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Sumedha Krishna



Sumedha Krishna


The Journey Of Life

The Journey Of Life

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Megan stood at the bus stop, bundled up in a thick woolen sweater, a red muffler wrapped firmly around her neck. It was Christmas time, Megan was headed back home to Florida. A dozen thoughts were racing through her mind one thought to linger more than any other, the thought of sitting around the table sharing a hot meal with her family and breaking the big news, she was finally going to come out of the closet tell her family she was engaged to a lovely woman and was in the hopes of adopting a child soon.

Rebecca stood in front of the bathroom mirror. She smoothed down her blonde hair and tried to calm her racing heart. She took in a deep breath the past few days had been a mess of confusion, pain, and shock. Now she was at the nearest bus stop wearing only a threadbare sweater and scruffed jeans. She was pregnant at 18 and couldn't help to wipe a stray tear from her cheek when thinking about her future.

Grace sat down slowly she was divorced, in her mid-eighties and had stage 4 breast cancer. Although she had such a terrible fate her eyes shone brightly, a colorful scarf wrapped around her bare head. She clutched her phone tightly, the one string that linked her to her family, two children both grown up living their own lives.

The three women stood at the bus stop. One ready to change her life, one bearing a child and a vary future and one on the brink of life but still had great dreams. They were all headed to Florida all traveling on the same bus but had different journeys to endure.

Megan sat down the rusty bus cracking. All of a sudden her phone began to ring it was her agent. Megan picked up the phone the words that came next sent an exhilarating shock for Megan " We have found a person ready for you to adopt their baby. Megan was beyond happiness it was the best gift she could ever get, a bundle of joy!

Rebecca stood by the phone booth facing the bus, as tears welled up in her eyes, it was her only option besides abortion it had been a week and she had no plan on telling her hard-working parents who saved penny from a penny to send her to college that she was pregnant. So she called the adoption agency in Florida.

Grace got on the bus only to look at the pitiful faces of passengers who had different stories to tell all daydreaming, it was only her that smelled the gasoline.

Once everyone had boarded the bus it started on its journey towards Florida,

And also to something more.

It was only when the brakes stopped working that the driver realized something was wrong.

Megan had dozed off when she saw a cheerful looking woman sit down next to her, she smiled politely and shut her eyes, it had been a hard week at work for Megan and the long-awaited dinner with her family just added to the pressure.

Grace leaned in and asked Megan " So why are you headed to Florida? "Megan replied that she was headed home to her family. Grace smiled a warm look filling her eyes. Grace reached out and squeezed Megan's hands and Whispered: " Treasure it." And got up. Grace then sat down next to Rebecca not saying a word. Rebecca was buried in her own thoughts afraid and pained. Grace then slowly nodded to herself and said " Sometimes taking responsibility is not a bad thing, don't fret dear" Rebecca looked into Graces' eyes tearful and confused.

The next morning the newspapers read "A bus crashes all survived except one."

Grace was headed to a hospital to get therapy however after reading and rereading the Unreplied texts to her children she decided it was time to move on, she knew the bus was going to crash and she knew that the people sitting on the first two seats ( Megan and Rebecca) would be most affected as they were sitting near the engine so she sat next to them talked to them and told them to move. Although very confused both Megan and Rebecca moved to backseats not saying a word of argument.

Grace sat alone on the front seat she was ready her time had come she had reached the end of her journey.

Four years, later Megan and her wife moved into a lovely house in Florida with their son and Rebecca now a top businesswoman taking the world by storm always speared moments to spend with her daughter.

In the end, it doesn't matter what strifes or success you get what matters is the fact that you go on with life and treasure it because you never know when you reach the end of the road.

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