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The Doctor's Dream

The Doctor's Dream

3 mins

The family was happily enjoying their weekend and Ilamaran talked to Reka about their marriage life and suddenly started shouting and holds Ilamaran's hand tightly. Ilamaran calls the ambulance and rushes to the hospital.

Doctor Francis had his tea cup and tasted it with slurping and his friend Nani scolded him for slurping.

Then man rushes to the hospital with his aged father struggling with pain and the receptionist asks them to pay the fee for admission so they can help them with first aid and that man cries and pays the fee hurrying and runs out to get help from relatives. Then Francis came that way and sees the patient in pain in the room and the nurse told the bill is not paid and Francis assures them he will pay the bill and asks them to proceed with the operation. When the son of an old man comes and sees his father is safe, he cries aloud and thanks Francis for the help he did. The chief in charge of the hospital called Francis and suspends him for breaking the norms of the hospital but Francis pays the money and leaves the place saying  "we can get the money afterwards but not his give his father".

Then Francis meets sad Ilamaran in his house and Francis asks about the health of Reka and Ilamaran says the happenings. When Reka was taken scans, it revealed she has a tumour in the uterus and she hides it from me to help my dream of getting the land. But the doctor said surgery will be risky and pay the operation bill and I took all my savings but it wasn't enough and I got loan from a moneylender for 10% interest because they can do only preliminary steps without paying the bill and closes his face with hand and lies on Francis's lap.

Then Francis tries to make all understand the pain of emergency and files Pubilc interest litigation with the help of selfless doctors and people suffering from medical expense problem and collects the evidence to make it strong. Then the PIL comes to hearing in the high court against the state to regulate people. 

Then Francis started his argument "in India, the government gave the permission to other hospitals for helping people who cannot be reached by the government but they treat the people with money differently from the people who work hard to maintain their standard of life good".

The opposition lawyer Jp stated that government hospitals are there where people can get their treatment efficiently and even some hospitals help people with problems. Then Francis states with will you play with the life of people just for the sake of money. Jp says that the insurance and many policies given by the government may help them.


Francis says that similar to EMTAR that Emergency treatment and labour act in the United States, we have article 21. " Article 21 is the protection of life and personal liberty. No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law... The right is available to every person, citizen or alien". To the knowledge of Jp sir, many insurance schemes don't reach the needy and only some of the needy according to the survey by the central government department.

Then Francis says when a private hospital denies treatment on low costs to people, then all the people march towards government hospitals for treatment and they cannot treat all at the time and they lose their quality or the government should open more government hospitals. "I plead to the majesty that emergency treatments need to be done without further delay either they have the money or not."

The majesty orders the state to ensure the immediate treatment to all emergency cases and to take proper action against hospitals which collects more money and does not follow the rules. Then Ilamaran wishes Francis for getting his dream coming true.

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