Albinus Joy

Drama Tragedy


Albinus Joy

Drama Tragedy

The Conquest

The Conquest

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“Attaboy!!! You did it!” 

I mumbled myself, throwing a rough look at the battlefield.

The combatants were in celebrations of the conquest.

Vessels filled with wine were busy in exchange for kisses to each other.

The Earth sucked the tiny drop of blood, fell down from the tip of my sword as if it was craving for it. I was on the way to the tent, limping, as my wounds were deep in both my body and my soul.

Vultures were hastening towards the carcasses to ensure a tasty dinner..

 'A lot of words are becoming meaningful in a battle', I thought.

'Martyr', 'Widow', 'Orphans' and so on...

At that moment, I was really incapable of determining which state of mind I was in..

“You fought well, warrior!” 

I uttered myself, raising the sword in my hands in the air.

I continued my walk, trying to ignore the pain I endured from the wounds.

“From whom, can I expect compliments”? I asked myself.

I never had any relationships till now in my life..

There were no circumstances where I had to shed tears..

Perhaps, I had no time to waste on emotions, which never sustain...

Emotions decay eventually, changing their color and characteristics....

Why humans waste their time on this shit, while travel from the nothingness from which they emerge, to the infinity into which they are engulfed?

This thought might have been the reason why I was never bound to any personal relationships...

Well, the life of a warrior, is not to brood over his incapabilities, which leaves him jaded, in the paths of regrets...

My sword always had the thirst for blood..

It never understood the definitions of compassion or Mercy...

I conquered..........!

I subjugated..........!

And I acquired everything that I possess today: The wealth, the fame, the name, the contentment...

I have never expected any rewards or gratification, and I was never desperate in obtaining anything..

My words were not different from what I did in my life...

'What is a warrior's life'?   

Nothing but a Quest for dominance....

My world was that of Death and Destruction of the opponent, for Supremacy,

Massacre and Slaughter to protect the sovereign crown of Royalty....,

And the Bloodshed, to vanquish the enemy......!

It was neither gifts nor words, but the Gore was that which was enchanting me...

It ignites the spirit of vengeance which makes me alive....

I dream of exulting in the victory against beasts of deceit and conspiracy....

I had never been into something known as love..

I was neither loved, nor being loved and not going to be..

And I was too oblivious about that phenomenon that my companions usually talk about...

I don't think it's necessary for a human more than anything to eat and drink..

I was proceeding to my tent at a small distance from where I was fighting.

My thoughts helped me in ignoring the fact that I was bleeding heavily until I saw that.

Embracing the inanimate body of her father, a little girl was sitting there on the battlefield. She was weeping.

I was a person who had never shed tears at any point in my life....

Neither I have paid attention to the fellow warriors dying on the battlefield too...

But it was certainly some unknown force which made me throw a glance at her.

I looked once into her innocent eyes filled with tears, the drops of which was flowing down , carrying the reflection of my face in them..

There I found some undefined emotion that made me think that her tears are not to be scorned..

But I tried to move forward, neglecting the innocent face of the little kid...


Her weak voice seemed like a melancholy strain, which made me turn around.

It was just creeping into the deadly silence...

Heavy wind was blowing , carrying away the spirits of the fallen fighters..

I found a woman with Golden hair in the little girl's arms, not far away from the dead body of her father.

The woman was naked.

Her lower lips have been removed, exposing the scary sight of her bloody lower jaw..

Blood was flowing from her mouth to her bare chest..

Her arms were tied in the back, so as to prevent her from trying to protest..

I could measure the length of the nails of the human-wolves who did it to her, from the scratches all over her body.

I heard some eerie voices from the graves, as if some sinister was brewing somewhere.....

Images that were flickering from the battlefield were terrifying, creating a paradox in me.

I began to hear strange whispers from my inner conscience , which resemble the little girl's weakened yell.

I smelled the thick blood, in the horrific wind that slapped on my face.

I couldn't even look once again to her mother's flesh, half - eaten by my own ruthless companions....

I turned my face away and slowly got into the tent, where my fellows were celebrating the victory.

“To Victory...”

One of them raised a wine glass to me. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't feel the warmth of his embrace , as I was in anguish.

I came out of the tent, carrying the wine glass in my hands.

I looked up, witnessing the sky spitting cold blood on the face of the sun in anger..

Someone might have heard the scattering sound of the wine glass on the ground ...

A horse started moving towards east, to an unknown destination...

It was ridden by me, carrying the little girl in my arms....

Life began to travel again...,

From the abundant shapes of Existence, to the shapelessness of Death..!

The full moon was rising, adorning an alluring night....!

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