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The Subtle Essence Of Life

The Subtle Essence Of Life

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 This transient life is identical with 

 A Flickering Lantern and you have 

 Confined oil and lanterne rouge. 

 This limited fugacious oil is your life span 

 And lanterne rouge is your physical reality.

 The purpose is to enlighten this world by

 Discreet utilization of these finite means and 

 To divulge the concealed potential within you.

This is the ultimate purpose of life, don't make 

It worthless and don't deplete it by living others expectation.

In order to reach your destination where you're meant to be,

You have to go through self-realization 

And without obtaining absolute control over

This wandering and nomadic conscience's rein,

You won't be able to sail through in this journey

And won't be deemed the subtle essence of life.

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