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The Queer Cat's Mystery

The Queer Cat's Mystery

19 mins

Nick was at his office, The Cats Claw working. His job was to write articles about anything interesting around the globe. Unfortunately, there was nothing interesting at the moment. "Well as i have nothing i might go for a walk on this frosty weather" said Nick to himself. He thought he would take the path around the lake and suddenly closed his eyes and walked but did not see some naughty cats throwing a peel of banana for him to slip round the corner. And what do think happened! Of course when he went round the corner slipped on the peel and straight went on the frozen lake. BAMM.

As quick as lightning he jumped out and caught sight of those naughty cats roaring with laughter. "I will never miss that chance of shipping them to Doglick Island." muttered Nick. As he changed drank an hot coffee and went in his office there was a surprise waiting for him. Inside was Boss William waiting for him. As soon as he came Boss William started asking queer questions. "What work do you do" asked William sweetly. "I write articles " said Nick very puzzled about this question."Yes yes and when do you leave" he asked more politely "At quarter past 7" Nick replied more puzzled. "Ah, yes ok Many a time I lose my memory" answered William solemnly and left quickly before Nick could say anything. At that moment Nick's sister and the editor Colly came in. "Ain't boss acting queerly today" asked Nick "Yes , can't understand what has happened" said Colly biting her fish burger. "Found anything interesting yet " asked Colly "Nops, nothing at all" answered Nick grimly.

"If you don't have any work then come to the cafeteria " said Colly Nick nodded and went to the cafeteria. What a surprise he got when he went there. Usually everyone would had been working at this hour but alas every single cat of the office was there. "But its just 5" Nick gasped. "Yes, Boss said that at 5 you could have your meals and straight at home." answered Whitefur swiftly. Whitefur was the publisher and her sister also who was on the same table.No sooner the three were munching on a Clownfish double decker sandwich. Suddenly a cat pointed to the Television and screamed "Some important news" and at once everyone turned to the side of the TV "Good evening " came the clear voice "Today at The Swiss Cats Bank there has been a robbery committed of exactly 46 Crore and 12 lakhs.The theft is said to be a master of disguises and also has a blue snake like mark on his arm ..... "

Someone switched off the TV and the same commotion began again. At 6 everyone was leaving. But WhiteFur shook her head. "I'll come later on there is some work left" she had said. Nick and Colly nodded and went. She went to her cubicle desk and sighed a sigh of relief "Ah" she said to herself `now I will work will peace’ But for once Whitefur was wrong. She won’t be able to have peace at all. There was a lot of things to happen!She was doing her work when she suddenly felt hungry she thought she would like to have some grilled fish burger and a strawberry smoothie .She got up and went to get it soon enough she was seated .As she had taken the first bite of the burger she heard a noise from boss William’s office. She thought that she just heard a lizard or something so she didn’t stir. But her heart nearly stopped beating when she heard a bang or two and some muffled voices.

She decided to investigate them. She sneaked to the door and pressed her ear against the door `Ah now I can hear them’ she whispered to herself astounded.‘Well we can’t have him there always’ she heard someone say `Yeah, he knows everything and in 3 months’ time it will open again Bill’ the other man said. `We’ll try to pack them before it Jeff ’said the man called Bill. Suddenly she got a terrible shock! A paw touched her sharply. ‘Who are you and what are you doing here’ said the man sharply who was quickly fiddling with his torch to see who had he met. Whitefur was too scared to answer, beside her white fur her merry face was white too! She fled away running at top speed towards her home. The man just got a chance to glance at her. `Whitefur’ he said and went inside. Meanwhile, Whitefur was running towards her home at top speed. She was sure that she would have won The Famous Cat Race.When she reached home, she furiously banged on the door and Nick and Colly nearly jumped out of their skins.

