Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Laxmi Natraj

Drama Romance


Laxmi Natraj

Drama Romance



4 mins


Uncle called,” Mega, come here. Your Dad’s painting has come” Mega came our almost running. She was so excited to see the painting

On her arrival, Sibi opened the wrapper from the painting and placed it on the sofa for her to see. It was a live size painting of her father. She delightedly watched it from a different angle, her happiness very clear on her face. Suddenly her face changed. She now focused on the face of the painting and tried a different angle. She said” No, this painting is not correct. The eyes of my father are not painted properly”

Sibi stepped one step closer to the painting and comparing it with the small 6x6 framed photo of Dhanraj Kurana. Turning to Maga he said, “Madam, I have exactly painted this photo’s expression and the eyes are the same as it is here.”

Mega’s face turned red as she burst out, “What type of artist are you? My father’s eyes in this painting show a tinge of suppressed secret or cunningness, while my father was a most honest man to the core and his eyes always reflected that honesty. You had done a bad job and are now justifying it. I refuse to accept this painting”

Sibi answered patiently, “Madam, an artist’s eyes can see more clearly what a normal eye cannot see. If you feel there is some specific expression in the eyes it is very much present in the photo you had given me. I had done my work professionally correct and you cannot refuse it”

An argument started between them and after a while, the uncle interrupted and said, “Mega, maybe you are seeing too critically or something. To me, the painting looks fine. You cannot refuse an order after the work is done. Please calm down” Turning to Sibi he said, “Mr Sibi, Please come with me to the office. I will pay you the cheque for the balance payment. “Sibi threw an angry look at Mega and followed the uncle to the office.

Dhanaraj, Mega’s father was the richest diamond merchant in the town. Mega his only child was just completing her MBA when she got the news of her father’s heart attack. Telling her to take care of his business he breathed his last. Mega wanted to put a life-size picture of her father. Instead of a photo she thought of a painting and called the good artist Sibi. 

She took over the shop and every time she saw the painting she used to get annoyed. Hardly two months had passed. A sudden thunder struck their business. During Audit a large amount of disparity was found. Taking advantage of her father’s illness some insider had swindled the entire deposits of the business and her shop has to be sold to pay the debts.

She was too shocked and did not know how she can start again. She wept with the small picture of her father clutched tight in her hand. The photo slipped from her hand and falling on the floor the glass broke. She cried out louder as her dear father’s picture frame broke showing bad luck.

After a long time of crying, she picked up the photo from the broken glass. She slowly removed the broken heavy frame. Suddenly her eyes blinked as her eyes were hit with a dazzling light. She rubbed her eyes and looked. A cluster of sparkling diamonds hidden spilt from the frame. There was a folded paper. She opened it with a shivering hand. It was her father’s handwriting.

She read, “ Dear Mega, since my illness, I have a strange feeling that some insider from the shop is swindling money. In the case of the worst situation, I don’t want you to be stranded. Hence I am hiding the costliest diamonds here which can easily fetch crores of rupees. Consult your honest uncle and sell them. My love to you”

She took the photo in hand again and cried “ Dad, Dad, I miss you” As she looked at the photo again the eyes now looked as if he was suppressing a smile.

Finding out the addresses of the Art house of Sibi, she walked inside. Sibi looked up and asked, “Madam, now what is the problem?”

Mega smiled and said, “ No Sibi, I came to say sorry. What your eyes could see, I could not do and I accused you. I am sorry for that rude behaviour. I am thinking of getting some more paintings done for my new shop. Is it possible?” 

Sibi smiled broadly and said, “Why not we start our discussions over a cup of coffee to patch up our past bitterness” 

As together they moved to the coffee table, her father’s picture’s smile broadened.


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