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The Meeting

The Meeting

7 mins

Archana and her two friends Roopa and Deepthi were seated in Gourmets' Delight, a famous restaurant, they had ordered lunch and was waiting for their order. Archana is working for a political party as their chief analyst. Attending seminars talking to the media she was a firebrand speaker. Always at the forefront to promote her party's ideals.while Roopa and Deepthi were working for IT. Archana was seated facing Roopa while Deepthi was sitting facing the entrance. Archana was talking to Roopa

" You know Roopa reading the news is so depressing these days all you read is about crime and Low-level politics." "Come on Roopa said you cannot blame the newspaper for this. For this is the news they get and publish it."

News that sells Archana said. You know Archana I once read a great person who said and I quote " I read the last page first where Man's achievements are given. And the front pages last where Man's failure is given".Archana looked at Roopa and asked

"How many people read the newspaper like the great man who said it did" Deepthi interrupted. While both of you are discussing the merits of the newspaper, There is a guy sitting right across me who is staring at us. But don't look now. Their order arrived they became busy eating their food. After their food, the Desert is placed in front of them. They slowly eat their Desert enjoying it. After finishing they are relaxing

When Deepthi says, The guy who was staring is coming towards us. Let him come says Archana. The guy walks up to them and looks at three of them then talks to Archana, remember me, Rohit from the right political party. Of course, says Archana, sit down, she then introduces Rohit to her friends. He smiles at them and sits down. We met at the Seminar Archana nodded, Yes she said I remember. Deepthi and Roopa excuse themselves and goes to the washroom.after they are gone Rohit asks apart from these political meetings do you have a life. What about you she asked?

He smiled, off course, I do have a life. You are a ladies man you know that. I always see you with the ladies. Come on you know it's not true he said blushing. Coming to the point he said, why don't we go for lunch one of these days? Her friends came back from the washroom. And sat down. Archana said you give me your cell number if I am interested I will call you. She smiled as she said this. Don't smile at me like that said Rohit. You will have to carry me out. Deepthi said you a joker too. He smiled at them wished them and left. On their way back in her car. Deepthi was driving, seated next to her was Roopa, and at the back Archana. Roopa asked Archana are you going to call him? have not decided yet Archana said.

Deepthi said, Archana tread carefully once

You have suffered a break up you went through hell. But I came out of it Archana said. Roopa then said be careful Archana. We only have your welfare at heart. She nodded her head and said I will. Archana called Rohit on a Sunday. You ready for that lunch Sure Rohit said where he asked ?

Gourmet's Delight Archana Said. Sure I will make a reservation. They met at Gourmets' Delight.

The lunch went well they talked about their common interest. Their hobbies, after lunch they parted but this time she gave him her number. I will call you daily he said. Then I will have to report to you. And they both laughed out loud. They started seeing see each other. They worked for different political parties but that did not come in their way. One day Rohit said, while sitting,at Gourmets' Delight, now their regular haunt,we have been meeting for nearly three months now. We have to take our relationship to the next level. I will talk to my parents she said. Sure he said. Ok, I will go he said, you are waiting for your friends. Yes, she said they will be meeting me here. Archana was seated waiting for her friends' when a lady came and sat next to her, Hello she said, it was Rohit who left, isn't it. she asked. Yes she said you know him

Know him we are engaged. What !Archana asked? Why did you not come when we were sitting here together. Archana asked. I did not want to spoil your party. I wanted to warn you after he left. Why do you have all this doubt she said, I will show you something. Saying so she took out her cell phone and showed a photo of Both of them Rohit and The woman in an intimate pose. Sorry, she said, by the way, my name is Reena. Archana just took her handbag and left.once she reached home She called Roopa and Deepthi and told them about her encounter with the girl called Reena. She was crying,within an hour They both arrived to be with her.

we will talk to him they both said, no she said, you will do nothing of that sort she said. But you have to give him a chance to explain they said. Reena showed me enough evidence. The chapter is closed. Rohit kept on phoning her but she did not respond. Then suddenly he too stopped calling her.

Six months later at a political seminar, Archana was speaking about current topics she saw Rohit seated in the auditorium

Listening. Her heart missed a beat. But she continued and ended her speech. She wanted to get out of the Auditorium. She just had come out and was walking towards her car when she heard Rohit call her name. She turned, he walked towards her. Archana, just listen to what I have to say, then you can go. Ok, she said.explain.You dont about Reena she  is a vicious lady. We did have something going on, and we did take some intimate selfies on her phone. But I left her when I found out she had no morals. She was after my money. Money, Archana said so you are Rich. Yes, he said. I am Rich she looked at him said the same old story. You insult my intelligence. Look Rohit said I will show you a message that Reena sent me. He showed Reena's message which read "today Rohit did you sleep well I will not allow you to sleep if you marry another girl. If I don't marry you no one else will. Remember Archana How well I convinced her. It does not much to make a girl suspicious"What more proof do you need Rohit asked. Archana cursed herself for not verifying with Rohit, about Reena and just blindly believing her. The first breakup had clouded her mind. In love you have to trust each other she thought. Rohit looked at her and asked you will give me a second chance. Sure she said hugging him. Third fourth a hundred chances I will give you I am sorry. Rohit Held her and said saw

"love Story" "love means never having to say you are sorry".What about dinner at Gourmets' Delight at Eight o clock. sure she said. They parted ways happily. Archana called Roopa And Deepthi and said Met Rohit sorted out everything

Come fast I will tell you everything. Roopa And Deepthi listened to what Archana had to say, thank God they said, we are all going to Dinner to Gourmets'Delight.Eight o Clock venue Gourmets' Delight. All four of them are seated, Rohit stands up and claps all head turns towards them. Archana Deepthi and Roopa look at him in surprise. Rohit then makes the announcement,He tell the customers' You see this beautiful girl here he asks Archana to get up she gets up. Well, I am going to propose to her with your blessing, Archana was blushing. Rohit goes on his knees takes out a Diamond ring and asks will you marry me. Yes yes yes Archana said I will marry you a hundred times. He took her hand and puts the ring on her finger. Then kissed her. Then once again turning towards the hotels' customers he says today you are all my guests for this ceremony, your dinner is on me. They all rise and one by one they come and bless the couple. While Deepthi and Roopa look on proudly. parents of  Archana and Rohit then enter the restaurant to bless the newly married couple.

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