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Soham Buch

Abstract Others

The story

The story

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What happens when you start visualizing things based on a context? What happrn when you start to build, and create the worlds that are not real... 

But they have always exist in your mind 

and make an illusion of some kind.

Creating the thrust of the blade from the wings of a butterfly, 

you generate something out of thin air like the fierce war and fearing war cry.

Or build the ideas that make worlds unheard of with ideals of the highest credibility and heinous act of betrayals to the most innocent ones.

that looks like real but that is not.

Toying with the emotions of the people who come to you in the time of need seeking care and comfort, out of the hardship and grief for momentary pleasure... 

to lead them to the cruelty of the world again and again with love that kicks in the head, eventually. 

Why do you do that?

What is there to gain?

Who do you really care about?

Your petty efforts really go most of the time in vain.

Who dares to love forever? 

Who seeks to care everyday like never? 

I help those who I can, 

supporting life as I understand 

And have an expression of what I believe

To make today, tomorrow, and forever

not just for me, or you and me, but for all those who exist and who may exist.

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