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The Green Club

The Green Club

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I was returning home from a tiring day at school. I was walking on the footpath when BAM! I slipped over the banana peel and fell down against my chin on the footpath. I noticed that my neighbor Mr.Murthy was eating bananas and throwing banana peels. I thought, ‘Oh, this garbage is a big problem.’ As I was about to reach home, I saw that there was black-colored grass in a garden nearby. When I touched it, I saw that it was actually thin strips of the black-colored plastic bags used to dispose of garbage. I thought ‘this plastic is a very big problem.’

There was a hospital on the route to home from my school. When I carried to the hospital from the ambulance. There was a doctor nearby. I asked the doctor “What has happened to this person?” The doctor replied “This person was a laborer at a factory that baked bricks. Due to the air pollution there, this man is infected with lung cancer.” I thought ‘Oh, air pollution is a really big problem these days. Something has to be done to reduce air pollution.’

Just then, I passed a small pond. I saw that there were small bits of plastic and garbage and some dead fishes. They had died because they had eaten those small bits of plastic and garbage. I thought ‘This water pollution is such a big problem and has to be stopped somehow.'

But I am just a kid. What can I do?’ I thought and thought. That day, I couldn't stop thinking. When I went to bed, an idea struck me.

The next day, I summoned Atul and Vijay, my closest friends. I asked their views on the pollution problem. Both of them had similar experiences. Vijay asked “We all know that pollution is a big problem. But how do we stop it?”

I replied "We will visit our neighbors' houses and pick up the waste there. We will also give them some tips to reduce pollution. Every Sunday, we will visit the city recycling center. My uncle works there. We will give all the trash we have collected in the week to him and he will recycle it." 

"But what if your uncle refuses to recycle the garbage?" Atul asked. "I spoke to him on a video call yesterday and spoke to him about this matter. When did I ask him if he would recycle the trash or not? 'I would be more than happy to recycle it. And I won't have many burdens because not many people prefer to recycle these days.' he answered."

Next Sunday, everyone gathered with lots of trash to recycle weekly. We went to the recycling center with all the garbage collected in the week. My uncle was also there with some of his worker friends. He had told them also about this idea and they had agreed to help in this mission to save mother Earth.

Fun fact

8.3 billion metric tons of plastic are generated each year in the world, out of which only 9% is recycled. 

Do you also want to join the green club? If yes, then follow these rules of the green club-

1. Throw garbage in dustbins.

2. Do not throw plastic in water bodies.

3. Throw plastics in recycling bins so that they can be recycled.

4. Use cycles for short distances instead of motorcycles or cars.

5. Do not make an excess of noise unnecessarily.

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