. . .

We left the compound of our school and headed outwards the outer ring road to my home, a ten minutes drive. ' Momo! slow down your bicycle' Abhinav said.

'Why?' I questioned him.

'Small treat to you' he said with a lovable smile. We entered ice-cream parlor, Abhinav ordered a  jolly train, milk fantasy, rose magic ice-creams. Actually ' milk fantasy and rose magic' are my favorite. I leaned back on my seat and crossed my legs.  We chatted for some time about class issues, he said some silly joke of his friend 'Balu' I laughed to death.

'Momo!' he called me. ' can I tell you one thing?'

'Yeah!' I had listened to him with full attention. His hands are literally shaking. 'Are you ok!' I said.

'yeah! I'm fine' he said. ' Momo! until now I had shared everything with you. This is the first time in my life, I didn't say these lines to anyone, I guess this will be secured between you and me.

 I want to tell you " I like you" but I'm afraid you laugh, sorry I just hide my feelings. You may never know I like you but I do. . .

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