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Udhbhavi Arora

Children Stories Fantasy Children


Udhbhavi Arora

Children Stories Fantasy Children

The Man In The Mirror - Part 3 Is Here

The Man In The Mirror - Part 3 Is Here

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Hi! I welcome you to part-3; if you have not read part- 2 this is the link Now let's get started.

So in part 2, Ethan and Dorothy found a new world and tried to connect. 

It was too blur to see anything; they got scared and scared. Out of the blue, Dorothy remembered something, how to make that person go away and the mirror too, she said: "GoGoShooShoo." The mirror went away, but Dorothy said it so loudly that her real mom and not real mom both came. The moms got to know it all. Ethan dared to tell them everything, so he started speaking. "Hey mom and Dorothy's mom, I am not Dorothy, I am Ethan. What happened is that Dorothy connected us, and then we decided to switch places. I know it sounds impossible, but it is true. This wizardry world is terrific." 

The moms got surprised, Dorothy's mom jumped in the real world to hug her, and so did Ethan's mom. Dorothy said the spell, "Return us to our bodies, make us back to perfect." The spell worked. The moms decided to talk and talk, so they came to the wizardry world. Ethan and Dorothy went to the lawn to play. They played Basketnose, a version of basketball, but in this, you get some balls you need to keep them on your nose and shoot it, like a seal. Inside, Dorothy's mom said to Ethan's mom: "These children do anything they want; they do not even ask." Ethan's mom replied: "It's ok; they are children, if children will not be naughty then will we?" Both of them laughed loudly and kept talking about their worlds. 

Ethan tried hard to balance the ball. But it kept dropping, then Ethan said: "Let's play something else." Dorothy replied:" Let's play Footstep, I suppose you have Red Hand in your world. It's same, but there will be a ball stopping us from keeping our legs on each other." They started playing, Ethan picked up the ball, threw it, but it came back on its own. Frustrated Ethan said, "Why is the ball doing this? and how?" "Calm down, Ethan; the ball is magical! now play without shouting." 

After a while, Dorothy's mom called them. The children came running, Ethan's mom started speaking: " As you know, your holidays have started so we moms will spend it in the real world, and you kids can spend it here and have fun." After she completed Dorothy spoke up, "We can go to bravery camp and play, and you can meet my friends, and we can see the 3rd world, you can have a school tour. So much to do. Can we do it, mom?" Dorothy's mom replied," yes, do it all, but start after one day, we need to pack." Saying this both of them ran to the kitchen and Dorothy began to make something. Ethan curiously asked, " What are you making?" Dorothy said that she was making Shama: the sweeter version of cranberry juice. (Which Ethan drank in part-1.) She picked up the two glasses and took them out to the lawn. Ethan sipped and spoke," What is Bravery camp, and why do we need to go there?" Dorothy replied, "A bravery camp, is a camp in which they give you training so that we become brave, we need to go so that we can meet the 3rd world person. And it's only 5 min" (50 min in real-world 1min= 10 min).

After playing, Dorothy and Ethan were as hungry as hunters, so they decided to have lunch. Dorothy's mother began to cook something. She was mixing eggs, flour, baking powder, chocolate, butter and sugar. Can you guess what was she making? She was making pancakes, the same original pancakes. She gave it to them, the children gobbled it and asked for more and more. They made a pig of themselves; they took more than their share. Dorothy and Ethan ate 16 pancakes together( 8 each). That's a lot. After eating so much, of course, they hade a big stomach ache for 6 min. This teaches you, do not overeat. 

Finally, It was time to say goodbye. The two moms and two children waved to each other. 

The next day the packing began. Ethan and Dorothy's mom only had to pack. Ethan took his favourite toy Rawer: the warrior, tons of clothes and his most loved book "The secret of the unknown." Ethan's mom began to clean the house. Dorothy's mom told her husband to start cleaning as she was busy packing. After one day, which felt like a hundred days to the children was gone. It was time for fun. 

It was early morning when Dorothy connected the worlds. Ethan was dressed in a yellow shirt which had coconut trees; it looked like a beach shirt with blue shorts. He had a beautiful suitcase which was bright red. Dorothy's mom was wearing a purple T-shirt with blue jeans and had a pineapple yellow bag. Dorothy was not going for a vacation, but she still looked gorgeous. She wore a blue T-shirt and grey white shorts. Even Ethan's was not going for a holiday; she wore a long hot pink gown. They walked to their respective locations. Ethan and Dorothy both were as happy as a lark. Now the real celebration had started. 

First, Dorothy and Ethan asked for breakfast. Dorothy's father, Mr Pop, made them delicious crisp waffles. Ethan poured Hury(something like honey). Dorothy poured Chicki( chocolate syrup). After having breakfast, they decided to have a home tour. Dorothy spoke, "this is my home, sweet home. Here is my room, there is my big red bed. And there is my bookshelf. Let me show the living room, here is the 99-inch plasma TV. It's not like a real TV, if you want to watch something, just say the name, and if an advertisement is coming, it will tell you. Here is our water sofa, like your water beds. It can be converted into a regular couch with this remote. And you do not need AC here, the weather is pleasant, we just open the windows. Here is my favourite place, the big swimming pool. I am telling you no more, it will take a lot of time my house is huge. " Ethan replied, " Great, that's a marvellous house, I love the swimming pool, can we swim?" Dorothy said that not now, they had just had breakfast.  

Secondly, they decided to go to the mall, and do some shopping. Their father, Mr.Pop, drove them to the mall, the name of the mall was "Shacky Bites". Shacky Bites means Mirror Citizens in Mirroritic language, which people use very rarely, only at traditional events. The mall was very spacious, there was everything like in our world. They first went to the food court and had Shama, Gurgets (Something like pizza burger). Ethan loved the taste of Gurgets. They ordered Poom Dhoom Boom, which is a dessert made of ice cream, whipped cream which is dyed in brown food colouring. Also, uncooked rice and, yeast and baking powder and soda both. Ethan did not like the dessert as he had never eaten uncooked rice, but in the mirror world, uncooked rice is just a regular thing. They bought bracelets made of big red rubies. Out of the blue they a spotted a mini water park. They played for a while and went home. Even after eating the delicious burgers, they were hungry. They had some Shaka, it's kind of like porridge. 

After a light lunch, they swam in the massive pool until evening. Mr.Pops came and said, "Kids time for dinner, before get into your pyjamas." 

They both wiped themselves as fast as a shooting star as they got ravenous. Their dinner was only a strawberry milkshake and got into bed. 

They follow the quote correctly "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper." What a fun and frolic day they had, let's see what they do next? But you have to wait!

Stay Healthy, Stay Home, Stay Safe, Keep Reading!

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