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Drama Tragedy Inspirational



Drama Tragedy Inspirational

The Help

The Help

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Shilpi lived in Navi Mumbai with her parents. Her father had a flourishing business. This made them lead a rich lifestyle. They had costly cars and servants to do all household works.

This made Shilpi arrogant and egoist. She started making fun of her servants and her friends who were not rich like them.

Shilpi had a classmate named Sheela. She was the daughter of Shilpi's father's best friend, named Shyam.

Shyam and Shilpi's father Ram were school friends. However Shyam worked as a manager in a firm and was a middle-income person. So they led a moderate lifestyle.

This made Shilpi tease Sheela often. Sheela though hurt by Shilpi's arrogance, used to overlook the matters.

One day Ram, Shilpi's father, suffered huge losses in his business. He became bankrupt overnight. He had to sell all his property in order to repay the loans.

Shilpi and his parents then shifted to a small house near Sheela's. As there were no servants now, Shilpi had to do all her work herself and also aid her mother in doing the household chores.

Shilpi now realized her folly, her big mistake which she committed by humiliating others only because of their poverty.

From now on she behaved properly with all. Sheela too realized that Shilpi has now changed. She decided to help her.

Sheela approached her father and told him whether he could ask his boss to invest in Ram uncle's(Shilpi's father) company. Shyam, Sheela's father agreed.

Shyam's boss agreed but in one condition. That he would be a partner in the business.

Shyam gave this news to Ram. The latter agreed to all the conditions of Shyam's boss and thanked Shyam wholeheartedly.

Now Shyam again began his business and very soon became rich once again.

However Shilpi never forgot the lesson which life had given her. And remained humble always and talked & behaved well with all including family, friends and also servants.

And Sheela became her best buddy just like their parents, Ram and Shyam!

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