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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Father’s Teaching

The Father’s Teaching

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 “Today I got a call from Mrs. Joyce Sequeira, your class teacher.” Michael was speaking to his son, George. “She told me your son is performing well in academics. But he has no friends .Being always lonely; he is away from all games and extracurricular activities. He has become a total bookworm. He’s very much dependent on certain things.” He paused, and said in concerned tone. “Why you go and sit below the Oak tree to write, to study, George? We have a nice bungalow, you have your own room, you can sit and write here, why go there outside?”

“I like that place, dad. I get new ideas sitting below the tree. You know, I can focus properly on the work I do. Most importantly, I love the environment there.” Pointing towards his books, he said “I am always dependent on these books. They are the latest encyclopaedias. They help me to write wonderful things, help me to learn a lot, they give me good things to write on. I’ve kept them as my personal library. I also ask a lot of things to Joyce teacher. She is always there to help me. I’m also dependent on her for a lot of subjects.” George replied back.

“That shouldn’t be the case, son. You’re becoming too dependent on some things. You’ll have to realise that these things don’t matter.What matters is your personal confidence…!” Michael tried to convince his son. But George was never convinced.

I’ll have to speak to Joyce teacher about him, Michael thought.

George always studied sitting below the dense Oak tree. He was attached to that place and went there almost every day.

The next day, as George came home from his garden, he saw Michael packing up all the furniture and things at home.

“We’re shifting, son. I got a job in a new company, just across the city.” Guiding the packers and mover’s guys, Michael replied. “We’re shifting in a new apartment building. But you’re school’s the same, son. D’not worry. You’ll just have to travel a bit.”

Hearing this, George was disappointed. Since they were now shifting to a new location, he’ll lose his place below the Oak tree. He never knew how the new place will be. Adjusting there will be difficult, he thought. I’ll ask Joyce teacher, he promised himself, she’ll guide me nicely.

After shifting on the 8th floor in an apartment building, George couldn’t find his encyclopedia.

“They may be around son, don’t worry. You’ll get them. Just try to find.” Michael unpacking and arranging things, replied back.

After travelling some distance, he entered the school. He came today to seek guidance from his teacher as he did every day, only to find that Mrs. Joyce was ill and was advised bed rest. He had lost his encyclopaedias during shifting, his place below the Oak tree he loved the most was gone and now his teacher whom he considered his mentor was not well.

He was given a new room in his new home. But he couldn’t focus on his studies. He was always used to write and study under the Oak Tree. His encyclopaedias now missing, he couldn’t use any references. How will I study now? Whom will I refer too? Where will I sit and write? How will I write essays? He got numerous questions in his mind.

A few days later, Michael was having breakfast with George. Michael knew what his son was going through. He had felt his disappointment and knew his problems. He finally decided to give him a piece of advice.

“I know what you are experiencing, son. You were totally dependent on all the things that you were using in. You can’t be entirely dependent on something. You have to be self-dependant.” Placing his hand on George’s shoulder, Michael continued. “Why do you require encyclopaedias, books, oak trees and teachers to write good essays? Why are you so much dependent on things that don’t matter much? Always be self-dependent, son..!! A self-reliant person never depends on anyone or any material, but uses his own powers and confidence to defend any difficulty that comes forth..!! Self dependence builds self-confidence..!! It strengthens your character and builds your self integrity..!! When you start relying on yourself, you’ll never regret any failures that you’ll face in the future.! Our bodies may be limited, but our spirits are UNSTOPPABLE..!!Winners are those who choose courage rather than fears in the face of difficulties..!! D'NOT THINK THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO…!! JUST BUILD A BETTER YOU..!! GO ahead... son... develop your self-confidence and work hard on yourself..!Be the Hero who never requires his costumes to show the power..! The Power is always within you..!”

As George left for the school, his father’s words kept echoing in his mind. He was right. I need to be self-dependent. I should build up my confidence. I should focus on loving myself. He decided he’ll change himself and his attitude. I will work on myself. I will develop my self-confidence. I know what I am worth of.

