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Prashant Subhashchandra Salunke



Prashant Subhashchandra Salunke


The Story Of Blood Donation

The Story Of Blood Donation

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"Hello Mahesh, Virendra here. Friend, I have bad news. Today morning our friend Akshay was crossing the road on his bike. A truck came from the wrong side at full speed and…..” Virendra could not speak much. He wiped his tears and said “and hit Akshay’s bike. Akshay fell from his bike and his head hit the divider. The accident was serious but it was his good luck that passer-by people immediately called emergency 108 and the ambulance took Akshay to the hospital quickly. But he lost too much blood in the accident and his condition is serious. Maybe he…”

Mahesh vehemently said, "Hey! Nothing will happen to Akshay. Tell his doctors to give him the costliest treatment. I will pay the hospital bills.”

Virendra: “Mahesh, Akshay has medical insurance. There’s nothing to worry about the hospital bills.”

Mahesh keenly asked, "Then what?"

Virendra: “Due to excessive blood loss, Akshay will need a blood transfusion."

Mahesh said in a low voice, "Then did you inquire with blood bank?”

Virendra: "Mahesh, you are aware that there are very few people with AB- blood group. Barely 1%of the world’s population has this blood group.”

Mahesh: "So are the blood banks saying they don’t have this blood group?”

Virendra: "Yes..."

Mahesh: "Hey, How it is that blood banks don’t have this blood group. Then will State Bank have this blood! Didn’t you scold them?”

Virendra: "Hey! I rebuked them, but they shamelessly answered that in our country approximate 60 per cent of the population is eligible for blood donation, but only 0.5 per cent of people donate their blood. In comparison to that, in India, in every two seconds, 65 out of 100 women patients need blood due to labour or anaemia. In addition to that, blood is required by people injured in accidents. If only about 3 per cent of the country’s population start donating blood, then there will be no crisis for blood anymore. But it does not happen like that. Well, you know that there is no substitute for blood. We cannot give blood of birds to humans. We cannot manufacture blood in factories or laboratories. The demand for blood is far more than its supply, then wherefrom we will bring blood?”

Mahesh: "When will these illiterate people understand that blood donation is the greatest. It gives life to many people.”

Virendra’s wife, Saloni seeing his agony, came and stood by his side. Virendra wiped tears from his eyes and looked at Saloni. Saloni consoled him. Virendra looked at the diary in his hand and told Mahesh on the phone line: “Friend, I called you because you have AB- blood group. I had compiled a list of all my acquaintances having an AB- blood group. This habit of mine has helped me today. You quickly come to the ICU of Saraswati hospital. I am waiting for you.”

Mahesh: "You don’t worry; I'm coming to Saraswati hospital now. But friend, I won’t be able to donate blood to Akshay.”

Virendra: "Why?"

Mahesh: "You already know that there has to be a gap of three months after blood donation. I had donated blood just before two and a half months ago on the occasion of birth anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose."

Virendra: "Very Good! Mahesh, then you can give your blood to Akshay. You already know that our body makes one unit of blood (450 ml) within three days itself. This is why there is a rule in the US allowing blood donation every 56 days. In that case, a period of two and a half months is enough. You quickly come to the hospital.”

Mahesh: "Friend! This is India and not America. Our Indian doctors will never accept this.”

Virendra: “Hey! But what is the need to tell them?”

Mahesh: “I told you already three months have not been completed after my blood donation. Instead of arguing with me, call someone else.”

The phone got disconnected. Virendra looked at Saloni helplessly. Saloni looked at Virendra sarcastically. Virendra started searching for another phone number in his diary. "Hello Anurag, our friend Akshay has met with a serious accident. He needs blood urgently. So come quickly to Saraswati hospital.”

Anurag: "Friend, forgive me. I never donate blood.”

Virendra: "Hey! But why?"

Anurag: "One of my distant relatives had once donated blood to somebody in pity. You know what his condition is?"

Virendra: "What happened to him?"

Anurag: "He got AIDS!!!”

Virendra: "How is this possible? Anurag, it is for your information that donating blood is completely safe. The disinfected disposable syringe is used for it. And I will myself check the syringe before they take your blood." Anurag remained silent on the other end.

Virendra: “Are you coming?"

Anurag: "My family won’t allow."

Phone cut! Virendra dialled an unknown number.

"Hello, Is Jivanbhai on the line?"

"Yes speaking."

"I got your number from the souvenir of wish flow blood bank Service Trust."

"What do you want?"

"Is your blood group AB-?"

"No... No... Who said?"

"Your blood group was mentioned in the souvenir. My friend needs this blood urgently."

" No... No... Brother. Someone has given you false information. My weight is not even forty kilos then how can I even donate blood to anyone?"

Virendra was just disconnecting the call when he heard from the other end of line “Whole day you keep on watching TV, Computer and mobile, that is why your body has swollen like a balloon.”

Virendra helplessly disconnected the phone. Suddenly he saw someone’s name in his diary.

