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The Valley Of Shadows

The Valley Of Shadows

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 The night was cold between the mountains where even the grass grew twisted, like the black roots that burrowed into the earth. It was then, that a snow-white bird foolishly ventured into the dark valley, letting out nervous chirps. In the village at the foot of the mountain, children whimpered in their beds, their mothers frantically quietened them as their fathers tensed, awaiting retribution from the Lord of Darkness, for it was he who dwelled in the Valley of Shadows. 

During the day, the sunlight could only scarcely lighten the edge of the valley, the rest of the land covered in a rolling black fog that refused to thin. It was worse in the night when any source of light was snuffed out by the malicious fog. The village houses were never adorned with lights out of fear and no one dared to step out after sunset. 

Just then, the intruding bird alighted on a branch. A single feather fluttered downwards, gently brushing against the convoluted mass of blackness beneath it, like the comforting caress of a mother’s hand. Peace continued its reign. 

Until the mass of black begun to unravel. 

A ghastly being emerged from it, four long spindly limbs of equal size, a thin bone-white face with empty sockets and a purple gash for a mouth stared at the delicate feather on his shoulder. The face tilted upwards, and the soulless eyes reddened as they glared at the cooing bird. He let out a horrible screech.

The black fog rushed towards him, like a puppy welcoming its owner home. He raised a porcelain hand, pointing at the bird with all the authority of Fate itself. The fog climbed up his leg, like a vine, quickly entwining up his hand and following his finger as it gushed towards the hapless bird, knocking it off its perch and onto the ground.

A minute later, the fog returned to his side. All that was left of the gleaming bird was powder indistinguishable from the ground. He returned resumed his sleep. 

In the village at the foot of the mountain, children sobbed in their mothers’ embraces while their fathers breathed a sigh of relief because the Lord of Darkness had quenched his anger, and the Valley of Shadows was peaceful once more. 

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