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Venkatesh R



Venkatesh R


The Revenge Story

The Revenge Story

3 mins 643 3 mins 643

Mahesh was saying goodbye to his father, as he was leaving for his office. There was a container truck nearby where the things were getting offloaded.

The couple got down, from the car parked nearby, they interacted with Mahesh mom.

Mahesh was a 3-year-old child, he hid himself, behind his mother, and glanced the strangers.

Sakthi: Hello, mam.

I am your new neighbor, and she is Shwetha, my wife.

Shwetha: Hello, mam.

Mahesh’s Mom: Nice to meet you Sakthi and Shwetha, so you are newly married couples?

Shwetha: yes mam, we are new to this place, and culture as well, can you direct us to the shops and maids as we are not comfortable with the language as well?

Mahesh’s mom: off course Shwetha, you can knock my door at any time.

Both were well educated and were working in the firm.

Indeed, they were made for each other.

Initially, Mahesh was afraid of strangers, but there was a magic in the couple, they became part of his family.

Soon Mahesh started to like them.

Whenever Shwetha comes back from work, she never forgets to get a chocolate for Mahesh.

Not sure why she liked Mahesh a lot, for Mahesh she was an elder friend and a second mother.

Most of the time, Mahesh stays in their house and listens to her stories. In a way, Mahesh had two mothers.

Everything was going fine, in their life, until he entered their life.

With so many people around the world, not sure why he chose to adore Shwetha.

The house that once got filled with happiness now was with tears and pain.

People neglected Shwetha, as he was troubling her, and they were afraid of her relations.

Shakthi stayed with her and battled him, along with her when she needed the love, and affection the most.

Shwetha who once had a long and thick hair became bald;

she lost her external beauty but not that of her soul.

After a hard battle, she became an angel by choosing heaven over the earth.


Though there has been a lot of research on him, he doesn’t have mercy when it comes to possessing his love.

He has separated many loves by presenting death though the age and relationship alone differs in his affection.

Some have won him and have succeeded in the early stages of his love.

As a simple principle, he is much like a bug while forming the cells the part of our body, though the body does have a recovery mechanism to correct him before he gets born, at times they too get deceived by his intelligence.

Not sure, why he adored Shwetha.

Not sure, if Shwetha had developed better immunity, would have defeated his love.

Not sure, a customized health package with meditation, would have helped her.

Not sure, a PH altering medicine would have saved her.

Not sure, if a perfect donor, would have existed, stem cell would have rescued her.

But the only option she had at that time was chemotherapy.

Mahesh, who once hated biology, has become a biotechnology specialist. With time he has grown a network of researchers in Nanotechnology and oncology.

Though there is no concrete solution, to rest Shwetha’s killer in peace.

He is hoping to put an end to this maniac serial killer, so no other person should their loved ones.

He celebrates Shwetha’s Birthday in the orphanage by giving the care for the needed and asks the same to the other survivors.

No one else knows better about life and pain of an orphan more than a survivor who gets a spike from the flat line, by getting reborn within the same life period.

Some friendships end in virtual world and party, but some start with a bar of chocolate and never ends.

Hopefully, Mahesh discovers a solution at an affordable price, so many such friends like Shwetha and Mahesh celebrate their friendship across age in an Orphan and not in memories.

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