Colly went to open the door. She was very annoyed because her knitting needles went wrong and the muffler she was making was ruined completely. ‘Why can’t …. began Colly but Whitefur interrupted her. ‘I have got news most surprising and important ‘she said panting. ‘Well, Colly lock all the doors, fasten all the windows and pull the curtains and I’ll get fish nuggets ready and meanwhile Whitefur could rest after her long run’ said Nick eagerly. So, while Nick was frying fish nuggets Whitefur gave a long sigh. Soon every door was locked, every window fastened, every curtain pulled and Swordfish Nuggets continued by hot coffee on the table. When everyone was seated around the heater rubbing their hands and was tucking in Whitefur began her tale `You see when I was working …….’ And she poured out everything to the two silent surprised listeners. `Well, what is this something place after all? ‘demanded Colly `if we get to know what this place is it would tell us everything, we want to know.’ `It is not easy Colly ‘said Nick solemnly and nor it was! `I am very sleepy we will discuss it tomorrow said Whitefur and Nick together and Colly nodded heartfully in agreement.

It was not long that all the three cats were fast asleep in bed.No one stirred when a car came and stopped in front of their house. No one stirred when someone broke into their house and catnapped Whitefur. No one stirred when the door was shut with a bang. No not even Whitefur herself! The next day the two had a terrible shock to find Whitefur’s bed empty! They guessed at once that whoever Whitefur had met at boss William’s office door yesterday was in the plot and had catnapped her. ‘Just what I feared’ said Nick anxiously at breakfast. `Do you think it has any relation with Boss Williams queer behaviour?’ said Colly suddenly `Gosh it might be Well what about a snoop tonight and see what did he mean by pack it before 3 months and we can’t keep him there always’ Nick said getting thrilled all of a sudden `Golly yes we might find something out ’ said Colly getting thrilled too.

And they did, of course! So, they decided that they would come home at half past 4, have their supper and sleep till 11 Today Nick and Colly had nothing to do that day as for the first reason there was nothing interesting to write that day and as they both were discussing all the time about the snooping; they would do that night. They were so busy paying attention to the others word that they didn’t notice Epsa and Pelly come into the room with some paper for the articles. `Well we would tell boss that we have to go at half past 4 as we have done the work ‘suggested Colly.` I guess ….but Epsa interrupted them `I would like to know whatever are you talking about snooping in the night’ she said loudly and surprised and Pelly nodded in agreement. ‘Were you listening to our private talk and from when?’ said Colly annoyed. `Well we knocked on the door a million times so we decided to see what had happened we and we were here half an hour ago answered Pelly still surprised. ‘Well then listen to our tale and promise to tell no one about it NO ONE at all’ said Nick solemnly. And he began his tail how queer behaviour boss William had and how Whitefur was catnapped and how it could be related. `So what do you think of that’ said Nick at last to the two silent, surprised and excited listeners. ‘We will also come at 11’ said Epsa at last.

`Right. Today midnight we will meet at the turning point of the Cats Claw’ said Colly. ` Everyone be sure torches with new batteries’ So it was decided that the 4 would go home at half past 4(which was in exact 1 minute!) and carry out their plans. Their boss was surprised to see that they wanted a leave immediately but said `Certainly, you could’ As soon as they reached home, they ate their supper and fell asleep at once. They certainly didn’t know what a lot there was to happen! At quarter to 11(11:45) the four were up and getting ready. They had warm sweaters and mufflers on because it was very cold outside, they certainly had a good sleep and now they were very active and surprisingly hungry. So before leaving the four who had no idea that the other two were doing the same, devouring a double Clownfish grilled burger and some coffee. At exact midnight the four were round the corner excited. ` First I will go and after me Colly then Epsa and the last Pelly’ whispered Nick. So, they were going in a single file and managed to open the door with a skeleton key. They could hear some bangs and thuds and Epsa who had extremely sharp ears head some muffled voices too. `Pelly you will be at the front door and hoot like an owl if anyone come down the corner or the opposing lane. Colly you be at the back door and hoot like an owl too if you see anyone coming round the round about.

