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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller

The Water War Episode 2/3

The Water War Episode 2/3

5 mins 211 5 mins 211


Continued from episode one

I said to Akshit, "Listen carefully, now whatever money we are left with, we won't buy any water. We will buy more guns and ammunition."

"Yes, you are right Deep."

Our team, Akshit and I spent all the money we had on buying guns and bullets. It was the best deal of time. What money couldn't buy you, guns could. We continued to save our families by robbing people of their water at gunpoint. It was a sort of murdering people but indirectly. We had to do it as we had no other option. It was a do or die kind of situation. We never wanted to be a criminal but the circumstances were as such.

A month had passed. A number of gangs were formed. Water robbery had become rampant. Everywhere the war for water had begun. Gangs like us were formed to loot people of water but on the other hand, now each and every family were purchasing guns for their protection. The sounds of bullets, bloodshed, murders were becoming more and more common. It seemed as it had become the part and parcel of life. Only two words could be heard in our area, one is water and the other is guns.

Now, even gang wars had begun for water. I, Akshit and our team were also fully engaged in such wars. At any time anything could happen. We defeated three gangs and usurped all their water. One day, I and Akshit were sitting on the terrace of my house. We were sitting in comfortable armchairs with a round table placed between us. A bottle of whisky was placed on the table and two clear whisky glasses were shimmering in the moonlight. I took the bottle of whisky and poured it into our clear whisky glasses.

Akshit said to me, "Deep, the situation has worsened. Now, there are a lot of gangs. Obviously, many gangs are more powerful than us. I don't think we can sustain our position for long. Once we get defeated, we will be with no water at all. We really need to think about it."

"Akshit, in fact, within my heart of hearts, I am also worried about this. But where we can go. The water gangs are not only in our nation. Now, it has become worldwide. Everywhere the water wars are going on. We can't escape from this situation even if we leave our country. I apprehend the oncoming world war for water."

"Deep, we should not be worried about the world at this moment. We should be worried about our lives and our families. We should focus on saving our lives for now. We don't have much time to think like a philosopher."

"Akshit, I think, now it's the time to think like a philosopher. For how long can we keep on fighting and killing people? You know, I know we are doing bad deeds. We should not do such evil acts. But still, we are doing it for our selfish interests!"

"Deep, don't forget, If you don't loot others, if you don't kill others, then the others are going to kill you. It is no personal vendetta. It's a fight for survival. Only the fittest will survive in this jungle."

"But we are not the wild animals in the jungle. We are humans and it's not a jungle, it's our human society."

"It's no more society, man. Just think over it."

"Yeah, I will surely think but not on this. I will think about how I can solve this problem."

"You are wasting your time, Deep."

"Well, we are going to die sooner or later. Either we will be killed by any gang or will be robbed of all our water and then we will die of thirst. So it's better to think about something good and die than not even to think about something good and get killed."

After two days

For the last two days, I didn't fight with anyone. I didn't kill anyone for water. I kept on sitting in a room of my house all alone. I didn't talk to my wife or children much. I gave as much time as possible to myself. Once my teacher said to me, "The most important thing in one's life is to self-talk. One must be talking to himself at least ten minutes a day." I never talked to myself. I was just going with the flow.

Now, I could see my death in the near future. So, I decided to give myself as much time as possible for self-talking. I thought, "In my life, I have talked much to my wife. I have talked to my children a lot. But did I ever give sufficient time to myself? No. But now I will talk to myself. At least now, I want to have a good and positive conversation with myself. At least now, I won't think about my family and my children. Now, I will think about the whole of humanity." I spent one day more with myself and then I hit an idea.

I picked up my mobile and from the google play store I downloaded the app  "MyGov". Well, it is an app made by the government of India so that the citizens can give their opinions directly to the government. I thought the time had come to use this platform. I had already planned what to post on this app. Soon, I registered myself there and then posted my opinion.

To be continued…

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