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The Drunken And Angel

The Drunken And Angel

3 mins 2.6K 3 mins 2.6K

Sir Please …Sir please…cried the old man standing on the pavement and begging to bike passerby. One tall guy who wore blue jeans and a black shirt stopped his bike. The old man went nearer to him, talked to him, but the biker refused and accelerated his bike, and went away from him.

In the same manner, a short guy, a black guy, a brown guy, a cute girl refused to provide a lift after talking with him and realised that he is an old drunken man.

 The old man still not given up to seek out the lift from other bike passersby. But no luck nevertheless. A guy with formal pants, blue shirt riding in bike stopped, the old man fell into his legs and begged him to provide the lift. This gesture put the guy into the dilemma that resulted in favour of old man.

Oldman started to have a conversion with the guy  while riding and the guy re-ensured that he will drop him to the bus stand as Oldman's destination is too far.

After reaching the bus stand, the guy asked him to get down, old man steps out from his bike and thanked him. From here, you can get the bus to your destination told by the guy.

"I am new to this city, came for work and lost all my belongings and my wallet too, will you help me to buy a bus ticket?" asked by Oldman with eagerness in his watery eyes.

The guy hand over Rs. 200 to him. He suddenly grabbed his hands and tilted his head over it to show the kindness gesture.

How did you lose it?

I made a mistake and am not proud to share that with you at this moment.

After asking the same question again,  he confessed that he had  couple of alcoholic drinks, had lost his consciousness and hence, his belongings end up in the pavement of the road, where he got the lift.

Old man blessed him from his heart. Guy reached to his home and shared everything to his friend what happened on the evening.

WHAT?? His friend couldn't able to stop his laughing. If I was in your place i might have left him on the pavement.

I reckon, "there is 50% chance that Drunken old man conned me," and, "there is another 50% chance that," he told truth and I bet on that. I can be able to move my life as a foolish guy with humanity, but not an intellectual guy without humanity. I cannot withstand that guilt. 

His friend patted on his shoulder, "Well I can choose to be an intellectual guy. Because I can't allow someone to con me."

"You are a moron. Well, that is what life taught me."

They both witnessed each other's smirk. 

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