The Short Span Of Time

The Short Span Of Time

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It was a dewy morning and the young rays of the sun gave the morning a shade of orange. Riotous birds were fluttering here and there in search of a place to perch on. I was feeling hopefully better that day. The night before I got visions- not completely clear visions but a shade of green and I kept getting parts of it over and over again. It showed me that today 11:38 sharp I would be at Holton Street and the second vision projected me crossing the road and a car coming at great speed and then it all went black. I woke up and got dressed appreciating myself in accomplishing the task of getting out bed. I ate my breakfast and plunged into the sofa to eventually get glued to the television when my mom asked me to go and buy some groceries from the market. 'I am not gonna waste my Sunday buying crap.' I said to myself but anyway it was of no use because I had to go. I was pleasantly walking and I had taken my visions for just a horrid dream.

I then saw a face that I least wanted to see on a cheerful morning. Fox like beady eyes, a sullen face wearing a vengeful smirk. It was my rival Dash. 'Hoping for a girl to coffee with you eh? Don't hope for one 'cause they'll rather slap you than a coffee with you.' he snickered. 'Don't force me to hurt you Dash' I warned. 'Ooh ickle Jackie baby got a slap from Mummy ooh' he teased me. I just kept mum because whoopsie number 1- He was stronger than me, whoopsie number 2 - I did not want to fight in public and whoopsie number 3 - I noticed a hot girl eyeing me. I shadowed dash and revealed myself in a deserted area He turned and attempted to punch me but it seemed to me that his punch was slower than I had expected. I easily dodged it and smacked his right into his face. His face turned black and his nose started bleeding. He ran away. I felt contended. I felt elated.

After a while a thought arose in my mind that my smack was stronger than I had expected, I felt guilty but I resolved that guilt in my mind. I resumed my trip to the supermarket. I was planning the rest of my day and crossing the road via a zebra crossing when I saw a car advancing slowly unusually closer to me, but it was an eerie sight. It looked like a car advancing very slowly but its tires were spinning at a great speed. I sprinted and safely reached the other side of the road. It was a piece of cake for me. I abruptly raced to the supermarket, accomplished my task and then I was relieved. I thought about those breakneck incidences that had just happened to me. It was a pretty weird Sunday morning. I reached home and drifted off to sleep not apparently differentiating that experience from a dream and a reality, although it was a pretty weird experience.

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