The Doom's Day

The Doom's Day

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It was a sunny day. The rays of the sun were touching her shoulders and were asking one thing "are you fine?".

She replied with eager "yes I am". The sun was satisfied enough to hear that but then while she was walking in the streets something happened to her.

She felt a sudden shrug. She felt the hands of two strangers. She asked them "who are you?".

They said 'we are your friends'. She replied 'I don't make friends so easily'.

They said, "no problem, we are your constant watchers and we are so good, we will make you our friend very soon". She was tensed and she started running. Those strangers caught her in spite of her resisting force.

She spit on their face and she cried high, she tried enough but could not resist them. She fought till her last breath and she died remembering her father's call "beta come on, you can fight no more, you should come to me now". And she died.

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