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Sravani Katta

Drama Romance


Sravani Katta

Drama Romance

The Fortune In Their Stars

The Fortune In Their Stars

7 mins 657 7 mins 657

It is raining outside, the blinds are drawn, but the waterlogged breeze still found its way to sneak inside. He is looking for her hands amidst the crumpled blanket.

His soft lips stretched into a smile whilst his eyes light up like a Christmas tree not less than any sunshine as he watched Arya curling up on a pillow; wondering what good he has done in life to deserve someone as precise as her. Someone who could talk from pineapple on pizza to priests abuse in Pennsylvania. He ran his fingers through her brownish curls, a double-dealing way to wake her up.

“Arjun...Let me sleep. Today is Sunday.”

Yet he was constantly pulling off the blanket from her, drawing patterns on the face with fingers, and making booooooo sounds in her ears.

“Ugghh! I swear it by the old gods and the new. You do this once again and I’m gonna kick you off the bed, Arjun. Leave meeeeee.”

“You do not have respect for your husband. Uncle was so wrong. He said that his daughter is well-behaved and look at you.”

After a while, he left the bed and she was back to her precious Sunday sleep. Arya follows this routine religiously. Ever since she started working, she held the Sunday to be a free-and-easy day. On the other hand, Arjun cannot sleep for longer hours. He sticks to his routine no matter what. They both are like poles opposite but as you know, opposite poles attract each other.

Arya does not like to be disturbed in her sleep which Arjun very much likes to do. He is a child at home and does all the stupid things to irritate her. The best part, he never runs out of ideas. Never.

A few days ago, Arjun bought the water gun by giving a lame excuse that it is for his nephew. From every corner possible, he tries to hit her and disturb her chores so that she would leave all the work and give him the attention he needed. Told you, he is an annoying kid in a man’s body. He filled the gun with water and started shooting at her face. She removed the blanket off her face and given the deadly look ever possible.


By showing his 30 sweet teeth possible, he said, “I am bored. See, you are crying for kids but you have one in front me of you. Care for that one na. "

“Arjun! Please don't talk about it early in the morning. If you are bored, you could water the plants, do the dishes, read a book, or just keep calm and sit in the corner with your headphones on. Who on earth told you to irritate someone when you are bored?”

He got the intensity of the moment by now and decided to calm her down.

"Do you know what is it today?"


"It is our wedding anniversary. I just want to spend some quality time with you. Is that a sin?"

"Oh, crap! At least try to learn to make up lies, Arjun. And since when did you start calling it a wedding?"

"When you told me that I wouldn't get invited if I call it a party."

"Woooow! Look at my husband, ladies, and gentlemen. How adorable."

"Eeeeeeeee! I KNOW"

At last, Arjun made his point. His mission was accomplished. She woke her up. Arya sat on the bed, rubbed her hands, chanted her morning mantra looking at them. She tied her hair like a bun while she was looking for her phone. Arjun could not take his eyes off from her. She seemed like a dead-drop gorgeous. Just like how he felt the first time he saw her. She does not have the ivory skin or the hazel eyes Arjun had imagined about the dream girl. But she is that girl who is so easy to talk and fun to be around. When she smiles you could not help but smile along too. To be in her company is more like making every moment count. She lives rather survives. She is his girl who makes his dreams happen.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Wondering if this Arya Stark would care enough to give me a kiss."

"So cliche, honey! Better luck next time. Anyway, what do you want? Your green tea or my cinnamon tea?"

"Our common love - coffee. One more thing, as you had a long day I did not tell you. Your parents called us yesterday, told them their little princess had already slept. Call them."

"Okay. I will. Let me get the coffee for you. In the meantime, please do not bug me. "

"Okay, madam! But sit down for a while."

"Yesss! Tell me. Is everything okay"

"I love you! No matter what is ahead in the store for us, we deal it together. I will be there for you. Okay?"


Arya could not help but blush. Her eyes still smile from her cheeks. It was not a soft rosy glow. It was beet red that compliments her charismatic skin.

"Do you remember our first kiss?"

"I think so. But why is it now?"

Shut up and listen to me. I leaned in. You followed along. Inches drawing us apart. You smiled and I smiled too.

Then even more close, we were probably centimeters apart.

Butterflies were dancing in my tummy, our heartbeats were furious, palms were sweaty, blood rushing to your cheeks retaliated that pinkish feel as the little cherry at the top of my meticulous imagination. The universe inside my head was about to explode. You were quivering like a 102-degree fever patient. By tweaking your t-shirt a little bit, I have got a sufficient grip. My hands were wrapped around your waist while yours were around my neck. But, we both were super timid to break the ice. I moved my face close to yours still playing that crazy nose game.

“Oye!! Are you listening?”

“Yeah, baby! I am.”

“Oh, really? What was I talking about?”

“Something about our first kiiiisss - “

In the next moment, their lips were locked together. It was not the kiss that is described in the young adult fiction novels or that as shown in the romantic comedies. It is the promise of realness, affection, intimacy, and solidarity. As they parted their eyes sparkle and lips curve from ear-to-ear.

“Well, that was surreal.”

"You know I am innate at it. Listen, I love you. Okay?"

"Babaa!! What happened to you today? Tell me, Arjun, what is going on?"

He took a deep breath. They have been trying to get pregnant for over a year already. Arya loves kids and she could not imagine her life without them. But as fate would have it, she couldn't. They have been to tens of doctors and did hundreds of tests. Yet, no luck has knocked their door.

"Well, our reports came. It is negative again. I am sorry!"

"It is okay. We shall find something. Tell me, how do you want your coffee?"

"No, listen! I know how much you love to have babies and I know how you cry at nights after spending time with my nephew. I feel guilty as I'm not able to make your dream come true. And, I..."

"Shuuuutttt upppp, Arjun. It is nobody's fault. Maybe we are unlucky."

"I don't know how you are going to take this but I think maybe we can adopt one. All I want from you is to accept the baby like ours. I know it crushes you but I can't see you like this anymore. What do you think? Just be honest, please. "

There has been pindrop silence for the next 10 minutes. She kept looking at the floor while he was pressing her hand around her shoulder.

"It is going to be alright." Arjun said.

"Okay. Let us do it. I love you. I must be blessed to have a partner like you"

"That you are. Now, go, get my coffee."

"Only this time. Oh wait, so you made up all the kiss stuff to get to this point. Ugh, I got it. Anyway, I won't even look at you once the baby arrives. He/she would have my full attention."

"Definitely. But if we get a boy, will you buy me a machine gun this time?"

"God, better I exchange you at the orphanage for a baby"


A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other. Arjun became the kid when she was sad about not having one and Arya became the one who treats him the same way as a mother would. Maybe, this is love. Appreciating the similarities and respecting the differences. It must be the fortune in their stars to accept the other one they are and willing to do anything that makes the significant other happier.

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