"Muljibhai" Virendra thought, "Hey! He is Akshay's uncle."

Virendra immediately dialled the number. "Muljibhai, bad news!" He briefly told him the story and told "Muljibhai, it’s good that your blood group is also AB-. Come quickly to Saraswati hospital. It’s good if the blood is from a close relative.”

Muljibhai replied "It is a wrong belief that blood of close relative is good. On the contrary, the blood of close relative caused blood disorders.”

Phone cut.

Virendra dialled the fifth number and briefly informed about the accident and said, “Mayur, Come quickly to Saraswati hospital.”

Mayur: “Akshay is my close friend. I can give my life for him. But you know I partied with my friends yesterday. If I come to donate my blood, then alcohol will be detected in the blood report and I will be in trouble. How did the accident happen? Was Akshay drunk while driving?”

Phone cut.

"Hello, Viju. Akshay has met with an accident. He needs blood urgently."

"Friend, I am in Mumbai right now, so I can’t come to give blood.”

Phone cut.

"Hello, Abhay. Akshay has..."

"Friend, I feel creepy about seeing the blood."

Phone cut.

"Hello Vimal, Akshay has..."

"Our religion forbids bloodshed."

"Where is the bloodshed in all this?"

"Why not? Doesn’t blood flow from our body toward the bottle!"

The call got disconnected. At the same time, Akshay’s aged father came to Virendra and sadly said "Son, will my son live? Will God snatch my helping stick in my old age? "

Virendra whispered angrily: "Everyone is making excuses when it comes to donating blood. It’s surprising that the literate people also talk like uneducated!!! But Uncle, don’t worry. I have compiled this list of people having AB- blood in all these years. When will it help?”

Virendra again started dialling the contact numbers.

"Hello, Ganesh... Akshay has..."

"I once donated one bottle of blood to someone. In return, I needed four bottles of blood.”

Phone cut.

"Hello, Girdhar. Akshay has..."

"Friend, I have caught dengue. I require platelets.”

Phone cut.

"Hello, Shashikant... Akshay has ..."

Wrong number!!! Phone cut.

"Hello, Kashyap... Akshay has..."

"I have not completed seventeen years yet."

The phone got disconnected. At the same time, Saloni came and stood behind Virendra. Suddenly her eyes caught a name in the list of AB- blood group written in Virendra’s diary.

"My Best Friend Paresh. Date of Birth 29 September 1976. Mobile number 9879XYZ154."

Saloni thought that friends circle can help in such a crisis and said: "Virendra, listen?"

Virendra: "Yes."

Saloni: "Call Pareshbhai."

Virendra: "Who? Paresh? No No. I have cut off the relationship with him for the last eight years. Why should I call him?"

Saloni: "You should forget your enmity in such critical circumstances.”

Virendra: "You go now. Let me call some other people.” Saloni walked away disappointedly.

"Hello, Satyen... Akshay has..."

"Four months ago, I had jaundice."

Phone cut.

"Hello, Maulik... Akshay has...”

"Friend, I just smoked a cigarette."

Phone cut.

"Hello, Karim... Akshay has..."

"My Haemoglobin is low."

Phone cut.

"Hello, Keyur... Akshay has..."

"Why do you call every three months? Just three months have passed after I donated blood and your blood bank calls me again. Am I a fool?”

Phone cut.

"Hello, Kedar... Akshay has..."

"No Brother. My body gets swollen after donating blood.”

Phone cut.

Virendra tiredly threw the phone and with tears in his eyes looked towards Akshay’s aged parents sitting on the hospital’s bench who was looking at him with hope in their eyes. He closed his fists and looked at the sky and said "Hey God! These people are amazing! They are misusing the information that needs to be taken care of while donating blood as excuses. I hope that God had given me the AB- blood group, then my friend wouldn’t have been lying helplessly in the hospital. I would have donated every drop of my blood to him.”

"Where is Saloni Madam?"

Virendra looked back. He saw a young man dressed in simple clothes. His poverty was reflecting on his clothes.

The young man asked again, "Where is Saloni Madam?"

Virendra said, "Why, what do you want?"

The young man said "Saloni Madam had posted a message on WhatsApp for the urgent need of AB- blood. The message came to me after circulation. I came here urgently on reading the message."

At that time Saloni came hurriedly, "Are you Ravjibhai?"

The young man said, "Yes Sister, I just called you."

At that time, Saloni’s phone rang.

Saloni: "Yes Maya. Right now the arrangement is done. But if I require it later, I will let you know. Ok, Thanks.” Saloni disconnected the call and told Ravjibhai “Brother, You have come as an angel. Please come with me.”


Akshay’s operation was successful after receiving the blood from Ravjibhai. He was out of danger now. Doctors said his health is recovering now. Saloni, Virendra and Akshay’s parents thanked Ravjibhai. Akshay's father blessed Saloni and said: "You saved my son today.”

Saloni: "This was my duty.”

Virendra: "Saloni, I should agree on one point that your network is very strong. You posted just a single message and you started receiving calls from blood donors.” Saloni smiled.

