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Khanak Upadhyay


The Girl Who....

The Girl Who....

2 mins

Don't you find it strange? How your world could shift on its axis and everything you trusted could invert itself in what seemed like no time at all?


A girl who grew up in a desert which was located in a forgotten land had discovered a secret lake after walking for more than 21 hours! She never told anyone where she was going. She only spoke of the lake.

The lake was crystal clear and alluring that the girl felt like drowning herself in it, to just let the water cleanse her soul. But she couldn't even dip her finger! Her finger would barely touch the surface. She tried with her hands... Nothing. Her legs... Nothing. It was as if the lake was made of glass!

So she decided to walk on the water. Her feet touched the surface and she took slender steps. Her heart was beating really fast. She closed her eyes and kept walking till' she found herself on the other side of the lake. Relief flowed over her as she opened her eyes and saw that she was still alive. It was as if she walked on the glass.

But how?

"No one has the ability to walk on water! There must be something wrong with the lake." She thought to herself.

She pounded down the lake again, trying to see if the glassy surface would break... Nothing.

She tried dancing and she spun like a ballerina... But her dancing efforts went in vain.

So she lay on the surface. A dormant girl. 

Her black hair was crowning her small angelic face, her dress was as white and transparent as the glassy surface itself, her legs were bare, and her hands were placed above her head.

"Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this isn't a lake after all." She said aloud.

She closed her eyes and started imagining how it would feel like to be dead. She felt that it would be similar to a lake... No movement or life whatsoever...

Abruptly, the glassy surface cracked. The girl's eyes flashed opened and she jumped, but little did she know that her movement causes the whole surface to crack, to vanish...

The girl no longer felt like standing on something that is fixed... She felt the water pulling her down and down until she drowned...

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