Epsa you could peep from the hole from the boss’s office no one is likely to see you and I’ll be at the door listening said Nick majestically. So as told Pelly and Colly went on guard ready to hoot if they saw anyone while Nick had an ear on the door trying his hardest to hear what was being said. But Epsa had the most interesting time. She could see that on Boss William’s desk were 6 boxes tied with a thick rope and three nasty looking cats. The light was less so she couldn’t see what they exactly looked like but it was enough to tell they were all in a nasty plot. `How many boxes have you packed yet?’ asked one cat who more looked like a chief. ` 24 done till now but it would be done in another months’ time’ answered the cat called Jeff. `What would we do to those two, chief asked the cat called Bill `Keep them at The Ro…...’ but paused as his phone rang ` The boss’s saying he needs me right now so I will have to go now but first I would like to check those boxes again’ said the chief. So, while he was checking the boxes Epsa hurriedly informed the three that he was just coming out in a minute `We’d better go now and listen the tale of Epsa ‘said Nick quickly.

They were just in time to turn the corner when those cats came out. They hurried as fast as their feet could take them to Nick’s house. They certainly were very excited.When they reached Nick’s home, they lighted the heater and Colly bought the Fish Lasagne which she had prepared just before their departure because she was sure that everyone would be hungry by that time. And they were too. AS they were helping themselves with the lasagne Epsa told how she had seen the boxes and the queer talk they held. `What could The Ro mean’ wondered Pelly puzzled. ‘Does it mean The Royal Cats Hotel’ said Colly suddenly. Everyone gasped and looked at her in astonishment. Then suddenly Nick slapped his knee and said `Yes! Of Course! The Royal Cats Hotel is also closed for 3 months so …….’ `whatever business they are the hotel is their headquarters finished Epsa excited. `Gosh things are beginning to fit it the puzzle’ said Nick `I think we should make some notes about it or else it would be bewildering than ever’ advised Colly. `Yes, you are right’ said Nick and began to make the notes.

When they were finished, they were very heavy-eyed and decided to have a snoop of The Royal Cats Hotel in the next few days. As soon as they touched the pillow, they were sound asleep. The next morning in the office they began to discuss things `Well, I’ll see if I can book the flight tickets to Catslavania’ said Pelly. ‘We will make the excuse that we have some headache’ suggested Colly lazily. `I have booked the tickets to Catslavania at 4 sharp’ announced Pelly. So, it was decided that they would go to boss William and make a silly excuse. So once again the boss was extremely surprised and generously said `Well, certainly you could have a leave, in fact I can give you a week’s rest and till someone else could be here then’. Nothing could overjoy the four. A week holidays!

Certainly, they could solve this peculiar mystery before that. `Why boss are you leaving somewhere’ asked Nick casually. `Ah! Yes, I am leaving to Catslavania tomorrow’ Everyone pricked up their ears at once. Catslavania! Good! This nearly fitted the puzzle of his queer behaviour. They nodded and went straight home. As soon as they were home, they started packing and met next at the airport. They boarded their flight quietly and didn’t said word. They did not want any suspicions to creep from the other passengers. When they reached their hotel The Tasty Cat, they were staying just 5-6 miles from The Royal Cats Hotel they began to chatter casually. But there was also a shock and a surprise for Nick. They had their tea and everyone came into Epsa’s room. `Today night we’ll go and have a snoop there ‘said Nick `Well, everyone remember to bring their torches with new batteries’ said Colly’ `Well now let’s have supper’ said Epsa feeling hungry. They had their supper and went out fully dressed at 10 sharp with their torches with new batteries of course! As they made their way to the mysterious hotel as Colly called it Nicks phone rang. RRRRRR IIIIIIIIII NNNN GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG He picked it up it was the Hotel manager `Mister Nick, it would be very kind of you if you could come at the hotel or are you staying with someone else’ came the Hotel Managers voice. Nick quickly made a tale and poured it to the Manager.