Virendra pulled out a note of five hundred rupees and put it in Ravji’s hand and said “You saved my friend’s life today. This is your reward.”

Ravjibhai refused to take the money and said "Sir, let me tell you the story that my life has been inspired from. Once, Great Donor, Karna was donating to Brahmins on a riverside. One Brahmin praised him saying there is no great philanthropist like you in the whole Aryavrat. At that time, Karna told him one thing which I have applied in my life. Karna said: 'I am not a philanthropist. I donate because I find peace of mind in doing that. My father has taught me that donation is the greatest soul purifier. Many events are happening in my life that causes me the loss of peace. I feel peace of mind when I donate. Sir, I donate blood because it gives peace to my soul.'

Rich people make large donations to temples for their peace of mind. I am a poor man. I don’t have anything apart from this body to give to society. You know a healthy person aged 18 years to 65 years weighing more than 45 kgs, having more than 12.50 grams of haemoglobin can donate blood every three months. A person from the age of 18 years to 65 years can donate blood 200 times in his whole life by donating blood every 85 days and save the life of 600 people. God has given me such a healthy body then why shouldn’t I do the greatest donation namely blood donation?

Sir, five years ago, my wife lost too much blood during her delivery. I had lost hope of saving her life. But at that time a youth organization helped me. They donated blood and requested other people on social media and saved my wife’s life. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter. That day I decided that I will never back out from giving blood to anyone and thus repay my debt to society. Sir, You keep this five hundred rupees note. I will just have coffee and 2-4 biscuits and will be happy thinking that I became the reason for saving someone's life.

And if you want to give me something then promise me you will not back out from giving blood to any needy person." And then Ravji left.

Saloni and Virendra also came home after taking permission from Akshay’s parents. Virendra looked at Saloni lovingly and said "Saloni, You have made me feel proud today with your presence of mind. I feel proud to tell everyone that I am your husband.”

Saloni barely smiled and said, "And today I feel ashamed after seeing your deceit. I would feel ashamed now onwards saying that I am your wife.”

Virendra said, "Saloni, Are you out of your mind?"

Saloni: "I am in my senses. Didn’t you feel ashamed when your friend was fighting for his life and you were calling other people for giving blood.”

Virendra, "I did what I felt right at that time. You just messaged on WhatsApp and now you are feeling so important! If your friend would be dying in the hospital like this, you wouldn’t have remembered WhatsApp. You would also be calling people like me.”

 Saloni: “I wouldn’t be calling people or using WhatsApp.”

Virendra: "So? What would you have done?"

Saloni: "I would have gone directly to give blood."

Virendra: "But for that, it was necessary to have AB- blood."

Saloni: "And it was yours!!!"

Virendra: "Who told you that my Blood is AB-?"

Saloni: "Remember what you told Mahesh!"

Virendra: "What did I say?"

Saloni: "Friend, Your blood group is AB-, so I called you. I have compiled a list of all my acquaintances having an AB- blood group. Didn’t you say like this to Mahesh? If your blood group is not AB- then why have you kept that list in your pocket? I am not a fool to understand such a simple thing.”

Virendra hung his head in shame and said, "Forgive me Saloni. I feel scared about the thought of giving blood.”

Saloni: “Even when a friend will die!!!" Virendra was silent and there were tears in his eyes filled with shame.

Saloni said, "I feel surprised to find such people who say a man never feels pain or I can give my life for you and they feel scared when it comes to donating blood!!! Why?”

Saloni spoke after sometime, “I called your friend Paresh.”

Virendra: "Why did you call him? You know that I don’t speak to him for the last eight years."

Saloni: "You know what that person said when I called him. Bhabhi, when my father was fighting a serious disease in the hospital, I begged Virendra but he didn’t agree to give blood. At that time social media tools like Facebook were not there. He called many people, as a result, 1-2 people agreed, but it was too late by that time. He only gave me this idea of posting on social media. He also told me I would have come to give blood but I don’t want to see the face of Virendra. But still, if you don’t find any donor in the next half an hour, then give me a call. I will put aside my self-respect and come to the hospital for giving blood. My self-respect is not so important than someone’s life.”

Saloni further said, “After speaking with Pareshbhai, I understood that no matter how many calls you make but no one will be ready to give blood for you. So I started calling your friend circle. Also on the advice of Pareshbhai, I requested in social media too. You told me that Saloni, your network is so strong. You posted just a message and you started receiving calls from blood donors. At that time I smiled. Let me answer you now. My network is so strong because I have donated blood whenever someone needed it. If you help someone, then only someone will help you because Charity Begins from You. Many donors who called me were giving blood for the first time. But they agreed just because of me...”

At that time Virendra’s phone rang. Akshay’s father was on the other line. “What? Akshay needs blood again? You don’t worry. Nothing will happen to him. His friend Virendra is still alive. I am coming to give him blood right now." Saloni proudly looked at Virendra getting ready for donating blood.

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