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The Seven Dragons

The Seven Dragons

6 mins

Seven dragons, one man to slay them all.

One day a thief escaped from prison in the palace near the village of Hamsel Burg. There was a passerby called Stuart who was right in front of the thief. He got scared (as the thief had a knife) and looked around for a weapon to protect himself and found something you would not expect - a sword in a stone just a few feet away from him. He jumped out of the way and pulled it out. But luckily he did not need to use it, as the thief had run away and hidden somewhere. He was feeling disappointed and started walking home with the sword, when the guards who had been chasing the thief ran up to him and asked him his name. He stood there staring at them. He was amazed, no guard had ever asked him anything or spoken to him before. Stuart replied that his name was Stuart. The guards told "Amazing, amazing Stuart." and without saying anything else, took him to the king.


The king asked Stuart, "Did you pull out this sword Stuart?"

"Yes" came Stuart's reply. He asked the king, "What is so great about this sword anyway? It's just an ordinary sword right? Maybe it is another sword you are looking for?" The king said "There is an origin for this sword, come let me tell you. Please take a seat."

"Around two hundred years ago there were seven protectors of the village, which we are very close to even now. One day God's dragon got hurt and came limping to the village for help. The protectors of the village killed it thinking it would be a threat to the villagers, though they knew it was hurt .

Later they found out it was not a threat at all, but God's own dragon. When the news reached God, he got angry and cursed them, 'You seven people will each become a dragon and cause havoc to this village and the person who will rescue you seven will be the person who pulls out the sword that is embedded into the ground in front of the north tower of the palace. He will have eight days to slay these seven beasts or else he shall turn to ashes'."

"In his rage, God told that these seven dragons cause harm to the village but later He regretted it as it would kill many innocent people, But now He could not take the curse back."

Stuart decided that to save the villagers he would have to slay the beasts. If he did not slay them he would turn to ashes. If he tried to slay the beasts he at least had a chance to survive. 

He told the king that he would do it and turned to leave. The king shouted after him, Stuart turned around . The king then said "I almost forgot to tell you that they live in the mountains and that the different types of dragons are the Ice Dragon, Water Dragon, Fire Dragon, Tree Dragon, Rock Dragon, Lightning Dragon and Sand Dragon."

Stuart packed some things and left that night. He then began his journey to the mountains. It was a hard route, full of wolves and dangerous paths. He reached next morning. By afternoon he found a dragon (basically the dragon found him) as Stuart was resting under the tree, the Tree dragon found him. He only had the sword with him and nothing else. He was not prepared to find a dragon that day. He threw the sword where he guessed the heart would be and his guess was right. It died there. Wait, no it was not dead. It got up and started wrapping vines around him. He felt darkness closing around him. But he would not let himself die; he had to kill this dragon. He used the sword and cut the vines with all his power. Soon he heard a huge long moan from the dragon. It was dead. And suddenly the body of the dragon disappeared and a man stood in its place.

The man spoke, ' You removed the curse that I had got, here a token of my gratitude.'

He presented him with a sword that can survive anything. The man thanked him and left.

Stuart made a camp after some distance from there. He had not realised that he fought the dragon for more than half a day. The next day he went to the stream to collect water for the journey.

When he reached there he found a pot lying beside the stream, he bent down to pick it. When he touched the pot a blue mist surrounded him. He looked around to see a translucent dragon. He tried thrusting it into the dragon but to no avail, he remembered he had another sword he pulled it out of his bag and thrust into the dragon's leg. It roared in agony! He thrust it into its chest and there it lay motionless. Then like before it vanished and a man stood in its place. He thanked him and gave him a weapon that can make anything whenever wanted but it was only for one time usage.

 He continued his journey. In the evening he started making camp but at that moment he felt something on his hand. He looked around to see two dragons staring at him. It was their saliva which fell on his hand. He battled the two dragons for two and a half days. In the end, he finished it with only a bleeding arm. The people emerged and gave him a weapon that can heal anything. They thanked him and left. Then he continued his journey.

 When it became night he started making camp when he saw three people lying on the ground. He rushed there only to see they were dead and those were the three out of four people he had helped. The next day he met another dragon, this one was the sand dragon. He tried cutting it but it kept on healing itself. Soon he realised that sand is dead against water. He looked around to see a lake. He lured it towards the lake and jumped inside the dragon flew above and started covering him in the sand. He was not able to breathe. He stuck out his hand and tried finding where the dragon was and lucky for him he got hold of it. He pulled it in the water and soon it became mud. It had become half solid now. He broke open the mud cage he was trapped in and swam up. The dragon was pulling him down. He pulled out his sword and cut the dragon and there on the spot it died. The person emerged and told that the thing that killed the other three was the lightning dragon and the only way to bring those three back was to kill the lightning dragon. He told that it was the most powerful dragon as it was the leader of the village protectors.

The day after (the last day) he found the lightning dragon. It was difficult to defeat. He even used the healing weapon many times. Exactly before he turns into ashes, he killed the dragon. But he died too due to injuries caused by the dragon. He thought during the battle, "I will die if I do not make the sacrifice. I need to kill it to save the villagers lives. I need to."And after defeating the dragon he wrote on a piece of parchment " I want you to give my healing weapon to my son for letting him help everyone and give my other weapons to him too and tell him to use it for good purposes. The village protectors shall return to protect the village. I give my property to the village head".

Stuart could not use the healing weapon to escape death. And there he died

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