` Sir my mother lives near here and we suddenly got some bad news from her place so maybe we are going to stay here for a few days’ said Nick untruthfully. `oh I hope she’ll be right’ said the Hotel Manager kindly. `Who was on the phone’ asked Colly burning with excitement as she always did but took over her curiosity when she heard it was only the Hotel Manager. `What’s the time’ asked Epsa suddenly ` Exact Midnight’ answered Pelly. `Good Gracious ‘said Nick surprised `We are almost there’ assured Colly. And soon enough they were outside the gates of the mysterious hotel. `Well now everyone be quiet and do not sneeze or cough’ said Colly slyly. No one took any notice of it so she was very annoyed. They tiptoed to the front gate which opened with a terrific creak. They froze for some minutes and when they were confirmed that no one was there, they made their way inside.

Nick shading his torch with his paw slowly checked all the rooms but it was empty. Yes! Completely empty. ` I have checked everywhere but the whole mansion is empty’ said Nick when he came back. ` Had you checked in the kitchen’ asked Epsa suddenly. `Gosh, No I hadn’t’ said Nick `This hotel so big I didn’t even find it.’ `Does anyone know where are we at the moment’ asked Pelly `Of course I know we are on the 4th floor room 64 I had a map’ `Well, I think we shall go now ‘said Pelly suddenly he tripped on something and fell. `Hey everyone listen see what I have got ‘said Pelly. It’s some kind of paper’ They all pored over the piece of paper and suddenly the light went out they hurriedly flashed their torches on except Epsa who thought wisely that if everyone would use their torches how would they use it afterwards `It is written….’Just as he said a terrible earthquake occurred. Everyone’s torches fell and were ruined completely. They hurried towards everywhere they could think of. When the earthquake stopped Nick called everyone and said `Be wherever you are I will come to find you’ `Hey everyone stop wherever you are I am behind a table from which I could see the gate and I could see some cast coming and I can see these are the same one’s as I had saw I Boss William’s office’ said Epsa suddenly. `Gosh, fancy them coming just now’ said Pelly and the hanged the phone. The cats went in a room and closed the door behind. Then Epsa did a very cunning thing.

She slipped quietly from where she was hiding and looked the door quietly and slipped the key in her pocket.Now she hunted for her torch but alas she couldn’t find them! So, she decided to hunt for the others but suddenly she heard one cat say out loud `Well the other 5 are hunting for it now.’ `Aha so there are 5 other nasty cats roaming somewhere well so I’ll find them and try if I could lock them into some other rooms’ she thought slyly. Meanwhile the others were growing impatient for Epsa to come and look for them. They decided to wander and look for one another unaware that the other was thinking the same. So, they wandered off in the dark not daring to call or switch their torches as they were afraid one of those nasty cats might catch them. Epsa wandered and suddenly heard a bang from the kitchen she had just passed. She stopped and listen and suddenly her sharp ears caught the words Help! Help! She flew open the kitchen door. The noise was coming from the larder which was locked and luckily the key was on the shelf nearby. And suddenly the light came back again. With trembling hands, she unlocked the door and who do you think was inside!

Yes, Whitefur and the real Boss William. She untied them both quickly and rapped out fast questions. `I will tell the whole story afterwards’ said Epsa and the 3 went downstairs to the gate.``Gosh, I forgot to take Pelly, Nick and Colly’ said Epsa. `Oh are those 3 are also here’ asked Boss William in astonishment. `Yes, probably roaming in the hotel’ So, the three were finding wherever Nick Colly and Pelly might be! Just then they had a big disappointment There came another earthquake and the light again gone! `Blow this light, that’s why those cats make this their headquarters’ mumbled Epsa crossly. Once again when the earthquake stopped, they were separated. Now there was no light no torch and not even Whitefur and Boss William. She went 2 or 3 floors and then saw a shadow moving a little way ago `, Must be one of those nasty cats’ she thought.And from then she was very very silly indeed! The shadow peeping in a room and without thinking tiptoed to the cat pushed him inside and locked the door. `Aaha, what an easy job’ she said to herself and went wandering for more of those cats. And who do you think she had pushed in. Well it was Pelly. He had been wandering very impatient to find everyone. He thought quickly and groaned ``Aw it was one of those cats. ‘Well who do you think Epsa had locked yes the next one was Nick and Colly which had bumped together by finding Epsa Whitefur and not expecting the real Boss William.