Back home, he went to his room, and made a list of all things he loved to do. Apart from writing essays, he loved gardening, reading new books, adventure trekking. He started writing his favourite essays sitting in his new room. At first, it seemed difficult to concentrate, as he was used to sitting under the Oak tree, but he kept on going. I’ll focus on writing here. I will adapt to the new surroundings. I will work on improving myself. Since he missed his encyclopedias, there were lot of grammatical mistakes. But he was convinced that today he finished writing without the help of his encyclopedias, and without sitting below the Oak tree.

The next day, he went to his school library, took out the grammar books, sorted out all his mistakes on his own and submitted the essay to his teachers. He decided he’ll do each activity that he loved per week. He started membership in a nearby club that organised treks every month. He also joined a gardening course. He enrolled his name in the book library which gave him good books to read. Gradually, he started loving the change that he was feeling inside him. He started loving himself and started focussing on all the good qualities he had in himself.

As he started his self-transformation, slowly things started changing. He developed new friends; he started getting more engaged in extracurricular activities. Compared to the earlier bookworm attitude, he became happier and cheerful than before. Never losing his self-dependency, he became an active member in all the games and activities including studies. He developed good friendship with a number of students.

A few days later, Michael was speaking to his son “Hi George, your teacher had called. She was very happy on your work. She was appreciating the way you are doing nice things, you’re making new friends, and you’re now becoming a good creative, happy person. She was very happy about you..!”

“The credit goes to you, dad. You changed me. You showed me how to stay positive and properly aligned with all that you ever wanted to do..! Thanks, Dad..!”

On the annual grading day, all the students along with their families had gathered. Every student was called upon, and was given grades based on their academic performances. Most of them had fared well in their exams. Michael was waiting impatiently for George’s name to be announced.

“And now Dear students, I would like to call upon that one student who was a complete waste at the beginning of this academic year. But now, he has the top grades in all of the subjects with AA+ in many of them. I would now like to call upon George Michael Williams, the only student who has been an inspiration to all the others & who showed wonderful improvement in all the exams...!”

As George approached the stage, all the people in the Hall gave a standing ovation to him. He went atop the stage, took the certificate and thanked everyone present, including Michael.

After the ceremony, Michael congratulated George “Congratulations, Son..! You finally did it..! I am proud of you..! And I do have a surprise for you. Take a look..!” George turned.

Mrs. Joyce Sequeira was standing behind him.

“Well George, you did absolutely wonderful..! I just liked the way you’ve improved yourself..!” turning to Michael, she said “The idea surely worked, didn’t it?” “Of course it did” Michael said.

George couldn’t understand a thing they were talking about.

“You know George...we were observing you since the last year.” Mrs. Joyce said. “We came to know you were becoming too much dependent on things. And that’s when I spoke to your dad.”

‘She’s right, son” Michael spoke, “You were becoming too much dependent on a lot of things. That’s why I decided to make you more self dependent.”He smiled and said, “I spoke to Mrs. Joyce, and we hatched an idea. She took a leave, and I took transfer in another part of the city. When we shifted, I purposely moved your box of books away. I just aroused the power inside you by giving you the right direction.” As Michael spoke, George was surprised with all their talks.

“It was necessary, George” Mrs. Joyce said, “The purpose of all of this was to make you more self dependent. It was to always bring the best in you. And it did. You did absolutely well in all your subjects. We are so very proud of you..!”

“So you both together did this..!” George asked, laughing, “Well ,I would sincerely say thanks to both of you.” Turning to Michael, he said. “Thanks dad once again..! I am truly grateful to you...!” George then ran towards his classmates for a group photo.

“You certainly did change him, Michael..!” Mrs .Joyce said, looking at George who was smiling cheerfully with all his classmates congratulating him.

“Yaa….I just gave him The Father’s Teaching. And I am glad he applied it..!” Michael replied happily.

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