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Sneha Chatterjee

Drama Tragedy


Sneha Chatterjee

Drama Tragedy

The Street Dog

The Street Dog

4 mins 12.1K 4 mins 12.1K

I'm Louie, a Golden Retriever, I'm 14years old and my life span is 20 years.

When I was born I was taken by a family which had all the expensive things one wishes to own, I was wrapped up in a white cosy and fluffy blanket to be taken home, my owner that is Mr.John's son smelled like chocolate...I was very happy to be taken by them.

I had all the love and care which all dogs would love to have, Mr.John's son Tom always used to take me to walk where I would get to meet other dogs but I think I was the dog which was most expensive when they bought me because of my breed and the Tom was the richest.

I used two wait for Tom at the window, as he had to go to school.

One day I was taken to road where all the people were staring at me as I stepped out of the most expensive car, and I was wearing a bow tie along with a collar which was probably made with diamonds and had my name in it, they named me "Louie", I was very happy and even young...I was going to a dog spa and just then a street dog came in front of me and he was younger than me, he was shabby...I didn't like him, he barked at me greeting me hello, but I ignored him thinking he is a street dog.

My owner was at the billing counter and the street dog was talking to me over the glass gate. He told me his name as "Marcus" and said I live in your area, and I have seen you going for a walk, you are very cool and elder to me, so I look upto you as my elder brother. I ignored him but was able to hear his talks. He kept on talking and telling that he wants me to teach him being cool so that he has a lifestyle like mine, where I don't have to search for food or eat leftovers. I can also celebrate my birthdays and enjoy spa, I replied him telling "Im not a street dog like you". He became pale and I was taken in for my spa, when I came back he was not there anymore, I was happy.

I returned back and saw him near our home gate. I was surpised but I remembered he told he stays in our area, I ignored him

Years passed I had grown old and Tom now no longer like to play with me as he had grown up into a teenager who liked racing bikes and not playing with an old dog, I was also not taken to spa anymore and my last birthday was celebrated when I was 9 years, I was 14 years now.

One day Tom bought a new dog with him which was very active as he was young. Tom took him and not me to show his friends. I was upset.I decided to talk with the new dog whose name was Shaggy. I went to talk with him but as soon as I went near him he but me in my foot and I barked and cried. Tom didn't scold Shaggy instead he took me in his arm and went to the road and dropped me there. I was shattered and barked and tried following him but he shot the fence so that I couldn't enter. I waited there and it started to rain, I cried in pain but he didn't return to check if I was fine. I stood there hungry and crying, Next day his car passed by, but nobody seemed to come for me.

I didn't know what to do and I was hungry, just then I saw the street dog coming towards me with a sandwhich which was half eaten and he gave it to me. I hesitated but couldn't resist and ate it. I thanked him and he hugged me saying he is my younger brother.

He took care of me and also gave me shelter. I wasnt used to all this but slowly i learnt to adjust and Marcus also gave me training, I thought me to walk like me when I was young, I also thought him lessons that would be useful for his life throughout.

We lived together happily and I thanked him always for taking care of me. One day he was going to get food and I don't know but I felt I'm going to lose him and so asked him not to go but he alighted and resisted. I kissed him on his forehead and he left.

The whole day passed but he didn't return and then I got to know that he had come under a truck and lost live. I cried and cried but couldn't find him anywhere, I feel him with me Always and I'm counting my last days to meet him soon.

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