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Children Stories Fantasy

The Man In The Mirror Part 2

The Man In The Mirror Part 2

5 mins

Hi! I welcome you to part-2 if you have not read part- 1 this is the link  sm-s.in/JxFNjpx. Now let's get started!!

Ethan is stuck in the cage, which was created because he answered the questions wrong, and Dorothy is in detention. 

In this school, the detention happens in the library. Dorothy was bored and scared. Well, she was in the library. Dorothy went to find something interesting. She found a book it was named Oh!No!Detention. She took it and started reading.

Ethan was still sitting, and he was bored!! when he saw a piece of paper, there was space that he could pick it up. He picked it, and it said "Hey again, say sorry questions I will remember my spells. Dorothy. So Ethan said" Sorry questions I will remember my spells and the cage was up he was free only 5 min had happened as 1 minute is 10 min in the mirror world. 

Dorothy was almost at the end of the book, as she could read very fast. It said that the solution to detention is to say sorry. She went to her teacher, and she let her go. The teacher told her that she had missed her break. Ethan was free now. Dorothy's mom told her to get on the bus and go to school. Ethan did not know about the subjects there, so he said:" mom, I do not wanna go to school!" The lady looked shocked and told him that Dorothy loves school, and it is her test too of Doggery, which is her favorite subject. Ethan was scared, as he does not even know what Doghe is. Well, Dorothy's mom pushed him in the closet, he picked a dress whit had a note. Hey, This is my uniform. The uniform was a purple dress and shorts with starts it looked like this with a witches hat. In the pocket of the T-Shirt, there was a green wand. 

. Ethan looked perfect in his clothes and a bit funny. He reached school by bus. The teacher looked like a wizard because he was one. Then out of the blue, a small girl, looking like a perfect. She came in and said something to the teacher. After hearing it, the wizard-teacher said " Hmm The test will only happen today, sorry the Basketnose games are canceled." 

The children were miserable, Ethan also acted sadly, but inside his heart was singing songs. Then a girl looked at him and smiled, and said" Hi! Dorothy, How are you? Are you prepared for the test?" To that, Ethan said" Hi, I am great, and you? Yuppy I am quite prepared." But in real Ethan was not; he did not even know what is Doghe :(. The teacher suddenly spoke "Dorothy, please go and get some answer sheets and then from Miss Herby, she must be in class 7-A, ask her to tell a boy named Shivensh to do his Wizardry. The answer sheets will be with Miss Mango; she will be in 6-A. Go Quick."

Hearing this Ethan got up and went, on his way he thought"Dorothy must be excellent in studies and in sports too, that's why the teachers give her so much work, I must not spoil her academics record." The first stop was 7-A, Miss Herby's class. He entered and said what the teacher told him. Miss Herby nodded and said Thankyou. The next stop was Miss. Mango's class. He reached and came in; no teacher was to be seen. A student spoke up " You must be Dorothy; the answer sheets are kept on the table. Ethan saw the answer sheets, and then he saw a book which said' Doggery for Class 5" Slyly with the answer sheets he picked it up, and nobody saw him, he ran to the class. He went to his desk first and kept the book when the teacher came back.

Ethan got up and gave the sheets to him; the teacher thanked him and started distributing the question papers. There was a desk below the table. He hid it in there. After that, he noticed something the book was the answer key to today's question paper. He was the happiest person on Mirror Earth. He got the question paper and opened the book and started doing it. He did it very quickly as he just needed to copy them. Ethan did it in half an hour only; he gave the answer sheet and question paper. The teacher was surprised. Dorothy never gave the paper so quickly. Anyways in our world, we never get our test in just 1 hour, but in their world, you do the test you give it, the teacher checks and you get it. After that, the teacher sends you to the library so that you do not tell your friends the answers. The teacher started checking it, within 10 minutes she had checked it and called Ethan and said " Dorothy, I am not surprised because I know you like Doggery all I want to say, you have improved, and very good" Ethan picked up the paper and saw it was 40 out of 40, he was on cloud 9.

After one hour, the teacher told everyone to go, and everyone went to the bus, and they reached home. Ethan was welcomed by her mother, and he showed him the question paper, the woman was delighted, and then she gave Ethan a book it said: " The World Which Was Never Discovered." Ethan took it and started reading and got to know that there is one more world that can be connected through a mirror, but the rule is that you should call the second world and then say " GiGiGuGuKiki", and you will be connected. Ethan got in the mirror and said " Bom Bom Nom Nom", and he saw Dorothy, he told Dorothy about his day and the test and the book. Dorothy got very excited and told Ethan to do it; he said " GiGiGuGuKiki." Then a blurry image of someone appeared in a new mirror created out of the blue. They could not see if it was a girl or a boy.

Who is this person? Is she/he a human or a ghost?

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