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The Irony Of Addiction

The Irony Of Addiction

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Niyati grew up looking at her parents as loving couple and dream the similar life for herself. She did not even know that there could be altogether different lifestyle of a couple than to spend time together after working hours.

And finally the most awaited day of her life, which was promising to fulfill all her dreams of feeling loved, pampered and cared, arrived.

She had already made so many plans for Vivek and her married life, that she would cook his favourite food,pamper him and do everything to please him, they will lead a loving life, enjoy together and what not.

But to her surprise, she found him neither willing to take her out nor spend time even at home with her.

There was a phase in her life when she thought that maybe she was not that attractive or lovable that anybody would want to spend time with her. She felt low self esteem, did not want to go out or talk to anybody.

On the other hand Vivek was enjoying his life. He was working hard and doing all the needful for his family. As per him, just because he worked so hard in office he was taking help of some medication to catch a good sleep.

Soon Niyati realized that Vivek was an alcoholic.

Since then there was nothing else she would want more than her husband to get sober. She found herself playing the tricks and tips to get her man who would give his loving attention and care to her, who would be dependable and whom she could grow old with but all in vain.

There was a ray of hope in her life when she was blessed with a son and she hoped for things to change for better.

Very soon she found that having the responsibility of kid did not changed her husband either. The more she wanted to stop him the more it got worst.

So many Anniversaries and Birthdays of family went unattended.

Soon she also lost her interest in him.

There were times when she needed him so hard and his attitude was so scary.....She just wanted to be held by his arms by his kindness and love.....

All she asked for was his endless love and safety.. she just didn't ask for so much, but that's alright, because now, now she changed and became more stronger than usual and no one could bring her down or break her.

In spite all that the memories of her parents as loving couple were fresh in her mind and she thought of the beauty of togetherness looking at other couples enjoying with each other.

She lost all her hopes and was staying with him only to shield her son from the negativity of childhood which arise because of staying with one parent and missing the other.Now she was taking care of dual responsibilities.

Few years later One day Vivek woke up to look for his family but to his surprise there was nobody around.

He searched whole house to check if either his son, wife or parents were there but no luck.He never felt so helpless, he cried out loud in hope to hear any voice but destiny was not with him that day.

After few days of anxiety and fear of unknown, one day a man knocked the door.

Vivek opened the gate hoping to get some information about his family but the man entered the house without even giving a gaze to him as if he had been there so many times and walked into a small room full of toys and old memories.

Vivek was very surprised and wanted to yell at him for entering into his house without his permission just then the man who entered the room said:

"Dad, Since you are awake today,I would tell you something which I wanted to say since so long that I grew up waiting for you to hold me, to spend quality time with me but you seemed not interested. Those were the times when you were powerful than me and I was looking up to you but now all that is reversed.

I am staying with my family in downtown and came here just to take my Mom's photograph.

I hope you would enjoy your life better now!!! "

There was a killing silence post that.


1) People are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are addicted to escaping the reality.

2) Addiction doesn't kill the addict. It kills the family,kids and people who tried to help!!!

3) At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, not closing one more deal or not having one more drink for that matter but you will regret time not spent with a spouse, a friend, a child, a parent.

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