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saravanan Periannan

Drama Romance


saravanan Periannan

Drama Romance

The love of my life

The love of my life

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I was doing my regular works at my office that checking the programs written by my juniors and teaching them the techniques to complete a project quickly and efficiently.

After that job in my canteen, I was looking at the wallpaper on my phone that wallpaper is my wife Amu's photo.

With my name, her name completes as Amu Srinivasan.

She is 9 months pregnant now and is in her mother's house for the first delivery.

I went home and refreshed myself.

I felt that the poet in me tried to write something.

I took out my diary and wrote the poem for her

"I am on a long journey to know the meaning of life,

To make the journey meaningful

You came, my lovable wife,

With you, my pain gets lessened,

Your eyes give me the courage to fight problems,

Your words make me happy forever,

Let this relation continue for long,

With you and me singing the songs."

I finished the poem and my father in law called me to inform Amu got labor pain.

I rushed to the hospital, she was taken into the operation theatre on a stretcher.

I got close to her and she took a hold of my hand and I pressed her hand with my left hand.

She left my hand as she was taken to the operation theatre.

I prayed to God and then came the scream for another one hour from her which wetted my cheeks.

The doctor came out and I could hear my heart beating hard.

The doctor said she is fine and congratulations Mr.Srinivasan, you have got a baby girl.

After some time, I got my baby girl in my hand and I cherished that moment.

After a month, Amu and my baby girl came back to my house.

I showed her the poem that I wrote for her and she said to read it.

I read it and she hugged me.

The baby girl started crying and we both rushed to her.

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