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Episode -3

Episode -3

4 mins

"Just cut the crap! I could blow your head!" I blurted out aloud. Then, in a second, I was gone. I turned around and ran out of that parlor. I don't know if he came after me. I reached home, I stepped into my room and shut the door. I changed into my T-shirt and pajamas and lay down. my head hurt as someone had hammered it a few times." how can he propose me! I'm his best friend, how can friendship turns into love" I said to myself. I felt a headache coming on, I closed my eyes.

2 weeks later...        

Past two weeks, I didn't meet him I went to school by myself. I didn't want to face him. I opened my books and pretended to study even in breaks. and avoided common areas that I normally see him I have changed my schedule and also walking a different way to class and home. 

"What. now you all know that you only have 1 week to review the internal 2? ok! Everyone prepares well and does well." the principal said and left. the bell rang! everyone took their lunch box and went to the dining hall. "Momo!" Aarna called me. 'Aarna is a common friend to me and Abhi. 

"Momo! go to the back gate of the ground with me! "she dragged me from the class. I saw her having a book in her hand as we walked to the ground together. 

"Aarna what happened? why you dragged me here." I asked her. she gently gives that book to me.

"what is it?" I asked.

"from Abhi" she replied to me immediately.

" I don't need this, give it back." I said. "are you really gonna cut off the contact with him forever? Momo! I heard from Dhruv (Aarna boyfriend) that Abhi has spent one week asking all top students in each subject for help to borrow their notebook, he also helped you sort out all the key points." she said.

" I don't need" I replied to her again.

"didn't you say you wanna get the highest score? he is helping you. but you're refusing it? if you continue this sure! he will become a mental patient. because he was humming your name every second. alright! do it yourself if you wanna give it back. I've sent it to you, it's done. " she said. her words made my mind dizzy.

"Aarna! let's do combine study this night in my home! "I asked.

" today! " she shocked.

"yes!, please stay in my home this night, I will ask for permission from your mom. please" I pleaded her a lot. later she said ok! and left the ground.

'actually I didn't invite her to study. I just wanna some clarity on this matter because I'm totally confused. I can't hide anymore. 

a few hours later...

After dinner...

I and Aarna just entered my room, In this gape, she said a lot of things about Abhi's love towards me. actually I'm impressed. anyway, she convinced me at last. so I decided to say "yes!".

I took my phone from my pocket, I dialed his number. the phone rang. nobody picked up, I tried again, no response. I opened the message box there I saw his messages.

"what happened?" Aarna asked me.

" seems to be sleeping," I said.

"call her mom!" she said.'

 "what!" I shocked. "just do what I said, " she said again.

" what would I say to her," I wondered. 

"just manage yourself," she said. I dialed her mom's number. 

"Hi! aunty, it's me moulie." I said.

"yes!" aunty said, her voice was sleepy.

"aunty! sorry to bother you, could you please give the phone to Abhi? now!" I requested her.

" Is it important? moulie!" she asked.

" ofcource aunty! it's about tomorrow's homework." I replied.

" ok!" she said. I listen to the murmuring sound of her mother.

"MOMO!" In a shocked voice! Abhi asked.

" yeah! it's me." I replied to Abhi in a slow voice. I don't know whether it shocked or excitement voice. but I never experienced that voice from him.

he started saying something then I cut the call, I don't know why? but speaking to him made me nervous. "hey! why? you hang up the call?" Aarna asked me in a shocked voice. " I know it will be nervous to you, it's better to send a message" Aarna said.

"message!" I wondered." just trust me it will work." she dragged my phone and she sends a message to him on behalf of me...

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