Epsa had saw two figured looking carefully into every room together. Must be 2 of those men for whatever they were looking for Epsa had thought. So when Nick and Colly were peeping inside a nearby cupboard she pushed them both inside and locked the cupboard once again thinking she should had been in the police force if their work was as easy as this. Again she had met Whitefur and Boss William on the way and had almost slammed them in some room but this time Boss William was not going to let that happen again just as Epsa was about to shut the door William but his paw in between and roared `I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN’ There was an astonished silence. `Is that you Boss and Whitefur she had spoken surprised. ’Are you Epsa there’ asked Boss astonished and within a few seconds his torch was beaming on her. `I thought it was one those men’ said Epsa ` Well I had also locked 3 more men’ ‘I am going to check them’ said boss William furiously and the three went to see Pelly thinking hard.Epsa had expected to see a burly and furious cat inside but she got a shock when she saw Pelly instead. `How did you get here’ she had said in an amazed voice `Someone pushed me and locked me inside’ he had answered crossly. No one said anything but went out of the room `Well I would like to see your captivities also’ said Boss William doubtingly.

`How is Boss William and Whitefur here asked Pelly breaking the silence. `It’s a long story I’ll tell you later on’ said William walking in front. `This is the last room where I had locked someone’ said Epsa pointing to a room where banging noise was heard. Whitefur cautiously opened the door and out rushed Nick and Colly furiously. But, they were astounded to see them. `Why you four here’ gasped Nick. `Yes Epsa found me’ said Boss William beaming at her. Epsa was perplexed to see her all captivities her companions.Everyone began to tell their stories at once. `Now stop’ roared Boss William exasperated at the sudden commotion. `First Epsa tell your story’ So Epsa began to tell her story how she heard people coming in and then how she was mistaken about everyone as the nasty cats. Everyone was very infuriated with Epsa when she had finished her story. `That was a very big wastage of our time’ said Nick solemnly. `Well, if you had finished then now, I will tell you my and White fur’s story’ said Boss William seriously. `You had heard that burglary at The Swiss Cats Bank and the cat who burgled the bank, well one night I was at my desk and suddenly some cats came in holding pistols and catnapped me.

This is their headquarters you know and-‘They heard furious bangs and thuds coming from downstairs which suddenly made them jump of their skins.` Now who else have you locked in Epsa ‘asked Boss William really exasperated. `Oh I forgot that I had locked the real burglars in the room’ said Epsa quietly. `What’ exclaimed the old man `you should have told that before I know they have all their money which they are packing to send to some foreign lands have their and I suppose they were packing them when we’re gossiping’ thundered Boss William. `We better call the police and hand this case over to them’ suddenly declared Whitefur sleepily. Everyone agreed to her whole heartedly. They really were very heavy-eyed by now. In no time the police cats were pawcuffing the burglars. `It was a very sly plot sir and we congratulate you for solving this mystery’ said one of the police cats. 

After an hour or two everyone was fast asleep and awake at late afternoon just as everyone had finished their dinner. The hotel manager was extremely surprised top see the four coming at dawn and was still more amazed when they slept till late morning. They next day Of course on every tv and newspaper there was the headlines: THE GREAT MYSTERY SOLVED BY NICK, COLLY, EPSA, WHITEFUR AND PELLY OF THE CAT’S CLAW or it would be THE MYSTERIOUS BURGLARY SOLVED BY THE GREAT NICK, COLLY, AND OTHERS. Well, we’ll let them enjoy their accomplishment now.

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